Future of health


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Future of health

  2. 2. SMS CONSULTATIONTrusted And ReliableMobile Phone As ToolMaintains PrivacyIdentifying Fake Medicines via Mobile Phone
  3. 3. DISTANCE LEARNINGVirtual self-help groupsMOBILE App helps doctors explain conditionsConnecting Distant Hospitals To Improve Treatment
  4. 4. HANDHELD HOSPITALMOBILE App helps doctors explain conditionsLow-Cost Mobile Phone Eye TestPlug -in Technology For Mobile Phones Diagnoses Pneumonia
  5. 5. TRACKINGContinuous MonitoringRFID to Track Patients And Records In HospitalsSmart Labels Help Patients Take Pills
  6. 6. REMOTE DIAGNOSTICSLess Beds, Better HealthAnalysis outsourced To Sleep ExpertsIntelligent Body Monitor Preemptively Predicts Heart FailureRemote patient monitoring VIA the iphone
  7. 7. GAMING FOR HEALTHLearn Through PlayEasy ImplementationHealth Clubs Combine Fitness With Video Games
  8. 8. UNICEFBirth Registration
  9. 9. Augmented Reality Field Aid
  10. 10. Thank you