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Cloud Telephony Patent - Case Study - Patent Strategy for International Patent Filings and Global Brand Protection via Trademarks


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Case study on patent protection for technology companies
Cloud telephony patent case study
This case study is about IP services provided to a client in the domain of cloud telephony. Specifically, the cloud telephony company developed an innovative technology product and this case study provides a reference for patent attorneys and intellectual property law firms worldwide.
Cloud telephony product - innovative technology
The innovative technology product is aimed at offering cloud telephony solutions to users for performing secure transactions via mobile devices.
Task - IP protection
Client wanted to protect overall intellectual property (IP) associated with the innovative product, including the technology powering the product, corresponding product and / or service embodiments, and related aspects of intellectual property rights (IPR).
Patent portfolio - creation and development
The first step executed was to create a patent portfolio by drafting and filing multiple patent applications covering different embodiments of the innovative product. The aim of creating patent portfolio was to add value to the company’s intangible assets by developing the patent portfolio into an asset with global execution potential by way of patent licensing and patent assignment.
The patent portfolio included patent applications having claims protecting broad level scope to cover overall technology and corresponding aspects embodied over the wireless network. For example, the parent patent application claimed features to connect users of the product in a secure environment.
Patent filing vs. product launch
Considering the fact that the innovative technology could be applied across multiple industry sectors, parent patent application was filed well ahead of the product launch date and subsequent patent applications were filed in a timely manner in-sync with the subsequent versions and features of the technology product.
Patent strategy
An accelerated patent strategy was formulated for the client with a view to achieve timely and enforceable patent protection across multiple jurisdictions based on the business interests of the client. Consequently, a strong patent portfolio was created and developed across different countries by way of international patent filings (PCT International Phase Patent Filing, PCT National Phase Patent Filing, Paris Convention). By taking advantage of the patent cooperation treaty (PCT) as per the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), patent filing procedure across different patent offices was streamlined by bringing together a strong network of international patent attorneys to work on the project.
Brand protection - trademark registrations, Madrid Protocol, Madrid Agreement

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Cloud Telephony Patent - Case Study - Patent Strategy for International Patent Filings and Global Brand Protection via Trademarks

  1. 1. Cloud Telephony Patent - Case Study Best Practices for Patent Attorneys and Law Firms
  2. 2. Client Technology Company Offering cloud telephony solutions to users for performing secure transactions via mobile devices
  3. 3. Task IP Protection Client wanted to protect technology, products and related IP
  4. 4. Our Solutions
  5. 5. Patent Protection Portfolio Development Patent portfolio was created to cover overall technology and products
  6. 6. Technology Protection Broad level patent was drafted to cover overall technology embodied over communication network
  7. 7. Parent Patent Application Parent patent claimed technology features that connect users in secure environment
  8. 8. Patent Filing vs. Product Launch Considering the fact that technology could be applied to diverse industry sectors, parent patent application was filed promptly before launch date
  9. 9. Marketing Perspective Subsequent patent applications were structured in line with features specific for different versions
  10. 10. Accelerated Patent Strategy Portfolio patent applications were filed in different countries depending upon target user groups
  11. 11. Broad Patent Protection Portfolio of multiple patents provided strong protection to clients across multiple countries
  12. 12. PCT Patent Route PCT applications under international and national phase were filed to expedite and streamline filing across different patent offices
  13. 13. Product Features Patent portfolio was designed to protect user side applications, admin side applications, vendor side applications etc.
  14. 14. Brand Protection Multiple trademarks were filed under Madrid protocol to protect relevant brands globally using WIPO’s filing mechanism
  15. 15. Thank You Get in touch with Author