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Film Poster Analysis-Romance Genre


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Film Poster Analysis-Romance Genre

  1. 1. Poster Analysis Romance Genre
  2. 2. What Is A Film Poster? • A film poster is mainly used to advertise or market a film. • Almost all of the posters contain an image and the title of the film. • Traditionally there were more illustrations than photos and there were no or less use of graphics. • Some poster also include director’s name, cast, production house and etc.
  3. 3. Codes & Conventions of Romantic Posters • Feminine colors such as light blue, pink and white to attract female target audience. • Placing the female character in the center or foreground to show that she is the main character. • The use of props to identify themes of the films for example flowers and sunglasses also attracts the target audience. • Having short titles. • Having interesting taglines to make audience think. • Placing the credits at the bottom of the poster and into the terminal area as it is the last thing that reader sees. • The clothing of the actors is very comfortable and casual. • Image of the couple in intense love. • The background of the poster would be where the couple first met such as college, beach, restaurant etc.
  4. 4. “A Walk To Remember” Poster Analysis Name of the star cast in bold and capital letters to attract audience. The poster is covered by an image of both the girl and boy which are shown in a romantic mood. This hints audience that it is a romantic film. The title of the film is in simple font and is in light color. Two taglines are provided. They are catchy and makes people think about it. Details about production house, cast, director and etc.
  5. 5. Other Characteristics In “A Walk To Remember” • The color of the poster is soft, browns and yellows which give a happy feel of the movie. • The image of the couple shows the genre of the film effectively and as the characters are both looking down away from the camera, shows they are in intense love. • The lighting is bright to enforce the feeling of happy and cheerful again. • The title and actors names are in a light yellow color which stands out in parts on the brown mesh background, but also blends nicely in to create the feel of serenity. • The actors names are used as the USP (Unique Selling Point) because they are quite well known actors who have done many films before. Mandy Moore especially has been in many films with the genre of romance, this will ensure the target audience to be adequate. The USP is also the genre, as the image clearly displays a love story.
  6. 6. What Have I Learnt? • Through the poster analysis of a romance genre film I now know that what are the common codes and conventions of such posters. • I have also learnt about the color composition that is followed in romance genre posters. • When I will be making a poster for my final film I would be keeping everything in mind so that my audience get attracted. • For my final film I would be using more graphics to enhance the final poster.
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  8. 8. The End By Rahmeen Shaikh A2 Media Studies