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  1. 1. Rahul BudhirajaContact HP-22 Maurya Enclave Mobile: +974-55294453Information Pitampura New Delhi Mail: India-110034 WWW: rahulbudhiraja.comObjective A Prospective Master’s Student who wishes to Pursue his Research interests in a Renowned Research Lab which utilizes and enhances his skills in solving challenging problemsEducation Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad,India B.Tech, Information Technology, July 2010 - CGPI: 8.3/10 - Thesis Topic: Tracking the Tracker : Investigating Tracking Methods in Aug- mented Reality from Fiducial Markers to Markerless Tracking Techniques. Advisor: Dr.Shekhar Verma Area of Study: Augmented Reality, Computer Vision MES Indian School, Doha,Qatar All India Senior School Certificate Examination,March 2006 Central Board of Secondary Education Percentage Obtained:92% All India Secondary School Examination,March 2004 Central Board of Secondary Education Percentage Obtained:85%Research Research Assistant February 2009 to February 2010Experience Keio-NUS CUTE Center,Interactive and Digital Media Institute National University of Singapore - Augmented Reality in Military Applications (in Collaboration with Ministry of Defence,Singapore) Research Assistant December 2009 to February 2010 Signal,Image and Language Processing Lab Indian Institute of Information Technology - A Preliminary Investigation of Augmented Reality Applications in Universities Research Student July 2009 to November 2009 Robita Lab Indian Institute of Information Technology - RoboCAM-A Multiclient Video Conferencing Tool Research Student January 2009 to May 2009 Patent Referral Center, Indian Institute of Information Technology - M2P:Many to PPT 1 of 5
  2. 2. Research Augmented Reality,Computer Vision,Human Computer Interaction,User Interface De-Interests sign,Computational PhotographyConference Budhiraja.R,Verma.S,Pandey.A P-SCAR:A Presentation System for Classrooms usingPublications Augmented Reality Proceedings of NICOGRAPH International:May 2010,Singapore. Rahul Budhiraja, Shekhar Verma, and Arunanshu Pandey.Designing interactive pre- sentation systems for classrooms. in Proceedings of the 28th Annual International Conference on Design of Communication, SIGDOC 2010 S˜o Paulo, Brazil, Septem- a ber 26-29, 2010 pages: 259-260.Other Budhiraja,Rahul Tracking the Tracker: Investigating Tracking Methods in Aug-Publications mented Reality from Fiducial Markers to Markerless Tracking Techniques. Bachelor thesis, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad India, 2010. RoboCAM A Multiclient Video Conferencing Tool (Software Copyright Pending)Selected Tracking System:An alternative approachProjects Some of the most successful AR tracking systems are those based on a combination of structure from motion (SFM) and SLAM approaches, that both model and localize at the same time. Our method, uses model building technology of Bundler to create vari- ous 3D maps of the environment. These 3D maps are then used for AR localization over a wide area. I worked on the Tracking and Rendering part of the project to implement our pose estimation algorithm and rendering both 3D and 2D Augmentations with the help of the system. Advisor: Prof Adrian David Cheok, Prof Gerhard Roth [Feb’10 to Dec’10 ] Training Editor:An AR Authoring System Another module of our project was to create an AR Authoring system which could po- sition objects in a Virtual World relative to a Map and these transformations would be registered accurately with the Tracking System.For this application,we used Lib3DS to load the .3DS model,TinyXML to store & transmit the XML Stream,OpenGL to build the GUI and LibSDL to place the textures on the 3DS Models.The Maps were created offline and stored in the PLY format. Advisor: Prof Adrian David Cheok, Prof Gerhard Roth [Dec’10 to Feb’11 ] P-SCAR:A Presentation System for Classrooms using Augmented Reality In this project,we developed a presentation system for classrooms in which the teacher could give interactive presentations to students present within the classroom and those at home .At the teacher’s end ,the teacher controls the flow of the presentation by means of Speech and Hand Gestures and accordingly these events are reflected onto the stu- dents application.The Entire Presentation is divided into sessions such as Teaching,Q & A etc. which are managed by the system. Advisor: Prof.Shekhar Verma [Dec’09 to Mar’10 ] A Prelim Investigation of Augmented Reality Applications in Universities In this project,we had to demonstrate the use of Marker Based AR in building simple 2 of 5
  3. 3. interactive applications useful for a university.Possible Applications could be useful to either the faculty,staff or even university visitors .The Applications developed included a Business Card for staff,An Interactive 3D Viewer to show to visitors and Display- ing 3D Objects on Markers as a supplement to classroom presentations(for courses like Computer Graphics and Image Processing). Advisor: Prof.Shekhar Verma [Nov’09 to Jan’10 ] Further details of my projects can be found hereFreelance AR RelatedActivities • Developed an Augmented Reality Application using FLARToolkit for a student of Advertising and Multimedia in the University of Kairouan,Tunisia. • Built a Framework to dynamically link AR Markers and Collada Objects using a SQL Database for a student of North Sumatara University,Indonesia. • Collaborated with a Uruguayan Video Producer and Web Artist to showcase his work using AR Markers.Work involved creating a Framework to showcase his videos on AR Markers and provide facility to easily add/delete videos and markers. • Developed a FLARToolkit Application for a student of Universidade Potiguar,Brazil to illustrate the usage of FLARToolkit .The Client had experience of creating AR- Toolkit appplications and wanted a sample application using Actionscript for devel- oping web-based AR applications. • Created a FLARToolkit application for a Smash Magazine personnel to demonstrate the usage of Augmented Reality in giving Interactive Presentations. Visual FX • Developed a Promotional Video for Aphelion(IV) ,a track from The Palatin Project. Worked with an Electronic Music Composer to use raw footage from a Temperate Rainforest to create the video using Visual FX Software.Technical Languages: C, C++, SQL, HTML, XML,VB.NET,ASP.NET,ActionScript,Matlab,Skills OpenGL,L TEX,Bash Script,PHP A Platforms:SuSE 8.1 to 10.0, Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista,Ubuntu 9.1 to 10.10,Android Software Experience IDEs:Adobe Flash CS4,Oracle 9i,Visual Studio,Eclipse,GNU Emacs 3D Rendering: Poser Pro 7,Blender Video Editing: Cyberlink Power Director, Adobe After Effects CS3 Sound Editing: Adobe Soundbooth CS3,Adobe Audition CS3 Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop CS4,Corel Paintshop Pro 8Honors and - Runner-Up(Phase I), Topcoder-Alcatel Lucent 100 Apps in 100 daysAwards - Meritorious Student Award ,in recognition for Outstanding Academic perfor- mance,2006. 3 of 5
  4. 4. - Principal’s Honors List-2003 - Sixth Position.Gulf Chemistry Olympiad - Best IT Project,MES Computer Science Department 2003.Positions of - Associate Member:IEEEResponsibility - Alumni Member:ACM IIITA Chapter and North India SIGCHI Chapter - Head Prefect,MES Indian School(April 2005 - March 2006) - Assistant Head Prefect,MES Indian School(April 2004 - March 2005) - Lead Designer ,Effervescence Promotional Video Team (Jan08 -May08). - Member.Accommodation Committee of the 2nd Science Conclave 2009,IIITA - Student-Industry Contact for Campus Placements. - Chief Co-ordinator Gamers Asylum: Counterstrike event in Effervescence MM8Industrial Tata Consultancy Services, Gurgaon,Haryana IndiaExperience Product Demonstrations Designer May 2008 to July 2008 • Developed demonstrational videos for four Multimedia Applications of the IP Multimedia Subsystem(IMS) group of the Wireless Telecom Applications De- partment. • These Videos will supplement their Live Demonstrations at International Tele- com Product Expos. The Sports Research Analyst December 2009 to January 2010 • Research and Compile in-depth articles and sports Trivia.References Dr. Adrian Cheok (e-mail: • Professor Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University • Associate Professor, Interactive and Digital Media Institute, National University of Singapore Dr. Cheok was the PI in our Project with the Ministry of Defence and is the director of the CUTE Center. Dr. Gerhard Roth (e-mail:; phone: (613)993-1219) • Adjunct Research Professor School of Computer Science, Carleton Univesity Dr. Roth is a Co-PI who designed and supervised my work during the development of our Tracking and Rendering System and gave me useful education and advice on Augmented Reality and Computer Vision 4 of 5
  5. 5. Dr. Shekhar Verma (e-mail: • Associate Professor, Signal,Image and Language Processing Lab Indian Institute of Information Technology Dr. Verma was my bachelor thesis advisor and supervised my work at the SILP LabDr. Hideaki Nii (e-mail: • Research fellow, Keio-NUS CUTE Center Interactive and Digital Media Institute,National University of Singapore Dr. Nii is a co-PI for the MINDEF project and supervised my work in developing an application for the CBRE group during the MINDEF Singapore ProjectDr. R.C Tripathi (e-mail: • Professor,Dean (R&D) Indian Institute of Information Technology Dr.Tripathi has been my supervisor for two of my projects at the Patent Referral Center in my University 5 of 5