differences between habbo hotel and meez


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  • Meez is better than Habbo Hotel..add me on meez if you have one: sassyandalways
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differences between habbo hotel and meez

  1. 1. Differences between Habbo hotel and Meez 4 of spades
  2. 2. Habbo hotel <ul><li>Social </li></ul>Habbo hotel is a 3d online virtual world where users can socialize and play. The game is a hotel with many levels, some created by habbo users. The game offers you to socialise with other players by chatting and playing different games within the game. The game looks like a cartoon due to the simple design. The user interface is easy to use and is easy to navigate around the different levels. Habbo offers its own currency but can only be purchased using your own money. Pixels are free but can only be used to purchase effects for your avatar.
  3. 3. Meez Meez is a 3d virtual world game very similar to Habbo hotel. Meez allows you to interact socially with the other avatars by chatting. The interface is more simpler than Habbo and has less tools to use. I found that Meez has less to offer than compared to habbo where you have the option of playing games or look for jobs. Meez has more media content such as links to external websites like movie websites or music websites like i-tunes. Advertising is very common in meez, with clickable adverts like posters or billboards advertising music or fim.
  4. 4. Conclusion Playing both games I did not feel like I was part of a community as such because being part of a community is a big part 3d gaming. I found this to be quite common in my research into 3d gaming. Both the games were aimed at a younger audience which affected my experience because I could not communicate with others easily like in facebook or myspace. Both the games use advertisements to advertise music or films which was very evident in both games. This is a clear indication that 3d worlds are a big commodity now days and also a chance for players to make substantial money. I think that if I had the virtual money I would have had a better time in the games because I could but things like furniture or VIP membership. I don’t think I am a big fan of these types of games because I was not part of a community and therefore had a lonely journey through the game. The game users are relatively young, and maybe these games could be a stepping stone to bigger games such as second life or sims. I think these games are a great way to socialize but I’m not sure if they are safe in terms of identity.