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This slideshow covers important steps need to migrate from to self-hosted Wordpress without affecting your permalinks, search engine ranking, traffic, etc.

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  • that's a cool way to do this thing but still want to add what i added in that presentation, just shifting to wordpress is not enough, even though the product is very good it comes with its own share of vulnerabilities and workarounds so do keep in mind few things.

    1. Keep your wordpress install updated.
    2. Keep your plugin's updated.
    3. for better speed avoid a lot of plugin's (stike a balance between speed and workability or looks)

    That's just it and then we are good to go.
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Blogger To WordPress Migration

  1. 1. By- RahulBansal Founder& Director rtCamp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Blogs in rtBlogs Network
  2. 2.  From, you can download wordpress and install it on your server.  You normally pay for server space.  You normally buy a domain name in this case.  is like  You can blog without paying any bucks.  You don’t have control that can offer you normally.
  3. 3.  Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  You don’t have to wait for Google to add some X feature to blogger  You are not restricted by Bloggers’ template tags which limit the way you can enhance your blogs’ user interface.  …
  4. 4.  First and most important step is -  “BUY A CUSTOM DOMAIN NAME FOR YOUR BLOG”  Because…  It gives unique identity to your blog  It also makes your blog accessible across wider geographic reason
  5. 5.  Steps…  Log into Blogger’s dashboard.  Find your blog’spublishing settings.  Go to advance settings or buy a domain name from their itself.  Need Help?  5373
  6. 6.  You can do this on your PC locally   Some articles suggest using for this!
  7. 7.  Go to “Settings >>Permalinks”
  8. 8.  Go to “Tools >> Import”
  9. 9.  We initially assumed that you are using custom domain name.  One domain can point to one blog. Currently its pointing to blog.  You need to make it point to your webhost where you want to install and run your Wordpress blog.
  10. 10.  WordPress post link:  http://localhost/2009/01/national-conference-on- advanced-computer-systems-ncacs-09-hindustan-college- of-engineering.html  post link for same post:  on-advanced.html  Fixed permalink:  http://localhost/2009/01/national-conference-on- advanced.html
  11. 11. <?php require_once('wp-load.php'); $res = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT post_id, meta_value FROM $wpdb- >postmeta WHERE meta_key = 'blogger_permalink'"); $wpdb->print_error(); foreach ($res as $row) { $slug = explode("/", $row->meta_value); $slug = explode(".", $slug[3]); $wpdb->query("UPDATE $wpdb- >posts SET post_name ='" . $slug[0] . "' WHERE ID = $row->post_id"); $wpdb->print_error(); } echo "DONE"; ?>
  12. 12.  Go to “Tools >> Export”.
  13. 13.  Configure custom domain on your webhosting account.  Upload & Install WordPress. Most webhost provide one-click interface for this.  Change permalink structure like we did in step 2. (Ref: Slide #8)
  14. 14.  Go to “Tools >> Import” (again) but select Wordpress this time.  Upload XML file we saved in step 6 and just follow next few steps. (Ref: Slide #14)
  15. 15.  Testing new wordpress’ permalinks & SEO  What to do with blog now?  Don’t Delete it!  Moving feed subscribers  Installing Blogger to Wordpress permalink redirection plugin - to-wordpress-redirection/
  16. 16.  Your images in old posts will remain on your Blogger account.  There is no tool which can “generate” Wordpress theme from a Bloggers template.
  17. 17.  Ask a friend!  Need free support?  Use our forum -  Ready to spend some bucks! ;-)  Ask rtCamp -
  18. 18.  Complete guide with an example migration  blogger-to-wordpress-maintaining-permalinks- traffic-seo/  Plugin to maintain permalinks from your to new wordpress blog  wordpress-traffic-permalinks-redirection-plugin/
  19. 19. Blogs in rtBlogs Network