3b nokia antti_pirjeta_20apr2012


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3b nokia antti_pirjeta_20apr2012

  1. 1. Consumer Trends andMobile Services inEmerging MarketsAntti PirjetäMobile Phone Servicesantti.pirjeta@nokia.com Nokia Internal Use Only
  2. 2. Company Confidential. ©2010 Nokia Global Financially Constrained Consumer Trends 2011 Power of the Crowd Consumers’ social circles are expanding. The growth of internet access, social networking and digital collectives have all empowered FCCs to work together in new ways to help themselves and their communities. Global FCC Trends 2011: Cult of Youth2
  3. 3. Company Confidential. ©2010 NokiaOverview of Trend Behaviours 1. Group Buying 2. Next Level 3. Collective Search Entrepreneurialism for Transparency FCCs are wielding their collective power to negotiate In the absence of official FCCs are finding a collective better shopping deals, financing schemes FCCs are voice for greater transparency. products and as well as leisure using collective finances for Leading edge FCCs are using experiences .A desire for running businesses, but the internet to launch grass optimal value is being married increasingly also for social root movements, to encourage with a more traditional good. new ways of interacting with collective consumption governments and to empower experience. other FCC citizens to form their own groups. Global FCC Trends 2011: Cult of Youth3
  4. 4. Company Confidential. ©2010 Nokia Global Financially Constrained Consumer Trends 2011 Cult of Youth Young Financially Constrained Consumers’ (FCCs) deep understanding of the modern world is elevating their status and level of influence in their communities. There is a digital divide between generations.4 Global FCC Trends 2011: Cult of Youth
  5. 5. Overview of Trend Behaviours 1. Gatekeepers to 2. Youth as Figure 3. Investing in our 4. Desire to be Technology Heads Future Younger FCC youth is acting as a Young people are becoming There is a growing focus Older FCCs are looking to portal to the digital world more proactive in their and positivity regarding emulate youthful qualities for older FCCs and for communities. They are young people and their and values . Older FCCs are their communities in playing a greater role in emerging role within FCC now adopting activities that general. A digital divide politics and in steering communities. Young are typically associated with persists along old-young communities and taking people are becoming people in their teens, early lines. roles as community leaders. communities’ greatest 20s or pre-family. assets, leading to greater efforts to invest in their futures. Global FCC Trends 2011: Cult of Youth5
  6. 6. Company Confidential. ©2011 NokiaGlobal Financially Constrained Consumer Trends 2011Insider Entertainment Financially Constrained Consumers (FCCs) are taking advantage of the Trend Summary image increased availability of (Thea will help to find these images) tools for creating and sharing content to make and consume entertainment that is “for us, by us”. Global FCC Trends 2011: Cult of Youth
  7. 7. Company Confidential. ©2011 Nokia Overview of Trend Behaviours 3. Entertainment 1. The Daily Us 2. Putting It Out There for Social Good Social networking sites are FCCs create and use localised followed as highly FCCs are using digital media and entertainment channels for personalised daily papers user generated content to ‘put social good and tackling spanning family, friends and themselves out there’ on the community issues. Radio is community activities: a web. becoming a powerful force digital newspaper of me and amongst FCCs, spreading us – a true entertainment community consciousness of channel. issues and pride in local identity. Global FCC Trends 2011: Cult of Youth7
  8. 8. Nokia Life Tools Inform. Involve. Empower.Nokia Internal Use Only
  9. 9. Nokia Life Tools engages with aMultidimensional Ecosystem Knowledge Partners Accreditors Sponsors Information Sources Editorial Desks Brands Dev Agencies CREDIBILITY EXPERTISE TRUST FUNDING 75 KNOWLEDGE PARTNERS, 18 LANGUAGES, 4 COUNTRIES 18 Operators across 4 Countries Nokia Internal Use Only
  10. 10. Nokia Life Tools co-creates meaningfulcontent with Knowledge Partners Knowledge Partners Information & Knowledge Sources Knowledge Editorial Desk Online Secondary Sources Information Networks Identify & fill up Validation & Hyper-local, Information Information Advice Profile based, Aggregation Gaps Generation Messages NAMIN Regional Editorial Experts Desk Panels Analysts Information Enrichment, Processing & Validation Personalization Delivery• Over 75 Partnerships bring credible local • Generating hyper-local, personalized, timely & knowledge & information relevant information in 16 languages across 4• They achieve organization mandate for wider countries outreach Nokia Internal Use Only
  11. 11. Increasing Consumer Engagement with SocialElements and Interactivity Ask an Expert Nokia Internal Use Only
  12. 12. Parenting Advice on Hand WashingExample of Combining Service and Branded Messages Service Messages Branded Messages Parenting Advice Parenting Advice Parenting Advice Parenting Advice Did you know that Remember, kids coming Courtesy: Lifebuoy Courtesy: Lifebuoy Indonesia is on the way back from school or Having trouble getting Cultivating a habit of to achieving 2/3 playground bring back your child to wash their bathing daily, brushing reduction in child deaths not just hungry tummies, hands? Make it a fun teeth twice a day and by 2015? Basic hygiene but also lot of harmful event! Sing songs like "Di washing hands with helps the country to germs that cause sini senang, di sana Lifebuoy whenever the achieve these goals. Visit diarrhea. Cultivate good senang" and soon, your child uses the toilet and your nearest doctor to hygiene habits at a child will have this fun before and after meals learn more about good young age to have a habit as a part of his helps your child grow fit hygiene practices. healthy kid at home. everyday routine. and healthy. Source: Sygma Source: Sygma LIFE TOOLS HOME LIFE TOOLS HOME SHARE CALL HANDYSMART Nokia Internal Use Only
  13. 13. Inform. Involve. Empower.Nokia Internal Use Only