Green marketing


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this slide contain about green marketing and bee

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Green marketing

  2. 2. WHAT IS GREEN MARKETING American Marketing Association“Green marketing is the marketing of productsthat are presumed to be environmentally safe.”
  3. 3. WHAT IS GREEN MARKETINGOxford Dictionary of Business & Management“Green marketing implies marketing products that benefit the environment”
  4. 4. HISTORY• The term Green Marketing came into prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s.• The American Marketing Association (AMA) held the first workshop on "Ecological Marketing" in 1975.• The proceedings of this workshop resulted in one of the first books on green marketing entitled "Ecological Marketing"
  5. 5. Framework of Green Marketing Ecological Marketing Green/ environmental marketing
  6. 6. The Green Marketing Mix Product Price Place Promotion
  7. 7. Examples of Companies practicing Green marketing
  8. 8. BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY• The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is an agency of the Government of India, under the Ministry of Power created in March 2002 under the provisions of the nations 2001 Energy Conservation Act.
  9. 9. Formation March 1, 2002(10 years ago)Type Autonomous Government AgencyLegal status Constituted by Energy Conservation Act, 2001.Purpose/focus Development of policies and strategies, with an emphasis on self-regulation and market principles under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001.Headquarters SEWA BhavanLocation R. K.Puram, New Delhi – 110066Region served IndiaOfficial languages Hindi EnglishParent organization Ministry of PowerWebsite
  10. 10. Objectives• The Broad objectives of BEE are as follows:• To exert leadership and provide policy recommendation and direction to national energy conservation and efficiency efforts and programs.• To coordinate energy efficiency and conservation policies and programs and take it to the stakeholders
  11. 11. Objectives• To establish systems and procedures to measure, monitor and verify energy efficiency results in individual sectors as well as at a macro level.• To leverage multi-lateral and bi-lateral and private sector support in implementation of Energy Conservation Act and efficient use of energy and its conservation programs.• To demonstrate delivery of energy efficiency services as mandated in the EC bill through private-public partnerships.• To interpret, plan and manage energy conservation programs as envisaged in the Energy Conservation Act
  12. 12. Regulatory role• Develop minimum energy performance standards and labeling design for equipment and appliances• Develop specific Energy Conservation Building Codes• Activities focusing on designated consumers• Develop specific energy consumption norms• Certify Energy Managers and Energy Auditors• Accredit Energy Auditors• Define the manner and periodicity of mandatory energy audits• Develop reporting formats on energy consumption and action taken on the recommendations of the energy auditors
  13. 13. Promotional role• Create awareness and disseminate information on energy efficiency and conservation• Arrange and organize training of personnel and specialists in the techniques for efficient use of energy and its conservation• Strengthen consultancy services in the field of energy conservation• Promote research and development• Develop testing and certification procedures and promote testing facilities• Formulate and facilitate implementation of pilot projects and demonstration projects
  14. 14. Promotional role• Promote use of energy efficient processes, equipment, devices and systems• Take steps to encourage preferential treatment for use of energy efficient equipment or appliances• Promote innovative financing of energy efficiency projects• Give financial assistance to institutions for promoting efficient use of energy and its conservation• Prepare educational curriculum on efficient use of energy and its conservation• Implement international co-operation programmes relating to efficient use of energy and its conservation
  15. 15. SECTOR• Aluminum Sector• Cement Sector• Chemical Sector• Coalmine Sector• Fertilizer Sector• Furnaces Sector• HVAC Sector• Automobile Sector• Petrochemical Sector• Steel Sector• Textile Sector
  16. 16. BEE Labels
  17. 17. Projects by BEESIDBI and BEE are working as co-implementing agencies for preparing a World Bank-funded project titled ‘Financing energy efficiency at MSMEs’
  18. 18. Green Marketing and Energy Efficiency Phillipss "Marathon" CFL light bulb Car sharing services Electronics sector Products & Services Introduction of CNG in Delhi