Proposal To Chairman For Risk Management Services


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Proposal To Chairman For Risk Management Services

  1. 1. 3rd September 2012Chairman / Managing Director Proposal for Risk Management SolutionsToday, Directors and Senior Management cannot escape some buzz words that keep coming back in theirlives. "Corporate Governance, Reputation Risk, Risk Management, Frauds, Mis-selling, Operational Losses,Compliance."With changing business processes, broader requirements and multiple stakeholders to satisfy, it isimperative for companies today to evaluate the benefits of a risk management system while balancing theimmediate needs and the long term strategy.We take pleasure in presenting to you our unique risk management offerings which we believe canpositively add value to your organization.Riskpro’s Proposal: Services Description Corporate  Managing corporate governance risk at board level trainings for senior Governance management for better decision making Training  Directors at the Center of Governance Risk Management  Indian regulatory environment- Role of Director’s  Key Risks faced by Director’s in managing their duties  Non- compliance obligations & risks for Director’s  Corporate Governance Risk Mitigation & strategies Business -Know strategic business objectives of your organisation with respect to risk Objectives and management governance .This also include understanding exact risk management Strategy Setting goals that your organisation expects to achieve. -Defining Risk Management Objectives and linkage of the same with the Corporate Objective and Business Plan. Business -Review current business operations, products, services and servicing locations for Operations better understanding of current situation Study GAP Analysis  Study the current risk management policy, framework and compare existing practices with desired risk management framework to bring out potential gaps in risk management model of the organization.  Evaluate the adequacy of Risk Governance structure and organizational setup.  Highlight key risk issues and recommended steps.
  2. 2.  Developing an optimal risk advisory solutions road map as per industry best practices for similar business domain.Risk Approach  Business approach document entailing enterprise risk management plan, recommended steps covering change management for business operating model, Corporate social responsibility.  Risk - Framework, governance and continued assessment methodologies.Policies and  Design an enterprise wide Risk Management Policy documenting the proposedProcedures risk management framework.Framework  Developing necessary procedures excel based templates, reporting formats so that your organisation can effectively implement the risk management process.  Adopt ISO 31000 standards framework as the foundation of Risk Management at your organisation.Risk  Analyze and identify inherent and existing risks in various schemes, businessIdentification processes and practices  Preparation of Risk Register that act as a repository of all risks.  In depth review of risks in Business development, raw material distribution, finance operations, Law and recovery operations, technology, business continuity risks, Works, Estate, IT support disruption, data privacy, software’s, servers, training, government policy changes, Human resource, EHS, Administration and other functional areas as identified accordingly.Risk  Analyze and bring out Probability of occurrence, Severity of impact risk matrixAssessment and ability to control key elements for business processes and operations.  Prioritize risks so that management can focus attention on key risksRisk  Identify Key risk indicators (KRI’s) and potential risk triggers across businessMeasurement processes, operations.  Performance vs. Standards due diligence  MIS/Dashboards reporting tools and best practices for senior management  Public disclosuresRisk Mitigation  Issues resolution and developing action plan for key risks  Products and services management  Business, Operational management  Capital management  Risk handling techniques and recommendation as to follow which step risk mitigation decision with respect to risk Avoidance, Control, Acceptance, Transfer, Deflection, Investigation as per risk severity matrix score outcomeTraining  Designing training modules and imparting training to identified executives of the company in the areas of risk identification, risk estimation, risk evaluation,
  3. 3. maintaining risk registry, risk response and risk control mechanism. Risk  Risk review and setting up risk policy guidelines for your organisation associate Framework partners Key Risks  Focused risk review for Procurement risk, FX risk, Supply chain risk, Records Management management risk, Vendor risk, Contractual risk, Employee fraud risk, Human capital risks and Credit /Legal due diligence financial risks Above key risk reviews would help your organisation to plug revenue leakages, contractual compliance adherence and continual supplies to end user leading to a prudent risk management business modelWe look forward to a long term association by serving you as your preferred risk management consulting partners.With Best Regards,For Riskpro India Ventures Private LimitedRahul BhanDirector
  4. 4. About RiskproRiskpro is an organization of member firms around the world devoted to client service excellence. Member firms offerwide range of services in the field of risk management. It is managed by experienced professionals with experiencesspanning various industries. RiskPro was incorporated in India as a limited Liability entity in 2009. Since then,RiskPro has been actively involved in providing effective risk management services. We are a growing organizationwith well qualified partners and a pool of talented resources.RiskPro provides specialized risk consulting services to medium and large corporates and Banks that haveexperienced rapid growth, operate in a highly uncertain and competitive business environment or operate in a highlyregulated industry. RiskPro provides the necessary framework to identify, measure and manage most of the riskareas impacting your organization.By choosing Riskpro, clients receive quality services typically provided by large sized clients, but at fee levelsnormally charged by independent and small consulting firms. Our delivery capabilities, by tapping our strategicalliances, match those of large consulting firms and ensure timely completion of engagements.Riskpro Service OfferingsRiskpro provides independent and specialized risk consulting services. Riskpro can help identify and quantify risksand provide solutions to manage them. Riskpro will assist you accomplish your objectives by employing bestpractices in the Risk Management arena. We create and implement customized solutions that make clients happier,not dissatisfied. Our solutions extend beyond traditional risk management offerings and are categorized in followingthree groups: 1. Risk Management Advisory Services - Risk management consulting and advisory services covering various risk types such as credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, fraud risk, compliance risk etc with specific focus on Banking regulatory challenges such as Basel II / III. 2. Risk Management Training - We also help organizations with training needs and conduct customized and generalized workshop, seminars and knowledge transfer initiatives. 3. Risk recruitment – Helping you with temporary or permanent need for Risk Professionals.
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