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power point,, kedua


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power point,, kedua

  2. 2. Neurolinguistic Programming John Grinder Richard Bandle NLP was devised by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1975
  3. 3. • Neuro: nervous system • Linguistic: Language and other nonverbal systems • Programming: The patterns What is NLP
  4. 4. Neurolinguistic Programming Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of how the interaction of your brain (NEURO), your language (LINGUISTIC) and body produces patterns of behaviour (PROGRAMMING).
  5. 5. NLP and Beliefs What we believe deeply affects what we think, how we act and react. As a result of your beliefs: What do you do? How do you act? How do you translate what you see? How do you translate what you hear? Get curious……..what are your beliefs and how do they serve you?
  6. 6. Your responsibilities Utilising your resourcefulness Model excellence in any context Decide what really you want Your behaviors Why NLP??? NLP is all about you.
  7. 7. The Fundamental Principles of NLP in that they provide an attitudinal background against the which to apply NLP effectively and ethically.
  8. 8. General Principles • External behavior is the result of how a person uses their representational systems • If one human can do something then, Potentially, anyone can • Mind and body are one part of the system If one human can do something then, Potentially, anyone can • All human behavior has a structure
  9. 9. • Cause > Effect. • Perception is Projection. • Responsibility for results Frames ‘Ways of Thinking’
  10. 10. NLP Presuppositions • Everyone has a unique model of the world. • Respect other people's model of the world. • All behaviour has a positive intention.
  11. 11. • NLP is for any one & everyone. Age/Gender/ Profession/ Status.. No Bar. • From Kids (10 yrs & above) to senior citizens. • From House wives to Celebrities. Who will be benefited
  12. 12. Elevates levels of Productivity by managing state. Improves Efficiency with creative Ideas. Strengthens Leadership with added flexibility. Improves approach in upbringing children. Utility impact of NLP
  13. 13. conclusion NLP was specifically created in order to communication affect the human brain