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Sales Project

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Sales project1

  1. 1. Subject : - Sales ManagementSales Management Organization - UNINORBy: -Sandesh Chavan: Roll No 4Elton Dsouza: Roll No 10Rahul Dubey: Roll No 11Ayaaz F: Roll No 14Ashok Karotia: Roll No 25Cornell Rocha: Roll No 48Mohsin Shaikh: Roll No 56
  2. 2. Introduction to Organization - UNINOR • Unitech Wireless Pvt. Ltd is a New Player in the telecom Industry. • Uninor offers mobile voice and data services based on the GSM technology. • As of December 2011, Uninor has 36 million customers and a total workforce of 17,500 people. The company has more than 22,000 partners in India. Uninor products and services are available from a more than 375,000 retail outlets serviced by 1,900 distributors all over the country. • Launching its Indian operation, Telenor announced a set of financial targets for the new venture. Uninor is targeting an 8% pan-India market share, breaking even on EBIDTA within three years of launch and obtain positive operating cash flow within five years of launch. The operational peak funding requirement is set at INR 155 billion. • Uninor’s strategy to reach its targets is based on following strategic pillars: 1.) servicing the basics, 2.) excellence in mass market distribution 3.) cost efficient operations and 4.) Value for Money | 2
  3. 3. Introduction to Sales Management • Sales team is a crux of an organization in any Industry. Specially in Telecom Industry “Sales Department” is known to be one of the most crucial financial sources after its promoters fund. It becomes the only source of revenue apart from service and recharges. • Since UNINOR offers Prepaid services only, there are about 1300 employees working for Uninor across India out which about 620 employees who are a part of the sales team. • Sales Management in Uninor is categorized in 4 difference segments. - Channel Sales - Modern Trade Sales - Retail Sales - COCO (Company Owned Company Operated) | 3
  4. 4. Organization Structure - MUMBAI CIRCLE Circle Head Marketing Human Finance Head Sales Head (1) Head Resource Head Zonal Sales Retail Sales Modern trade Manager (4)- Distribution Head (1) Head (1) Head (1) Channel Sales Retail Sales Modern Trade Area Sales Area Manger Area manager Manager (10) (2) (2) Channel Sales Retailer Sales Modern trade Territory Sales territory Store Manager Manager (45) Manager (2) (4) Channel Sales | 4
  5. 5. Lower level Hierarchy Territory Sales Manager Distributors Key Account Retail Sales Manager Executive Point Of Sales (Retailers) Final Customer | 5
  6. 6. Sales Strategy and Vision and Culture – Uninor Mumbai Prospective • Organizations strategizes to reach its targets is based on three strategic pillars - Servicing the basics - Excellence in mass market distribution - Cost efficient operations • Vision and Culture - Be Respectful - Be Inspiring - Make it Easy - Keep Promises | 6
  7. 7. Main Functions of Sales and Distribution Team- Improving Distribution: • On boarding, Training and Developing key skill and knowledge of Retail Sales Executive, to meet the Objectives of sales. • Optimum Utilization of Network Cell sites (LUT Sites) in order to met the desire business expectation. • Planning, Executing and reviewing Distribution Parameters • Tapping unexplored Markets and routs • Appointment of Distributor and distribution network. • Distributor wise infrastructure assessment and market expansion. • Achieving desired Sales target and ensure product availability & visibility. • Co-coordinating with Distributor relating to sales and inventory management. • Evaluating ROI of Distributors. | 7
  8. 8. Promotional Activities • Putting the GSB(Glow Sign Boards), wherever required for visibility of Brand awareness and to increase the footfalls. • Selecting Outlets and operating and monitoring promotion by putting umbrella activity • Ensure Merchandising and effective utilization of POP materials. • Promoting brand by using various activities, i.e. Halla Boll, Jalwa, and Tent activities. • Encouraging the Distributor to participate in the New Product Launch Activities | 8
  9. 9. Market Hygiene and Training • Ensure basic Infrastructure to operate effectively of Sales and Distribution. • Attending Retailers call and redress their Product or service related complaints. • Ensure Scheme communication through Salesman and encourage retailers to take active part in the new schemes or promotional activities. • Ensure timely settlement of scheme and promotional activities at retailer level. • Ensure prompt resultion of customer complaint on priority. • Impart training and develop skills of sales officers & WDs salesman. • Acquiring & imparting Computer skills to the sales officers for effective communication | 9
  10. 10. Uninor Products • New Sim Cards - Costing Rs. 49/- to the final Customer • E – Recharges (Electronic Recharge) - Available at any form, wether Normal top-ups, First Recharge, or Special Tariff vouchers. • Paper Recharge Vouchers - Currently available in Rs. 10/-, Rs. 20/- Rs. 30/- Rs. 50/- and Rs. 100 • Paper Special Tariff Vouchers - These are the rate cutters for its subscriber • Point of Selling Material - These are includes Banner, Posters, Danglers, Umberala, Steamer, Flanges | 10
  11. 11. Target Setting - Planning • The Target setting are been Plan at 3 Stages - Start of the New Financial Year - Mid Year Planning - Monthly Sales and Distribution Plan • Target Setting and Planning are basically done on 3 basis - Last Month Achievement - DPL Strategy - Company Objective for that particular month • The Sales Planning are made for : - - Daily Activating Outlets - Monthly Point of Sales Onboarding Plan - Unique Activating Outlets - Unique Recharging Outlets - Outlets more than 100 recharge - Number of Acquisition for the month - Primary for the Month - Revenue for month | 11
  12. 12. Sales Process • There are Basically Three Steps Involve in Sales Process at Uninor 1. Primary Sales 2. Secondary Sales UNINOR 3. Tertiary Sales Primary Sales 4. Revenue Sales Revenue Booking CUSTOMER DISTRIBUTOR Tertiary Sales Secondary Sales RETAILERS (Point of Sales) | 12
  13. 13. Sales Trend – Year 2011-2012 Sales Revenue 25 21 19.8 20.2 20 19.2 18.5 18.4 17.2 15.4 15.7 15 13.6 11.5 10.3 10 Sales Revenue 5 0 | 13
  14. 14. Rewards and recognition for Sales Team • STAR OF THE ZONE - Individual Awards for the Best Performance done in Zone for the particular month in terms all critical parameters. • STAR OF THE CIRCLE - Individual for the Best Performance done in Circle for the particular month in terms of all critical parameters. • CHAMP OF THE QUARTER - For achieving consentingly for 3months • Best Zone Across Circle - Its an Team award for achieving overall parameters across Circle. • Blue Night Award - Individual Awards for Innovative and excellence techniques used and successfully implemented | 14
  15. 15. Unique Selling prepositions - Uninor • Uninor is the only Operator who had launched and very innovative product of discounting pricing. • The product was know as Dynamic per second Discount Plan (DP) • This is still his Unique Selling Prepositions. • More than Full Talk time on every Recharge. • Real Customer Real Value Plan • Awarded most admire launched telecom operator | 15
  16. 16. Summary • Uninor would-be telecom companies that received 2G licenses in 2008. The method chosen by the authorities to allocate these licenses has later been subject to controversy as part of the 2G license allocation case. Licenses were awarded through a first come-first served process, where eight companies belonging to the Unitech Group were awarded telecom licenses. The licenses obtained by the telecom arm of the Unitech Group were the basis for Telenor Group’s investment into the joint venture. • In February 2012, a special court consisting of two Supreme Court justices issued a judgment in a public interest litigation (PIL) case connected to the 2008 allocation of telecom licenses. The judgment directs the Indian telecom regulator, TRAI, to recommend a process for re-allocation of the 121 licenses that were issued in 2008. • Telenor Group on 21 February 2012 announced its intention to form a new entity in India with which its Indian operations will be taken forward. This new entity will serve as the platform to approach the upcoming auctions for fresh licenses as mandated by the Supreme Court. The new entity will also seek requisite approvals from the FIPB to allow Telenor Group to take up 74% ownership | 16