Anne mari jarvelin stimulating open innovation in services 2


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Anne mari jarvelin stimulating open innovation in services 2

  1. 1. Stimulating Open Service Innovation Anne-Mari Järvelin Development Director, International Affairs, Centre of Expertise Programme
  2. 2. OutlineImportance of servicesService innovationStimulating service innovation - national levelStimulating service innovation in Tampere
  3. 3. Importance of services
  4. 4. Service economyTen Nations US Employment History & TrendsTotal 50% of World Wide LaborA = Agriculture, G = Goods, S = Services 1980-2005 PC Age 2005 United States Nation Labor A G S Service % % % % Growth (A) Agriculture: China 21.0 50 15 35 191% Value from harvesting nature India 17.0 60 17 23 28% U.S. 4.8 3 27 70 21% (G) Goods: Value from Indonesia 3.9 45 16 39 35% making products Brazil 3.0 23 24 53 20% (S) Services: Value from enhancing the Russia 2.5 12 23 65 38% capabilities of things (customizing, Japan 2.4 5 25 70 40% distributing, etc.) and interactions between things Nigeria 2.2 70 10 20 30% Bangladesh 2.2 63 11 26 30% Germany 1.4 3 33 64 44% The largest labor force migration in humanInternational Labor Organization history is underway, driven by global communications, business and technology growth, urbanization and low cost labor
  5. 5. Services are everewhere, not only in service sectors Scope of Industrial Services Up to 30-70% of turnover of Maintenance & Financing Consultation industrial Build, Operate, Maintain Contracts Installation & companies Startup comes from services Consumables Spare parts24h emergency service Process consultation Industrial companies Training Project engineering are tranforming into (, Sunila sellutehdas) service providers or Refurbishment & solution providers Resale Machinery options & upgrades Maintenance Removals & re- & Repair installations (Tuominen 2004)
  6. 6. Service Innovation
  7. 7. Service Innovation?Customer interface Networks andsolutions value chainsOrganisational Service productssolutions and processes
  8. 8. Successful Service ConcepsSuccessful Service Concepts? Source: Seizing the White Space: Innovative Service Concepts in the United States. Technology Review 205/2007, Tekes.
  9. 9. Service innovation processesTraditional Emergence Develop- MarketR&D model of an idea ment of the applications ideaModel of Emergence Applying Furtherrapid of an idea the idea on develop-application the markets mentPractice A change in ”Finding” Furtherdriven the service the idea develop-model practise ment
  10. 10. Successful service innovation requires…• Innovative use of information and knowledge asthe source of service innovations• Customer-centric thinking• Questioning the current ways of thinking – • Out of the box & beyond the present needs – • Breaking the traditional industry barriers – • Finding the white space in the non-traditional areas• Using networks and partnerships• Using technologies and other methods• Willingness to grow and go global
  11. 11. Stimulating service innovation - national level
  12. 12. Tekes funding 2010Innovation Funding for Services in Finland
  13. 13. Serve in a nutshellObjectives• Customer-centric service innovations• Internalisation and growth of companies• New knowledge about service innovationsFocus groups• Pioneers of Service Business based on information and knowledge− Retail and wholesale value chains− Industrial services− Knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS)− Service business and service innovation researchersFrame• Programme period 1.3.2006 – 31.12.2013• Budget 224 M€• R&D funding, programme services
  14. 14. Strategic Themes of the Programme - Serve• Strengthening service business development which renewscompanies & clusters and enhances global competitiveadvantage • Service concepts • Business models • Mindset• Promoting growth and internationalisation of service business• Fostering globally attractive service markets• Supporting internationally recognized service research andassisting research-related networks
  15. 15. Serve Programme Tools
  16. 16. Stimulating service innovation in Tampere
  17. 17. Common nominators of Tampere based clustersMachinebuilding Health and social .. Energy and environment ICT Life Sciences Creative Industries . servicesManagement, Management, Management, Management, Management, Management, sales, sales, sales, sales, sales, sales, marketing marketing marketing marketing marketing marketing R&D&I R&D&I R&D&I R&D&I R&D&I R&D&I Production Production Production Production Production Production Services Services Services Services Services Services Grows Stays Tuotan to Goes down
  18. 18. Tampere Service Innovation Centre:Development partner at your service School of Management The Research and Education Centre Synergos 18
  19. 19. Challenge Develop new ways to How to speed up the gather and channel wideregeneration of Tampere service innovation region and develop knowledge and know- Tampere as increasingly how of the University of competitive growth Tampere experts to meet area? the needs of business life and public-funded actors 19
  20. 20. Our respondConnecting experts from versatile fieldswith actors from versatile sectors(utilizing the interface of public andprivate sector) Building different forms Utilizing the potential of Gathering tools and of co-operation and our students to benefit Building development methods for service development: projects especially in the the regional development innovation and field of service know-how and to network the workshops, networking students with the workingservice development happenings, seminars life: Innovation projects 20
  21. 21. Results so farexamples Service experts • Gathered about 70 service experts’ cabacity from different fields • Started or speeded up more than 10 Company projects • For example with Comatec, University properties of Finland Ltd, Sastamala district, Panostaja, The city of Tampere (TampereSenior), Tekes •About 300 seminar participants •Over 100 members in different networks: Networks for Networks Service Business and Public Services •Customer-focused mindset is spreadService development •New service and new jobs started in the workshop companies •New business, started for example from the Innovation project with Särkänniemi (photo on the right) Communication • Blog: 34 blogs, read 3517 times • SlideShare-materials: read 5428 times 21
  22. 22. Coming soon…The Week of Wicked Problems 21.-24.8.2012 in TampereOpen co-creation happening for solving wicked problems based on brave experiments Co-seminar with Tekes 12.9.2012 • ”Cross-channelling” in providing customer- value and competitive advantage in the trade business 22
  23. 23. More about TamSI 23
  24. 24. Thank You!