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IoT soup!


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"IoT and Smart City, Communications Layer of them, and a little about some lessons learned"
October 2016, University of Tehran

Published in: Technology
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IoT soup!

  1. 1. IoT Soup! IoT and Smart City, Communications Layer of them, and a little about some lessons learned … Ali Rahmanpour Cofounder of Taraxa and Linkap October 2016, University of Tehran
  2. 2. Smartness of Cities is a NECECCITY! 1964 2014 2050 36% 54% 70% How many people live in cities?
  3. 3. Smart Cities are based on Data Gathering So IoT is a Critical part of Smart Cities Smart Cities Council
  4. 4. Smart Parking, like Sfpark in San Francisco (and many other places) Smart Transportation, like U-Shelter in Seoul Some example services of smart-city:
  5. 5. Smart Bins, many cities, like Madrid Smart Lightning, several cities around the world, like in Spain Some example services of smart-city:
  6. 6. Now Probably you can think about many other Smart and Connected Things in Cities!
  7. 7. Don’t Forget: Smart City (and Smart Industry) applications are just part of IoT Apps that We’ve focused on here …
  8. 8. Our World with IoT!
  9. 9. A Simple Architecture of IoT Systems End-Nodes/Sensors Communications Layer Server and APIs (Data and Device Management) Data Visualization and Applications
  10. 10. IoT Communications: Short2Middle Range Networks
  11. 11. IoT Communications: Long-Range Networks LPWAN Family LTE-M NB-IoT
  12. 12. Range PowerConsumption
  13. 13. Top-10 Applications of LPWANs (x1000) “Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks play an important role in connecting a range of devices”, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, May 2016.
  14. 14. SigFox Architecture
  15. 15. LoRa Architecture
  16. 16. And a little-more about IoT, some lessons learned and how to start working on IoT
  17. 17. IoT is truly a game-changer …
  18. 18. & What do we really mean when we say “the 4th industrial revolution” ? Let to investigate its effect with an example … The story of Warner Bros in Hollywood and how they could move step-by-step from showing movies to making them is just one of the examples which shows the importance of “last chain” …
  19. 19. However it’s still more “Speaking” instead of “Doing” and probably there is a bubble, But the reality seems really big enough!
  20. 20. “The Internet of Things: MAPPING THE VALUE BEYOND THE HYPE”, Mckinsey Global Institute, 2015. Developing and Developed countries, side by side!
  21. 21. IoT is the land of opportunities for service providers who want to propose solutions for Local problems! (especially in developing countries) The ONLY indoor and outdoor gunshot solution provider
  22. 22. • I’m a technology lover and geek too, but believe me: most of customers don’t care about how you do things! • Choose the most efficient ways possible • R&D is really important, especially in IoT, but should be managed beside providing services. If you can get information directly from a Bee, it’s probably the best way to propose a smart beekeeping solution!
  23. 23. o IoT services domain is ridiculously wide! o It’s good and at the same time a little bad …
  24. 24. IoT can make huge benefits for both small service providers and small customers!
  25. 25. And finally, like any other area: We should Be ready to face unseen parts of the Iceberg and don’t let hardships to make us exhausted! & Don’t forget that in IoT, not just Challenges, but Opportunities are as an Iceberg too!
  26. 26. About us And some Partnership Opportunities
  27. 27. • Some Professional and Business Partnership opportunities • The areas we are working on
  28. 28. The Mission is to build a decentralized, open and crowd sourced IoT data network. Owned and operated by its users … . Open & Society-based Partnership opportunities:
  29. 29. Thanks for Listening Ali Rahmanpour CEO & Cofounder of Taraxa & Linkap Contact: You can find the slides on
  30. 30. ‫سوپ‬IoT! ‫الیه‬ ،‫هوشمند‬ ‫شهر‬ ،‫اشیاء‬ ‫اینترنت‬‫در‬ ‫ارتباطی‬‫ها‬‫آن‬ ‫ها‬‫آموخته‬‫درس‬ ‫برخی‬ ‫درباره‬ ‫کمی‬ ‫و‬... ‫پور‬‫رحمان‬ ‫علی‬ ‫گذار‬‫بنیان‬‫هم‬‫و‬ ‫تاراکسا‬‫لینکاپ‬ ‫مهر‬۹۵‫تهران‬ ‫دانشگاه‬ ،