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The Things Network Tehran/Iran

This is a presentation for introducing The Things Network Tehran/Iran.
Notice: The file has been updated to the new version (May 2016).

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The Things Network Tehran/Iran

  1. 1. Edition 2_May 1, 2016
  2. 2. In this presentation will be reviewed: •Who are we and what do we do? •IoT, the 4th Industrial revolution •What is TTN? •TTN in Tehran/Iran ‫الرحیم‬ ‫الرحمن‬ ‫اهلل‬ ‫بسم‬
  3. 3. Current Mission: Connecting Things to Life! • End-to-End IoT Solution, System Development & Integration • IoT Dedicated Core • Some other related Telecom Software Solutions & Systems
  4. 4. Internet of Things
  5. 5. Low battery, Long range A lot of devices Low bandwidth, Unlicensed Bands Low cost Openness SpiritSecurity
  6. 6. The Mission is to build a decentralized, open and crowd sourced IoT data network. Owned and operated by its users … .
  7. 7. € 150,000 934backers goal € 295,331 after only 8 days finally
  8. 8. |
  9. 9. Communities
  10. 10. For more, check our page on TTN website:
  11. 11. What are the benefits!? For sponsors: • Preparing for future by working on a new technology with a very low investment; • Working with other members of the community in the way of common goals; • Being recognized as the supporter of the community; • And at last but not least, to move technology forward by making a community based network for every one! For Developers: • Starting to develop new applications, based on a new technology and with a low investment; • Unlocking new business opportunities.
  12. 12. The first gateway has become up from April 2016, More will be in future Inshaallah!
  13. 13. The Network in the Media And many others …
  14. 14. What we have done:  Shaping the initiator team and doing the first studies and research;  Running the first gateway and planning for more in near future;  Public informing about the network;  Holding some meetings with both potential sponsors and developers. (1 May 2016)
  15. 15. We’re now working on: • Attracting more sponsors and developers; • Finding more interested people for cooperation in the local community; • To hold a public conference around the network features; • Expanding the network coverage and capabilities.