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Riskpro Brochure 4 Pages


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Riskpro Brochure 4 Pages

  1. 1. Riskpro - IndiaRisk Management Solutions
  2. 2. Riskpro – India - Our Mission and Vision ABOUT US MISSION  Riskpro is an organisation of member firms around India devoted to client service  Provide integrated risk management excellence. Member firms offer wide range consulting services to mid-large sized of services in the field of risk management. corporate /financial institutions in India  Currently it has offices in three major cities Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and alliances  Be the preferred service provider for in other cities. complete Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions.  Managed by experienced professionals with experiences spanning various industries. The Challenge today In todays world, risks are not few. An enterprise faces various risks, challenges and negative impacts from these emerging risks. Managing risks is your answer to untapped opportunities that till now were capitalized only when risk factors moved in your favour. Indian companies are today facing challenges they have never faced before. A multitude of regulatory changes such as GST, DTC, IFRS, Basel III, Solvency II, SEBI directives, RBI guidelines, immense competition, black swan events, and deep recession and so on. Companies are today looking to make a change in the fundamental ways of doing their business. One of these changes is to introduce or strengthen existing risk management frameworks. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) – Need of today •Increasing complexity in the regulatory & Global Regulatory compliance requirements Compliance •Global companies with complex compliance issues •HITECH- Health industry, Solvency II-Insurance Corporate Governance •Corporate Governance & Transparency •All Listed companies required to comply with SEBI •Regulation relating to Independent Directors Eg. Clause 49 •Investors expectations and protection •Stepping stone to Enterprise Risk Management •Competitive Pressures Best Practices •Manage internal scams and external frauds •Quality conscious Our Value Proposition Riskpro, through its member firms, offers a unique value proposition not offered by any other risk consulting firm. Quality advisory services, normally delivered by large consulting firms Large network of experts and deep delivery capabilities 3DPLM Software Solutions Fraud 28th December 2007 Multi-skilled & multi-disciplined organisation PUNE: A former engineer transferred Timely completion of any task confidential information(Software Code) before quitting the job. Affordable alternative to large firms The theft was worth $12 million.
  3. 3. Our values Put client first - We strive to know and meet our clients needs, and we fully accept our fiduciary responsibility to protect Owners interest. Build relationships - We work to establish enduring relationships with our clients and business partners. We value collaboration and cooperation in our work places. Achieve quality results - We value professional excellence and expertise, and we work together to produce consistent, competitive results for our clients. Work with integrity - We speak and act in honest manner. We believe in being accountable for the impact we have on others.Riskpro Services Risk Management Advisory Services Basel II/III Advisory Corporate Risks Information Security  Market Risk  Enterprise Risk Assessment  IS Audit  Credit Risk  Fraud Risk  Information Security  Operational Risk  Risk based Internal Audit  IT Assurance  ICAAP  Operations Risk  IT Governance SERVICES  Forensic services Operational Risk Governance Other Risks  Process reviews  Corporate Governance  Business/Strategic Risk  Policy/ Process Review  Business Strategic risk  Reputation Risk  Process Improvement  Fraud Risk  Outsourcing Risk  Compliance Risk  Forensic Accounting  Contractual Risk Training Recruitment  Banking – E Learning  Virtual Risk Managers  Corporate Training  Full Time Risk Professionals  Regular Risk Management Training  Part time Risk Professionals  Online Training material  Risk Managers on call – free  Workshops / Events Black Swan Events are increasing Everyday! Is the world heading towards a day when Black Swan Events will be common. Can companies do something about these High Impact, Low probability events. At Riskpro, we strongly believe that little steps taken over time will strengthen risk management frameworks. The FIRST STEP is the decision to manage risks
  4. 4. Risk Management for every size... Connect with Risk ProfessionalsExamples of our servicesRisk Based Internal Audit Fraud and Forensic Internal Auditing helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a Enterprise Risk systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate Assessment and improve the effectiveness of risk Resolve management, control and governance processes. Risk Investigate Prio ritize Need of Organizations Source: The Institute of Internal Auditors 1999 (IIA) Assessment solutions and remedial Analyze Source Root measures Process cause of Reviews Problem Un d erstanding Yo ur Sup p ly Quan tify Lo ss Fraud Ch ain and Suggest Benefits of Risk based Audit possible Actions Mitigation Obtaining And securing • Traditional audit view value added Evidence Control techniques Reviews •Risk profile of Businesses To Mo n itor Yo ur Pro cess Solve •Internal Controls & Ops Risk reviews Co mp liances Issues Transaction •Cost reductions recommendations Confidential Audit •Review of Fraud Risk Controls Interviews with vendors Evaluatin g your Increasing Enterprise Risk Focus n eedOur Team Experienced founders with 100+ years of cumulative professional experience Advisory Board with highly qualified and placed professionals Committed team members with client interests, First Growing team of risk management professionals, within Member network Most professionals have qualifications such as CA, CWA, CS, CPA, CISA, MBA, CFA, Our partnerships and strategic alliances provide vast pool of expertise.Main OfficesCorporate Contacts Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Rahul Bhan, Director Manoj Jain, Director Casper Abraham, DirectorE: C-561, B-44, Glaxo Building, No. 62/B Modi ResidencyW: Defence Colony, Near Mt. Mary’s Steps, Bandra (W), Millers Road, Benson Town New Delhi-110 024 Mumbai 400050 Bangalore 560 046 M- 99680 05042 M- 98337 67114 M- 98450 61870 E- E- E- casper.abraham@riskpro.inBranch & Member OfficesAhmedabad | Agra | Chennai | Gurgaon | Hyderabad | Jaipur | Ludhiana | PuneDisclaimer and Copyright InformationRiskpro India is not liable for any financial loss, direct or indirect, resulting from any decisions based on the information given in the Brochure. Thisdocument is merely an introduction of Riskpro and the expected benefits of risk management.This document is the property of “Riskpro India” and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without the prior permission of Riskpro India.