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Kari kankaala 120606


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Kari kankaala 120606

  2. 2. TAMPERE, INNOVATIVE AND INTERESTING World Bank visit, June 6, 2012 Dr. Kari Kankaala Director City of Tampere
  4. 4. Some scaling factors• Region: 350 000 people• GDP per capita 35 000€• R&D investments per capita 2 100€ or 6% of GDP• Most attractive city this decade in Finland (QoL)• Economic history: • Manufacturing (textiles, shoes, locomotives, metal…) prevailed until 1980’s • Early on ICT development, since mid 1960’s • Knowledge based cluster development strategy since early 1990’s, focus on ICT and intelligent machinery
  5. 5. Tampere Region– Innovative from the very beginning First in Finland, Northern Europe 1783 1st paper mill 1821 1st textile factory 1842 1st paper machine 1875 1st shoe factory 1882 1st electric light in Northern Europe
  6. 6. Turnover by business sectors, 2010Source: Statistics Finland, Tailored trend indicator service
  7. 7. Global Market Leaders in Tampere Region (Tampere CCI, April 2008) The list is allusive, it doesn’t include all global leaders within the region• Desec 80% Turnout (switch) laying machine for railroads• Fastems 70% Multilevel FMS• Glaston 50% Flat tempering machinery• Oseir 50% SprayWatch thermal spray diagnostics equipment• Ata Gears 50% Bevel Gears for marine industry• John Deere Forestry 45% Forest machinery• Avant Tecno 40% Mini loaders (max. one ton)• Nokia 40% Mobile phones• Sandvik 35% Machinery, services to mining and construction• Gardner Denver 30% Marine compressors• Kalmar Industries 20% Container handling machinery, services• Metso Minerals 17% Mobile stone crushers and related services• Atlas Copco Rotex 15% Casing advancing (overburden drilling) www.tamperebusines
  8. 8. Local academic space• Two young universities • Tampere University, est. late 1950’s • Tampere U of Technology, est. early 1960’s• One large polytechnic• Total 38.000 students (cf. 215.000 inhabitants)• Point 1: students provide the basic beat of change and dynamism for the region• Point 2: universities have been actively collaborating with industry since late 1970’s
  9. 9. Attractive, innovative – all bright ! City economic and innovation development policies SKYLINE OF TAMPERE CONCEPT SKETCH – DANIEL LIBESKIND
  10. 10. Why should we care about Innovation? We cannot lose it:Everything except innovation can be copied or learned. It’s already here:Innovation is mostly about combining, seldom about inventing something new.
  11. 11. The global innovation raceThis cartogram, created by Bryan Boyer on behalf of the Institute forLarge Scale Innovation, sizes countries according to several factorsrelated to their innovation efforts: R&D spending, the number ofpostsecondary degrees awarded, and the number of patents issued. © J. Kao, Tapping the World’s Innovation Hot Spots, Harvard Business Review, March 2009
  12. 12. Tampere City Economic Development• Tampere City annual investments in innovation driven economic development about 4 MEUR, • Total economic development investments about 8MEUR (incl. tourism)• Tampere City: • In-house: only strategy and monies • Regional Economic Development Agency • Since 2009 • 8 municipalities • Annual turnover about 6 MEUR of which municipalities provide about 35% • Two university driven and owned development firms on campuses, FinnMedi and Hermia
  13. 13. Cluster based development• Cluster based regional development waschosen the tool in the early 1990’s• The firms identified themselves well ingiven clusters• The universities as well as researchorganizations were also divided in a waythat supported cluster based regionaldevelopment• The program based structure fitted wellin developing verticals as well ashorizontals
  14. 14. Regional Development Programs, I• Center of Expertise (1994- ) • Cluster development program • Mother of all programs • Volume 1999 -2006 about 91 M€ • City investments about 8 M€• eTampere (2001 – 2005) • Extensive information society program • Foci: ICT, public services, business development, culture • Volume 130 M€ • City investments about 10-15M€
  15. 15. Regional Debvelopment Programs, II• BioneXt (2003 – 2009) • Focused life science program: implants, immunology, ICT • Volume 190M€ • City investments 8 M€• Creative Tampere (2006- 2011) • Development program for Creative Industries • Volume to date 27 M€ • City investments to date 5 M€• Open innovation and service platforms (2010 -) • Focus on service innovations, open platforms and public services and procurement
  16. 16. Case: BioneXt 2003 - 2010 DIRECT IMPACT 2003 – 2010Start-ups and research centers 684 jobscreatedTotal ecomic activity generated 190 M€Total salary growth 102 M€ of which city tax (19%) 19 M€City investments 8 M€
  17. 17. Population growth and R&D investments in Turkuand Tampere regions – identical until early 1990’s Source: Statistics Finland
  18. 18. Three quick examples”It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change” - Charles Darwin TAMPERE DECK AND ARENA CONCEPT SKETCH – DANIEL LIBESKIND
  19. 19. A well kept secret• Nokia corporation has its largest global R&D site in Tampere next only to Bangalore • Employing some 4000 engineers in R&D• Solid foundation • University level ICT research since 1960’s • First professorship in computer science 1965 • Systematic research on signal processing** since late 1970’s • One of the key sites in research by late 1980’s **Digital signal processing is the basic technology for mobile phones
  20. 20. A well kept secret• Nokia corporation has its largest global R&D site in Tampere next only to Bangalore • Employing some 4000 engineers in R&D• Solid foundation • University level ICT research since 1960’s • First professorship in computer science 1965 • Systematic research on signal processing** since late 1970’s • One of the key sites in research by late 1980’s **Digital signal processing is the basic technology for mobile phones
  21. 21. New Growth• Nokia restructuring created chaos, destruction and new start: • Now Tampere is the European development site for Nokia’s Windows phones • Intel has established operations here and is growing rapidly • Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers have been visiting and seeking possibilities • Open solutions in ICT space are gaining ground • After a fall, we’re on our way to be stronger than before.
  22. 22. The largest optoelectronics cluster in Scandinavia – three decades into making Typically 20 of R & D national & trans-national projects p.a. Coherent acquired 100 % of Tutcore  The 1st National Micro- electronics R & D Program by Tekes More R&D&I More firms ? More jobs ? More money? 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 6th MBE LCC Finland, Laser Pilot Factory, L3- acquired project, 1st MBE reactor acquired. Tekes supported by Pirkanmaa TE-CentreResearch started and the 1st quantum-well laser @ 1.55 m City of Tampere, €2.7 M Infrastructure Development and Training Programs of ORC, 23 supported by Pirkanmaa ELY-Centre and the City of Tampere, €3.6 M
  23. 23. • A tool of experimental industrialNew Factory generates policy and national innovation strategyconcrete actions • A comprehensive programme for expediting the innovative activityand results. • Combines the multidisciplinaryDemonstrations, prototypes, improvements, know-how in the Tampere regionexperiences, companies and jobs, knowledge, with agile and market-drivenventure financing… innovation work • Functional machines: Demola, Protomo and Suuntaamo, new machines are prepared and developed as necessary
  24. 24. CLUSTERS BREAK – WHAT IS THE FUTURE FOR TAMPERE? Machineconstruction Care & wellness ... Energy & environment ICT Health technologies Management, Management, Management, Management, Management, marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing, sales sales sales sales sales R&D, design R&D, design R&D, design R&D, design R&D, design Production Production Production Production Production Services Services Services Services Services t May grow Will remain Probably diminishes
  25. 25. RENEWAL THROUGH INNOVATION AND SERVICE BUSINESSES . ENABLERS:Koneenrakennus Hyvinvointipalvelut . Energia, ympäristö ICT Terveysteknologia ENTREPRENEURSHIP EXPORT & INT’LIZATION BUSINESS RENEWAL Johto Johto . Johto Johto Johto DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGES Suunnittelu, Suunnittelu, Suunnittelu, Suunnittelu, Suunnittelu, T&K R&D and design T&K T&K T&K T&K NEW BUSINESS: • Technology innovations Tuotanto Tuotanto Tuotanto Tuotanto Tuotanto • System innovations • Business model innov. • Service innovations • Social innovations Service business Palvelut Palvelut Palvelut Palvelut Palvelut
  26. 26. Tampere Open Bright Smooth Daring CharmingThank you. Questions? Comments? 26.10.2010 tel + 358 50 351 3020 27