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Making the argument for content strategy


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Offering some tools for discussing the value of content

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Making the argument for content strategy

  1. 1. Making the Argument forContent Strategy© 2012 Intentional Design Inc.www.intentionaldesign.caRahel Anne Bailie@rahelab
  2. 2. Some talking points about content:• It’s a valuable business asset.• It deserves to be managed with care.• It’s not a commodity in a supply chain.• It has a lifecycle, and is iterative.• It needs investment or it can’t beleveraged, iterated, or maintained.
  3. 3. Match needs to achieve the bigger goalSeamless experience• Quick to realize use• Frictionless adoption• Meets known needUser delight• Intuitive experience• Immediate value• Unexpected perksOrganizationalexpectationsConsumerexpectationsBusiness benefit• Competitive advantage• Customer engagement• Upsell of other productsBusiness efficiency• Reduces operational costs• Faster time to market• Expansion of scope
  4. 4. BrandTrustEfficiencySweetspot
  5. 5. Content differentiationCost impactCustomer profitabilityCapacity (potential output)Management ofcontentContent agilityNo. of formats / outputsTechnologybarriersOverheadVariable costRelative serviceRelative market shareContent performancePerceived valueof contentProductionintensityEase of useUser experienceRelativeproduction costsProfitabilityIncreasedrevenue (ROI)Operationalefficiencies (IRR)
  6. 6. Present formulate for efficienciesPublishing• 300 hours saved through efficiencygains• Search Capabilities• 1,840 hours saved by using aCCMS’s search engine to locatecontentLink Management• 1,080 hours saved, chiefly throughimproved file management and linkmanagement in CCMSVersioning• 100 hours saved throughautomated versioning in CCMSWorkflow• 1,380 hours saved By using CCMSto edit DITA files directlyEstimated ROI: $117,500/yrDecreased processing time• 4,000 hours saved throughdecreased processingIncreased capacity• 4,000 hours total increase incapacityUser confidence• File integrity• Publishing efficienciesEstimated ROI: $200,000Case study
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