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Phone gap


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Published in: Technology
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Phone gap

  1. 1. Benefits• One code base, multiple platforms• Reuse existing web developer skills• Shorter learning curve• Faster development• Mobile site and app with same code• Reusable web code and infrastructure• Code portable to other environments• Based on open standards• Active and growing community
  2. 2. Differentiators• Runs on more platforms• Open community & contributors• Web and App with same code• Framework and tool support
  3. 3. Supported Platforms• iOS (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone)• Android• BlackBerry• Symbian• Windows Phone• Bada
  4. 4. Standards Based + W3C Device APIs and Policies Working Group (DAP)
  5. 5. Resources• Source:• Bugs:• Docs:• Wiki:• Support:• IRC: #phonegap• Apps:
  6. 6. @phonegap!