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On scheduled background jobs


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In C#, there are many ways to perform background tasks. This slides describe one personal experience.

Published in: Software
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On scheduled background jobs

  1. 1. On Scheduled Background Jobs Hasin Technology Co. December 2016 By: Vahid Rahimian Hasin Group: Internal Technical Session 1
  2. 2. Agenda •My Story •Where were we wrong? • 2
  3. 3. My Story • Once we had a problem in CMS: we needed to perform some tasks async, and update UI with their progress • More specifically: we had to personalize 1000*1000 cards, the UI session timed out, while user-retry had bad effects 3
  4. 4. My Story • What Did we do? • Invented The Wheel! • We developed a Task execution engine, passed all parameters to it, making some internal rules on how to pass parameters and how to interpret them 4
  5. 5. My Story • By time, it got more and more complex SELECT [Id] ,[Username] ,[TaskType] ,[SystemName] ,[CreationDate] ,[RealStartTime] ,[FinishDate] ,[InputFilename] ,[InputFilenameAbsolute] ,[CurrentRecord] ,[TotalRecord] ,[Description] ,[State] ,[ValidityDate] ,[InputFileLastModifiedDate] ,[ObjectDataSourceClassName] ,[ReportPersianName] ,[ListDataFunctionName] ,[InputTypeList] ,[InputValueList] ,[ExcelColumnNames] ,[ExcelColumnLabels] ,[ExcelColumnWidth] ,[ExcelZipType] ,[DataContent] ,[CallBackUrl] ,[Enable] FROM [MyketTask].[dbo].[Task] 5
  6. 6. What was wrong? •We did NOT checked the web enough • There was lots of solutions to our generic problem • And I have seen this in technical teams again and again • We have a specific problem, we solve it better than anyone 6
  7. 7. What If … •If we had checked the web enough, we had solved it much more better, and sooner. •Since then, I regularly check some material like • dotnet • sharp 7
  8. 8. • An open-source framework that helps you to create, process and manage your background jobs: • mass notifications; • batch import from xml, csv, json; • creation of archives; • firing off web hooks; • offline image/video processing; • purge temporary files; • recurring automated reports; 8
  9. 9. •There are some considerations: • methods-ready-to-run-in-background/ • Let’s see HangFire in action … • Simple Scenario • Persistent Storage • Complex Scenario 9
  10. 10. Any Questions? 10