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Aster building solutions_brochure

  1. 1. ‘Inspire’‘Innovate’‘Succeed’
  2. 2. About Aster Building SolutionsAster building solutions Private Limited (ABSPL) is subsidiary of Aster Teleservices Private Limitedwhich is well known brand for its quality products and services offered in the field of Telecom, Powerand Broadcasting sector since 1998 and has set very high standards in this field. ABSPL specializes inPre-Engineered Metal Building Systems from Design to Erection through Planning, Engineering,Fabrication and Supply. Design and Detailing work is carried out by a highly skilled Engineering teamhaving rich experience and expertise exclusively in metal buildings using fully optimized techniques,keeping up the quality and having excellent Computer Aided Design and Drafting facilities using theIndian & International design Standards & Specifications of PEB.ABSPL started its journey in India having state of the art manufacturing facility plant of about 25,000sq. m spread in 138,360 sq. m of land near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh with initial annual capacityof 50,000 MT. The Company plans to enhance the production capacity to 100 MMTPA withmanufacturing facilities at Vadodara and Raipur along with Hyderabad. ABSPL with full fledgedinfrastructure facilities strives for excellence in providing cost effective and efficient Design &Engineering with 100% accuracy and zero error towards utmost satisfaction of customer.Vision“Achieve Performance Excellence And Create Standards”We will strive to perform for our customers (both internal and external) in a manner that exceedscustomer expectations. We will deliver products, solutions and services that are optimum to meetcustomer requirements. We will achieve performance excellence in all endeavours.Mission• To provide services to our Customers in time and adapt to their changing needs.• Be a quality conscious value supplier of products, solutions and services.• Empower the employees.• Be an equal opportunity employer and provide all employees with a platform for Growth and Leadership.• Maintain high standards of Corporate Governance.• Constantly strive to enhance shareholder value.Values• Commitment to Customers, Employees and Shareholders• Ethical Behavior• Respect for every individual• Aversion for waste• Lead by example
  3. 3. Quality Management SystemAster implements a rigid quality management system architecture based on Asters mission andcorporate values. This architecture encompasses a wide range of mature and robust systems andprocesses, and enables Aster to provide responsive support to customers.What we offer from Aster…..ReliabilityWe offer reliable customer service as well as technical support from our own engineering team. Wemake customized design as per specific needs of different customers indicating the different items of thebuilding, so that the customer can satisfy themselves before further proceeding with purchase order.Our end product is warranteed as per specification commitments.QualityAll our components are manufactured to the tolerances according to the Metal Building ManufacturersAssociation. From the welds on our I-Beams to our long lasting paint finishes, we only allow the bestparts to leave the factory doors because we know that our products represent our company.ExpertiseAt ASTER, we Plan, Design, Engineer, and Detail the Pre-Engineered Buildings. Our Design rangecovers all types of buildings from airplane hangars to multi story structures, Factory to ResidentialBuildings, Warehouses to Shopping Malls.Our philosophyAt ASTER we know that satisfied customers are the corner-stone of our success. Our goal is yoursatisfaction.
  4. 4. 9 Details of PEB 11 10 121. Rigid Frame2. Vertical Fascia 133. Roll up Door 84. Bracing5. Concrete Floor6. Down Spout 147. Industrial Fin Type louver8. Eave Gutter9. Turbo Vent 710. Roof Jack11. Roof Monitor 6 5 15 4 3 16 12. Roof Curb 17 13. Ridge Vent 14. Sky Light Panels 18 2 15. Roof & Wall Panels 16. Rake Trim 17. Canopy 19 1 18. Sliding Door 20 19. Z-Purlin/Girt 20. Post and Beam at Endwall 21 21. Aluminum Glass Window
  5. 5. Pre Engineered Steel BuildingsA Pre-Engineered Building system is a building structure that consists of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated buildingcomponents that are combined together and assembled structurally, so that all components work together as one “system”.Pre-Engineered Buildings can be as unique as customers needs. A Computer-Assisted Design helps create a building for aspecific use, whether its a Commercial or Residential use. They feature a structural steel framework of primary andsecondary members (rigid frame, purlins and girts) on to which cladding and roofing components are attached.Suitable thermal insulation can be provided where an environmental conditioning is required.The complete building is engineered to facilitate easy production and faster assembly on site.Advantages of ASTER PEB:• Economical • Seismic Resistance• Aesthetic Appeal • Assured Quality• Pleasing Colors • Modular Expansion• Faster Completion • Environmental Resistance• Free from Construction Deficiencies • Maintenance Free• Strength & Durability • Easy RelocationApplications Industrial Buildings & Warehouses Office Buildings Commercial & Recreation Centres Showrooms Architectural Buildings Railway Stations
  6. 6. Aster Building Framing Systems: Professionally EngineeredCreated by Asters professional engineers to meet your exact needs, our custom-designed framing systemsprovide exceptional flexibility and optimum performance. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes andlayouts to suit virtually any building requirement, our framing systems are engineered to fit accurately forefficient, economical construction.Primary MembersMoment resisting frames provides lateral stability and transfers the roof and wall loads to the foundationsthrough anchor bolts. All Built-up Numbers Conforming to A 570/572 of Grade z. Sample Cases - CLEAR SPAN OPTIONS (CS): Span : 6 to 90* m Height : 3 to 15 m Slope : 1 to 33 min Bay : up to 9 m BUILDING WIDTH MAX. PRACTICAL WIDTH = 90 m Sample Cases - MULTI SPAN FRAMES (MS): Span : 24 to 180* m Height : 3 to 15 m Slope : 1 to 33 min WIDTH MODULE WIDTH MODULE Bay : up to 9 m BUILDING WIDTH MAX. PRACTICAL WIDTH = 180 m Sample Cases - CURVED RAFTERS FRAMES (CR): Span : 6 to 50* m Height : 3 to 12 m Bay : up to 9 m BUILDING WIDTH MAX. PRACTICAL WIDTH = 50 m Sample Cases - MULTI GABLE FRAMES (MG): Span : 18 to 200 m Height : 3 to 12 m Slope : 1 to 33 min WIDTH MODULE WIDTH MODULE Bay : up to 9 m BUILDING WIDTH MAX. PRACTICAL WIDTH = 200 m Sample Cases - HIGH BAY-LOW BAY(CS): Span : 18 to 90* m Height : 3 to 12 m Slope : 1 to 33 min Bay : up to 9 m BUILDING WIDTH MAX. PRACTICAL WIDTH = 90 m Sample Cases - SINGLE SLOPE (SS): Span : 6 to 50* m Height : 3 to 12 m Slope : 1 to 33 min Bay : up to 9 m BUILDING WIDTH MAX. PRACTICAL WIDTH = 50 m LEAN TO: T-CANOPY : Span : 3 to 15* m Span : 4-6* m Height : 3 to 12 m Height : 3 m Slope : 1 to 33 min Slope : 1 to 33 min LEAN TO MAX. PRACTICAL WIDTH = 15 m T - CANOPY MAX. PRACTICAL WIDTH = 4-6 m*Span may change based on customer’s requirement
  7. 7. Secondary Members‘ Z ’ AND ‘ C ’ - COLD FORMED SECTIONSPurlin, Girt and Eavestruts shall be cold formed from steel which has minimumyields strength of 345 MPa (50,000 psi) and will confirm to the physicalspecifications of ASTM A-570 (Grade 50) or equivalent.1. Purlins and Girts shall be roll formed Z sections, 120-300 mm Z - Section deep with 50-100 mm flanges. Each flange shall have a 16 mm stiffening lip formed at 45° to the flange with a thickness of 1.5 to 2.5 mm.2. C-channels are 100-300 mm deep roll formed with 50-100 mm flangesAll other miscellaneous secondary members shall have a minimum yield C - Section 2strength of 240 MPa/mRoof and Wall PanelsRoof /Wall panels are manufactured out of high strength steelgrade with minimum tensile strength of 550 MPaThe steel base is coated with Zinc-aluminum alloy with minimum 2Az150 (150 g/m coating mass) as per ASTM A792. 1000 mm 250 mmColor coated Galvalume confirming to ASTM specification has 30 mm 20 mm 60 mm 46 mmspecifically formulated paint system for external roofing and wallcladding application to give aesthetical appearance for longlasting color for much longer time than any other conventional Color Chartpaint system.The paint system is designed to resist chalking and fading. Thepainting will be baked enamel polyester or silicon polyester with afilm thickness of 1.0 mil, the reverse side shall be white with 0.5 Surfmist Burnt Almond Headlandmil film thicknessThe Aster panels shall have 30 mm deep major ribs, which taper inwidth from 20 mm to 60 mm, and are spaced 250 mm on center.Between two major ribs is additional minor stiffening ribs spaced Pale Eucalypt Cottage Green Beigeat 46 mm on center, Each panel shall provide one meter coverage. Sky Blue Torres Blue Color shades are for color matching only.
  8. 8. Building Accessories Hardware Sealants & Foam Closures Ridge Vents Roof Curb Roof Jack Sliding Door Sky Lights Walk Door Window Adjustable Louver Fixed LouverBuilding Additions:• Fascia : A fascia is typically used for aesthetic purposes. The fascia will hide the slope of the roof and conceal any other roof accessories. It also creates an exceptional area for signage, making the building a much more attractive commercial structure.• Custom & Standard Canopies : Canopies provide a covering for windows, walkways, doors, and MORE! They are appealing to the eye and make your metal building unique. Contrasting colors can be used as well to provide an impressive appearance. These canopies can be designed in many shapes, sizes and colors to satisfy any customers demands.• Insulation: The temperature inside the metal buildings change with the change in climatic conditions. They are also susceptible to condensation. Insulation will reverse these effects by acting as a barrier and hence maintaining the temperature at the desired level, thus preventing condensation.
  9. 9. The Manufacturing ability to exceed expectations.At ASTER, every single structural steel component of our building system is manufactured in-houseusing technology that is second-to-none in the industry. This fully integrated manufacturing processallows management to monitor every step of production while our commitment to state-of-the-artequipment reduces costs and improves quality. Adequate manufacturing facility exists to meet therequirement of the customer now and in future.By combining the best technology and the best manufacturing practices under one roof, ASTER createsstructures that exceed both building requirements and our clients expectations. Built up lines, PHI Samco Workhouse-roll forming Samco Purlin Roll former Shearing Machine CNC Proarc Slitting & Cut to length Machine
  10. 10. Projects Handled & Capabilities Curved Rafter Building Multi Span Building Clear Span with L-To BuildingHigh Bay - Low Bay Building
  11. 11. WHEN ITS TIME TO BUILD, BUILD WITH THE RELIABILTY OF ASTERASTER uses superior designs, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and unparalleled expertiseto build the highest quality steel buildings worldwide. Clear Span with Curved Eaves Building Clear Span Building Clear Span with T Shape Building
  12. 12. Aster Building Solutions Private Limited CORPORATE OFFICE rd # A-8, 3 Floor, Aishwarya Chambers,Rukminipuri Colony, A.S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad-500 062, India. Tel: +91 (0) 40 2716 2621, Fax: +91 (0) 40 2716 2631e-Mail: website: REGISTERED OFFICE th E-67, 4 Crescent, Sainikpuri, Hyderabad-500 094, India. Tel : +91 (0) 40 2711 1199 Fax : +91 (0) 40 2711 0535