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Google for Master Gardeners


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Presentation for Idaho Advanced Master Gardeners on using Google

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Google for Master Gardeners

  1. 1. Google for GardenersGoogle for Gardeners Rachel Hollis
  2. 2. Search StrategySearch Strategy Form question & its scope Efficiently & effectively access information Evaluate information critically Incorporate information into knowledge- base Use information well Understand ramifications of information use
  3. 3. The CRAAP method forThe CRAAP method for informationinformation Use CRAAP when evaluating information. •Currency: The timeliness of the information •Relevance: The importance of the information to your needs •Authority: The source of the information •Accuracy: The reliability, truthfulness & correctness of the content •Purpose: The reason the information exists
  4. 4. You want to find out about…You want to find out about… Tomato mosaic virus Beetle larva How to build a twig arbor Organic herbicide recipes
  5. 5. OperatorsOperators Refine: •“” = search for exact phrases or exact words •- = excludes •* = wildcard
  6. 6. Basic SearchBasic Search Beetle larva = implied AND “Beetle larva” = quotes make a phrase “Beetle larva” -carpet = minus excludes “Beetle larva” -carpet Boise = additional terms Boise “beetle larva” -carpet = changing position Boise “* larva” = wildcard
  7. 7. More OperatorsMore Operators Boolean: •AND = combines •() = group words for focused searches •| = OR Refine: •.. = number ranges •~ = synonym
  8. 8. Even More OperatorsEven More Operators Filetype: search for file type extension (doc, ppt, xls) Site: search within a specified domain ( Intitle: & allintitle: words must appear in title Inurl: & allinurl: words must appear in URL Define: glossary definition Related: finds similar
  9. 9. Trickier SearchTrickier Search ~twig (arbor | trellis) filetype:pdf = synonym with grouped OR & in PDF form ~twig (arbor | trellis) “how to” 2009..2013 = phrase searching with year range “how to * * twig trellis” = phrase searching with wildcards
  10. 10. Specialized SitesSpecialized Sites • Google search tools • Google advanced search – • Google books – • Google scholar – • is a search site that does much of the work for you
  11. 11. ConclusionConclusion What can you do today that will improve your searching?
  12. 12. ReferencesReferences Information Literacy Standards from the American Library Association ◦ CRAAP method ◦ Google Power Search by Stephan Spencer