Jarmo Eskelinen, Forum Virium Helsinki


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Jarmo Eskelinen, Forum Virium Helsinki

  1. 1. Forum Virium Helsinki New service innovations –in cooperation with companies,public sector organizationsand citizens. 
  2. 2. New service innovations   in cooperation with companies,public sector organizations and citizens. Forum Virium Helsinki is a member of the City of Helsinki Group.
  3. 3. Mission Forum Virium Helsinki is an innovator and an initiator of new kind of cooperation between companies,public sector organizations and citizens. The aim is to create internationally competitive services that are based on the real needs of users. Photo: flickr: a4gpas photostream
  4. 4. VisionHelsinki metropolitan area is the capital of digital services in Europe. Partners and members ofForum Virium Helsinki have created remarkable new business and growth.
  5. 5. City is an organism, not a machine.Kuva:  cdn.benzinga.com  
  6. 6. CultivatingUrbanInnovations
  7. 7. Ideas are networksSteven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation / pic Anthony Mattox
  8. 8. Harnessingtheinnovationcapacity ofthe entireurbancommunity
  9. 9. Anchor PublicCompanies Sector Member Companies
  10. 10. Forum Virium Helsinki – facts•  Part of the City of Helsinki group•  Non-profit company; turnover 2011 3,1 M€ (2012 3,5 M€)•  Project portfolio FIN 9 M€, international 40 M€•  Funding Helsinki; companies; R&D funds; commissions•  27 people & growing © Forum Virium Helsinki
  11. 11. Focus AreasSmart City Innovative Procurements Innovation CommunitiesWellbeing Growth CoachingNew Forms of MediaExpected:Environment & Sustainability
  12. 12. Q?
  13. 13. City Service Development Kit SmartOpening uppublic data Open Helsinki City City as an interface International harmonization
  14. 14. Opening uppublic dataWhy?•  Boosts the ecosystem as a whole by fostering new business opportunities, innovations and economic growth•  Makes city governance more effective, saves public costs•  Increases transparency
  15. 15. innovation
  16. 16. efficiency
  17. 17. transparency
  18. 18. mandate
  19. 19. open = free to use, re-use and distribute mindset
  20. 20. methodclearing house: interfaces, licences, support
  21. 21. Helsinki Region Infoshare •  Public data pools from the Helsinki Region as open regional data •  The opened data is ready to be used by anyone freely at no cost •  One main goal is to pilot an open data activity model and its implications to both the producers and end users of the dataDatakuvat: Informaatiomuotoilu.fi –  Learning by doing –  Sharing the lessons learned
  22. 22. Apps4Finland competition Encourages  citizens to develop new ways to utilize open data h#p://www.apps4finland.fi/fi/en    Kuva: Olli-Pekka Orpo
  23. 23. Application Example – Public Transport ReittiGPS – Markus HalttunenData: http://developer.reittiopas.fi/ Source: http://sites.google.com/site/reittigps/
  24. 24. Application Example – Parking Button
  25. 25. Case  Na3onal  Land  Survey  
  26. 26. Corporate Open Data
  27. 27. Corporate Open Data example: election funding app
  28. 28. Q?
  29. 29. ICT-StrategyFocus areas City Development Openness and Sharing Availability of digital services Offices and enterprises Information Technology ManagementProductivity and leadership IT efficiency and know-how 29
  30. 30. CitySDK• Toolkit for developing digital city services: opening up and harmonizing city interfaces, processes and standards”Whatever  is  needed  to  make  developers’  life  easier  and  development  cycle  faster”  
  31. 31. CitySDK• Eight European cities, 15 companies and research partners HELSINKI   involved MANCHESTER   AMSTERDAM   ISTANBUL   ROME   BARCELONA   LISSABON   LAMIA  
  32. 32. CitySDK• Service Development Kit for the Pan-European City Software toolkit and API’s; Apps & Widgets; guidelines & processes; open source• To enhance the between-city transfer of Smart City Applications• Three focus areas: transport, tourism, citizen feedback    
  33. 33. CitySDK  -­‐  Feedback   Piloted  in  the   CitySDK  project.   Interfaces  and  processes  developed  during  the   project.    FVH  coordinates   Oma  kaupunki   Palauteydin,   ASPA  feedback   service   feedback  core   handling  system   Sanoma  Oyj   Helsinki,  Titek   Helsinki,  HKR  Ci3zen   www.hel.fi   Technology,   City   soUware   Department  B   plaVorms   Fillarikanava   Processes   City   Department  C   Facebook   Best  prac3ses   Media  XY   City   Department  D  
  34. 34. ”Whatever is needed to make developers’life easier and development cycle faster”
  35. 35. Growth CoachingFor internationalizationof SMEs Tailored for SMEs business needs Expertise in coaching Steady track record Kuvat: Olli-Pekka Orpo
  36. 36. Growth CoachingBoosting internationalization of SMEs•  Tailored expert coaching for the business needs of SME companies•  Organized in cooperation with the City of Helsinki Economic Development•  38 SMEs participated in 2011. No/low bureacracy, steady track record, highly promising results. Kuva: Mia Uronen
  37. 37. Q?
  38. 38. Thank You! pauliina.smeds@forumvirium.fi