Riskpro insurance advisory services 2013


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Riskpro insurance advisory services 2013

  1. 1. 1Risk Consulting & Advisory ServicesInsurance SectorRiskPro IndiaNew Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 3Riskpro’s Network PresenceNew DelhiMumbaiBangaloreAhmedabadPuneAgraSalemKolkataHyderabadChennaiJaipur
  4. 4. 4Who is Riskpro… Why us?ABOUT US Riskpro is an organisation of member firmsaround India devoted to client serviceexcellence. Member firms offer wide rangeof services in the field of risk management. Currently it has offices in three major citiesMumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and alliancesin other cities. Managed by experienced professionals withexperiences spanning various industries.MISSION Provide integrated risk managementconsulting services to mid-large sizedcorporate /financial institutions in India Be the preferred service provider forcomplete Governance, Risk and Compliance(GRC) solutions.VALUE PROPOSITION You get quality advisory, normally deliveredby large consulting firms, at fee levelscharged by independent & small firms High quality deliverables Multi-skilled & multi-disciplined organisation. Timely completion of any task Affordable alternative to large firmsDIFFERENTIATORS Risk Management is our main focus Over 200 years of cumulative experience Hybrid Delivery model Ability to take on large and complex projectsdue to delivery capabilities We Hold hands, not shake hands.
  5. 5. 5Risk Management Advisory ServicesTraining RecruitmentBasel II/III Advisory Market Risk Credit Risk Operational Risk ICAAPCorporate Risks Enterprise Risk Assessment Fraud Risk Risk based Internal Audit Operations Risk Forensic servicesInformation Security IS Audit Information Security IT Assurance IT GovernanceOperational Risk Process reviews Policy/ Process Review Process Improvement Compliance Risk Insurance RiskGovernance Corporate Governance Business Strategic risk Fraud Risk Forensic AccountingOther Risks Business/Strategic Risk Reputation Risk Outsourcing Risk Contractual Risk Banking – E Learning Corporate Training Regular Risk Management Training Online Training material Workshops / Events Virtual Risk Managers Full Time Risk Professionals Part time Risk Professionals Risk Managers on call – freeSERVICES
  6. 6. 6Insurance Industry Prologue… Insurance industry has seen numerous changes in recent past with increasedplayers, products mode of distribution, regulatory changes, technologicalimprovements with a moderate healthy growth. Key stakeholders in insurance industry include- insurers, corporates, brokers,TPA’s and surveyor’s who run the entire cycle of acquisition to settlementprocess of clients. Key risks arising in todays fast-paced, ever-evolving world will have to bemanaged through effective risk management in insurance solutions to clients. Emerging challenges continue to impact insurance industry in form of De-regulation, Global markets impact, Self insurance need & Market drivenpricing.How we Do
  7. 7. 7*This presentation and its contents in part or whole should not be copied or distributed to anyone.Insurance Risk Advisory Services
  8. 8. 8Focus areas for Insurance Risk advisory services Identification of Internal & ExternalPure Risks Existing Risk Control MeasuresReview Risk inspection Risk Audit Scrutiny of Existing Insurance Covers Coverage Rates & Deductibles(Compulsory self insurance) Defining Standard SOP for ClaimsControl Guidelines on documentationHow we DoTraditionalRiskManagementALMCash flowtestingDynamicFinancialAnalysisTraditionalRiskManagementALMCash flowtestingERM &EconomicCapitalInsurance Industry Continues to Respond to Risk DynamicsRiskTime
  9. 9. 9Key Industry Risks Focus Areas… How we Do
  10. 10. 10Insurance Risk Management Services – Generic OfferingsValue Proposition•RiskInspection•Risk Reporting •IndustryBenchmarking•InsuranceManuals•Training services-Processes/ Claimshandling•Due Diligence –CurrentInsurances•RiskEvaluation•Risk Audits-Coverage/Exclusions/covenants•IndemnityAdvisory andRenewals•Valuation ofCapitalAssets forloss coverage•Claims Management asper T&C valuation/ liaisonwith surveyors for quickerdisbursement•InsuranceMarket trends/Regulatorycompliances-IRDA, ICDR,SEBI.‘We at Riskpro help coverentire spectrum ofinsurance risk managementsolutions for yourorganization’ !RiskproService Offerings
  11. 11. 11Key Risks Services OverviewDamage to Physical AssetsValue Proposition•Accidental damageevaluation•Insured perilsinclusion•Policy coverageadvisory forpremises / F&F•Sum insuredcalculation•Claims processingand FSRHow we Do
  12. 12. 12Key Risks Services OverviewMonetary LossValue Proposition•Regulatory changes& Impact•Investing in Riskmanagement•Loss control forCredit Risk• Actuarial Risk •Systematic Risk ofLiabilities•ALM- Liquidity RiskHow we Do
  13. 13. 13Key Risks Services OverviewOperational LossValue Proposition•Risk Survey &Analysis throughdocumentary review•Operations Riskmanagement-Employees/Contractualparties/Third parties•Product launchrisks analysis•Non fulfillment ofcontractualobligations &recourseHow we Do
  14. 14. 14Key Risks Services OverviewEmployees LossValue Proposition•Employee BenefitRisk impact•Workplace riskanalysis•Expatriate risk•Personal accidentcoverageHow we Do
  15. 15. 15Risk Category Solutions…1/4Employee Benefits InsuranceGroup Health BenefitsGroup Accidental BenefitsLife Insurance BenefitsRetirement BenefitsValue PropositionPortfolio Analysis Program Analysis Plan implementation•Evaluation andassessment of coverover premium spends•Optimize the benefitsprogram withestablishedbenchmarks•Endorsementtracking & MonthlyData Reconciliation•Comprehensiveanalysis forcompetitiveness andcost-benefit•Cost optimizationthrough vendorrelationship andvolumes handled•Claims Advisory,Control andManagement•Review of prior claimand losses to identifytrends & issues•Optimizingadministrative timeand workload•Monthly report cardbenchmarkingperformance againstSLA•Funding AlternativesAnalysis•OptimizingcommunicationHow we Do
  16. 16. 16Liability InsuranceCommercial General liabilityProduct liabilityPublic liabilityRetirement BenefitsValue PropositionRisk Assessment& ClaimsRisk Presentation &AdministrationPlan Design•Exposureidentification•Information gatheringfor underwriter’s•CoverageDesign•Risk retentionadvisory•Presentation of riskto market•Peerbenchmarking• Claimsmanagement•Negotiating withinsurer’s for optimumcoverage/ price•Monthly reportcardbenchmarkingperformanceagainst SLA• Assistance inclaimsdocumentation•Policy structuring forright pricingEmployment practices liabilityPublic offerings of securitiesHow we DoRisk Category Solutions…2/4
  17. 17. 17Project InsuranceContract Risk ManagementPeer BenchmarkingUnderwriting to reinsurersStrategic ClaimsValue Proposition•ContractualObligations•Contractual riskflows•Competitivestress•TechnologicalDevelopment•Regulatoryrequirements•Risk presentationto credit analysts•Insurer /Reinsurer carrierselection•Insuranceadvisory•Claims Advisory,Control andManagementHow we DoRisk Category Solutions…3/4
  18. 18. 18Claims Handling Services Value Proposition•Claims resolution •Loss assessment •Documentation and support for rightcompensation•Compelling presentation of client’sclaims•Client on-site support as solutionprovider• Best overall value for quick andcapable claims cycle management• Understanding existing processes,philosophies, service needs andchallenges in Claims handling• Notification of all Claims and Claimcircumstances to the appropriateinsurers•Coordination and guidance insubmission of all Claims relateddocuments•Management of complex claims •Consultation and advice on coveragequestions prior to Claim notification andissues likely to arise post Claimnotification•Assistance in Claim settlementnegotiation• Maintaining Claim records • Producing Claim reports and analysisas required• Providing Claims review meetings onregular basis• Creating efficient, effective, and pro-active strategies to reduce Claim costsand mitigate exposuresHow we DoRisk Category Solutions…4/4
  19. 19. 19How we DoInsurance Claims Management ProcessFollow up with Insurancefirm for claim settlementInsurance FirmSurveyor ClientRiskpro- Interaction with surveyor fora) Survey of Lossb) Assessment of lossc) Finalization of reportd) Early issuance of report toInsurance Company-Assisting client in registeringclaim with Insurance Company- Collection of loss details toorganize insurance Survey- Preparation of claim papers oncesurvey is over
  20. 20. 20*This presentation and its contents in part or whole should not be copied or distributed to anyone.Insurance Broking Services
  21. 21. 21How we DoSaving’s Plan Term Insurance PlanMortgage redemptionPlanHire Purchase Risk coverPlanKeyman Insurance coverto HNI’sSupplementary ExecutiveRetirement PlanRider & Claim SettlementAdvisoryGroup term insurance foremployeesGroup Gratuity Schemes/Deposit linked PlansGroup superannuationBenefitsComposite Insurance Broking Services- Individuals & CorporatesFunctional Definition : An insurance broker ( or agent) sells, solicits or negotiates insurancefor its clients with a compensation percentage. Riskpro offers a wide spectrum of brokingservices covering your enterprise needs with optimal risk solutions & advisory.
  22. 22. 22*This presentation and its contents in part or whole should not be copied or distributed to anyone.Insurance Training Services
  23. 23. 23Risk Management Trainings Delivery Model1. Corporate/ Institutional Trainings- Onsite RiskPro has strengths in providing resources for Institutional and Corporate Training. All our Trainers and Faculty are industry professionals who have deep knowledge of Insurance RiskManagement. Suitable for companies with specific needs – Senior management /Business & Functional Heads.2. Classroom Trainings - Onsite Customized /Audience relevance capability Middle Management/Frontline staff3. Online Web platform trainings Low cost training at regular, fixed dates. Specific for a corporates/SIG’s or combined with generic trainings with multiple participants Multi city delivery access capability4. Webinars- “GTM” by Citrix Online Conducted live by industry experts on topics of interest /industry and relevance.
  24. 24. 24Insurance RiskTraining
  25. 25. 25How we DoInsurance Risk Training – We Address your FAQ’s• What is Insurance product and what is suitable for me.• What extent of insurance cover I should take depending onpotential loss event and risk exposure.• How to negotiate Insurance claim for total Loss claim.• Scrutiny of major insurance policies for applicable premium,any relevant discounts, warranties, clauses and conditions.• Guidelines advisory for fixing sum insured.• Evaluation of business interruption exposure due to knownrisks.• Guidelines for documentation fulfillment , procedures forclaims under policies.• What are different payment options for my insurance policy.• Life insurance regulations for NRI’s.• Policy servicing- Nomination procedure
  26. 26. 26How we DoInsurance Training Areas & ServicesIntroduction/ConceptsReinsurance & VariousRisks Management trainingUnderwriting businessworkflowsTypes of Insurance Plans forcustomer segmentsRegulatory Frameworkand CompliancesPolicy servicingClaims managementInsurance portfoliomanagement servicesRisk Management &MonitoringDesigning Businessstrategic insuranceprogramsRiskpro offers unparallel array of insurance training services by our industry expertsteam with decades of experience combined with deep insight of insurance businessmodel and needs of staff training as per changing market, regulatory, customer life-cycle aspects.
  27. 27. 27Training Delivery MethodologyNeed Analysis - Program Coverage• Discussion with Company’s Training Dept to define training scope and objectives• Development of relevant content considering industry best practices• Incorporation of practical examples from client operationsDesign and development• Coordination with your company to segment audience based on similar background and job responsibilitiesDevelopment of training material relevant to your employees• Development of hand – outs and materials, case studies relevant for engagement of audienceImplementation and Delivery of Training• Coordination relating to faculty travel.• Delivery of training by highly qualified faculty.• Follow through on remaining open questions.Evaluation• Feedback and assessment with respect to meeting training objectives• Periodic Assessment of use test of knowledge in day to day engagements
  28. 28. 28Training Focus Areas…Skills BaseShowcaseTrainingTo provide a base for deploying industry wise skills, knowledge assets, and bestpractices to proposals and client engagements.To provide a showcase for thought leadership and capabilities as your preferredTraining partner.To support client engagements with knowledge skills required for relevant resourcescovering business overview, Developing functional expertise in area of operation.Quality TrainingDeliveryKnowledgeRepositoryThoughtleadership Client ValueCreationRiskPro Training
  29. 29. 29Riskpro Clients Our Clients*Any trademarks or logos used throughout this presentation are the property of their respective ownersBanking/InsuranceCorporateMNCBankingIntlConsultingIT / Others
  30. 30. 30Team Experiences Our Experiences*Any trademarks or logos used throughout this presentation are the property oftheir respective ownersOur team members have worked at world class Companies
  31. 31. 31Team Experiences - Insurance Sector Our Experiences*Any trademarks or logos used throughout this presentation are the property oftheir respective ownersOur team members have worked at world class Companies
  32. 32. 32RESUMES – Our Team Co-Founder - Riskpro CA, CPA, MBA-Finance (USA), FRM (GARP) Over 10 years international experience – 6 years in Bahrain and 4 years USA 15 years exp in risk management consulting and internal audits, Specialization inOperational Risk, Basel II, Sox and Control design Worked for Ernst & Young (Bahrain), Arab Investment Company (Bahrain),Navigant Consulting(USA), Kotak Mahindra Bank (India) and Credit Suisse(India) Sox Compliance project for Fannie Mae, USA ( $900+ Billion Mortgage Company)ManojJain Co- Founder - Riskpro CA (India), MBA (Netherlands), CIA (USA) Over 15 years of extensive internal and external audit experience in India andabroad. Worked with KPMG United Arab Emirates, PKF South Africa, Ernst and YoungKuwait, Deloitte Netherlands and KPMG India. Worked with clients in a wide variety of industries and countries including trading,retail and consumer goods, NGO, manufacturing and banking and finance. Majorclients include banks, investment companies, manufacturing organizations,aviation etc.RahulBhanCredentials
  33. 33. 33RESUMES - Our team Co-Founder - Riskpro PGD (Electrical & Electronics & Computer Programming) 30 years of experience in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Solutionsfor Retail, Garments, Manufacturing, Services Industries. Has created Companies, Divisions, Products, Brands, Teams & Markets. Consulting in Business, Technology, Marketing & Sales & Strategic Planning. Advisory, Training, Workshops & Implementation in Systems Thinking, SystemsModeling & Balanced Scorecard Worked with TIFR, Mahindra, Ambience, Communico-Graphique & Ionidea Inc, USA,CasperAbrahamCredentials Vice President – Risk Management MBA, PDFM, NSE-NCFM, PMP, CSSGB,Trained ISO 9001:2000 I.A,GARP-FBR, ITIL Professional with 17 years of rich experience into diverse Consumer finance/ Lendingoperations ,Risk Management,BPMS, Consumer Banking, NBFC, Management Consulting &Housing finance in BFSI industry having successfully led key business strategicengagements across multi-product environment in APAC, Australia and US regions. Worked with GE, ABN AMRO Bank, Citigroup, Accenture, Deutsche Postbank Highly skilled and expert Trainer in Risk areas across Fraud, Credit, Operational, CorporateRisk management, GRC. Specializes in Fraud Control, Compliance QA ,ERM and Regulatory governance.HemantSeigell
  34. 34. 34RESUMES - Our team Head - Insurance Risk Advisory services B.sc, Associate of Indian Institute of Insurance Licensed Category A Insurance surveyor 26 years of experience in Insurance advisory services, Loss adjusting for largecorporates,Claims management. Has assessed more than 4500 high value insurance claims across various industrysectors. Risk management inspection Valuations of fixed assets for insurance purpose.R.GuptaCredentials Head - Human Capital Management Chartered Accountant, Lead Assessor ISO 9000, Six Sigma Trained, Trained on SituationalLeadership, Trained on interviewing skills and Whole Message Model. Over two decades of international, multi-cultural experience in finance and human resourcesviz. internal audit, accounting operations, accounting process review & re-designing, riskmanagement, business solutioning, six sigma projects, talent acquisition, talent retention,organization design/redesigning, compensation and appraisal processing, employee andcustomer satisfaction surveys, knowledge management and finance services. Worked with Citicorp/MGF, India Glycol, Delphi, American Express India, American ExpressUSA, Fidelity International and Macquarie Global Finance Services India.NileshBhatia
  35. 35. 35Our team Co-founder- Riskpro B.Com, FCA Senior Partner with 48 year old Delhi based Chartered Accountant firm, Mehrotraand Mehrotra Over 19 years of experience in the field of Audit, Taxation, Company law matters. Major clients served are NTPC, BHEL, Bank of India, PNB, Airport Authority ofIndia etc.RajeshJhalaniCredentials Specialist Risk Consultant – ERP & IT Compliance SAP Certified, MBA (Finance), SAP Security trained (from SAP India), SAP GRC AccessControls trained (from SAP India) Over 7 years of experience working in the area of ERP/IT Risk advisory, primarily focusingon SAP, for ‘Fortune 500’ clients in around 8 countries including US, UK, UAE, Hong Kong,etc Specializes in SAP Risk & Controls Advisory, SAP Business Process Controls Audit, SAPSecurity & Segregation of Duties Control Audit, ERP Trainings, Strong Industry experiences ranging from Beverages, Insurance, Energy, FMCG,Pharmaceutical, Retail, Telecommunication to IT Services Worked for risk advisory teams of reputed organizations like Ernst & Young, EXL ServicesGouravLadha
  36. 36. 36RESUMES - Our team Credentials Vice President & Head – IT Risk Advisory Over 14+ Years of Experience in Information Security and Risk Management & CISMcertified Headed the Global Information Security team of Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) Worldwide atBangalore for 9 years, previously worked at organization like Wipro, Bangalore Labs Multi-sector experience including Banking, Insurance, Finance, Energy, Manufacturing,Retail, Hi-Tech & Telecom, and Automobile Well known Ethical hacker: Was featured in BusinessWorld Magazine in an article aboutleading ethical hackers in India and published several articles in Print and Online Media Rich experience in Information Security Audits across Corporations, 3rd Party Suppliers, JointVentures across several countries in the world including US, UK, China, GermanyAashishShrivastavRavikiranBhandari Vice President – Legal Risk Advisory B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) About half a decade experience in legal services to client’s with respect to Contractand Commercial Laws, Joint Ventures, Inbound & Outbound Investments, PrivateEquity Investment Transactions, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Energy and GeneralCorporate. Have advised various social enterprises and start ups in setting up business inIndia. Worked for the leading law firms of India such as FoxMandal Little.
  37. 37. 37RESUMES - Our team CredentialsPhanindraPrakash Vice President – Riskpro India FCA [India], ACMA [India], CFE [USA], CertIFRS [UK] Over 16 years of extensive consulting experience which includes financial & systems audit,process transformation, implementation of internal controls, SOX compliance, fraud audits& due diligence, US-India taxation Engaged in consulting roles as trusted advisor to finance, internal audit and informationtechnology executives of multiple Fortune 1000 companies with project sites in US,Canada, Europe & Asia Worked with E&Y and Deloitte Consulting in USA Some of the major clients served internationally are GE Capital, UBS, McKesson, Eaton,Imation, Albertsons, EVP and Head – Telecom Risk Advisory M.Tech, IIT Kharagpur, India; IES; Doctoral study, research and teaching in LinkopingUniversity/Sweden; Lead Auditor (BVQI). Over 30 years on International experience in networks and mobile Handsets from topglobal companies /institutes like ISRO, Ericsson, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks andbased mostly in its head quarter locations in India, EU, USA. Expertise: Setting up capability, behaviour, culture in turning Risk, Quality, Innovation forcompetitive advantage, customer delight and sustainability; key skill sets are Engagement,Handholding, Coaching, Mentoring and lot of best practices, benchmarking/standards likeCMMI, TL9000, Six Sigma, ISO, SAS 70 etc.AsokSit
  38. 38. 38RESUMES - Our team CredentialsSiddharthaGhosh Executive Vice President – Riskpro India CPA (USA), ACA, ACS, Grad CWA (India), MBA (USA), Associate ICPAS (Singapore) Over 25 years of extensive audit and industry experience which includes 19 years withRolls-Royce India Pvt Ltd at New Delhi and its associate and parent companies of Rolls-Royce in UK, USA and Singapore in all aspects of Finance, Taxation, Audit, Banking, Legal,Company Secretarial, Statutory compliances and due diligence, Internal Control, ESOP,Budgets, Cashflows, Forecasts, MIS Reporting, HR, Expatriate & Office Administration,Payroll, IT, Retirement Funds Administration, Shared Services, Project Accounts, etc. Worked with Price Waterhouse Coopers for 4 years with reputed MNCs, banks, Indiancorporate houses Worked with McNally Bharat Engineering Company Ltd for 4 yearsPritiTawari Vice President – Riskpro India B. Com, ACA, Dip. IFRS Over 6 years of extensive audit and industry experience in all aspects of Finance, Taxation,Audit, Legal, Company Secretarial, Statutory compliances and due diligence, InternalControl, Budgets, Cash flows, Forecasts, MIS Reporting, HR, Expatriate & OfficeAdministration, Payroll, IT, Project Accounts, etc. Worked with Price Waterhouse Coopers for 3 years in audit & assurance for reputedMNCs, Indian corporate houses. Engage in own practice since 2010 specialize in outsourcing of finance department in midsize MNCs and consultation in Indirect Taxes and Management Reporting
  39. 39. 39RESUMES - Our team CredentialsManojKumarSenior Vice PresidentCAIIB20 Years of hard core banking experience in India’s most reputed banksacross wide functional areas.Worked with Central Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and AxisBank as Asst Vice President, Cluster Head, and Branch Head.Areas of expertise are Financial Risk Management, NPA-Credit-DebtManagement, Asset Reconstruction, Project Finance, and others.Accomplished several achievements in the functional areas of banking.
  40. 40. 40 Specialist Risk Consultant – Business Continuity Founder and 15-year Chairman of Survive, the first international user group for BusinessContinuity professionals Founding director and first Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute Over 25 years international consulting expertise in Risk, Crisis, Emergency, Incident, andBusiness Continuity and ICT Disaster Recovery Management Multi-sector experience including Banking, Insurance, Finance, Oil, Gas, Energy,Manufacturing, Retail, Hi-Tech & Telecom Western Press Award for services to business, 1994; BCI/CIR nomination forlifetime achievement in BC, 1999, London; inducted into BC Hall of Fame by CPM magazine,2004, Washington DC.AndrewHilesRESUMES - PARTNERSHIPS Specialist Risk Consultant – Enterprise Risk Management Highly skilled risk and insurance professional with 25 years of experience designing, developing andimplementing large, global corporate risk management programs for Fortune 500 firms. Principal Consultant and Founder - Excellence in Risk Management, LLC. (Texas, USA) Co-founderand EVP, Professional Services, rPM3 Solutions, LLC (Maryland, USA). Past experiences include Head of Global Risk Management for USAA, PepsiCo/Tricon Global andAmerican National Red Cross Additional risk and insurance experience at Verizon Corp,. Marsh USA and Liberty Mutual InsuranceCo. 2004 Risk Manager of the Year – 2007 recipient of the Alexander Hamilton Award for “Excellence inERM” (at USAA) – former President, Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.ChrisE.Mandel
  41. 41. 41Key ContactsCorporate Mumbai Delhi BangaloreRiskpro India Ventures (P)Limitedinfo@riskpro.inwww.riskpro.inF 186, Sarita ViharNew Delhi 110076Manoj JainDirectorM- 98337 67114manoj.jain@riskpro.inShriram GokteEVP - Risk ManagementM- 98209 94063shriram.gokte@riskpro.inSivaramakrishnanPresident – Banking & FSM- 98690 19311smaran.iyer@riskpro.inRahul BhanDirectorM- 99680 05042rahul.bhan@riskpro.inHemant SeigellSVP – Risk ManagementM- 99536 97905hemant.seigell@riskpro.inCasper AbrahamDirectorM- 98450 61870casper.abraham@riskpro.inVijayan GovindarajanEVP – Risk ManagementM- 99166 63652vijayan.govindarajan@riskpro.inRavikiran Bhandari VP – ITRisk AdvisoryM- 99001 69562ravikiran.bhandari@riskpro.inGhaziabad / Noida Chennai Kolkata GurgaonSiddhartha GhoshEVP - FinanceM- 9810058072Siddhartha.Ghosh@riskpro.inR Gupta - Insurance RiskM- 98101 07387R. MuralidharanEVP – Risk ManagementM- 95660 77326murali@riskpro.inKashi BanerjeeEVP – Risk ManagementM- 98304 75375kashi.banerjee@riskpro.inNilesh BhatiaHead – Human Capital Mgt.M- 98182 93434nilesh.bhatia@riskpro.inAsok SitEVP – Telecom Risk AdvisoryM- 98105 03463asok.sit@riskpro.inPune Salem Ahmedabad Hyderabad / AgraM.L. JainPrincipal – Strategy RiskM- 98220 11987mljain@riskpro.inPriti TawariM- 9011054085ChandrasekeranRecruitment franchiseeM – 94435 99132Manoj KumarM – 98983 65320Maulik ManakiwalaM – 98256 40046Gourav LadhaPhanindra Prakash (Hyderabad)Member FirmM- 95500 61616Alok Kumar Agarwal (Agra)Member FirmM- 99971 65253