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Content as a business asset acrolinx webinar


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Content is the primary way that people understand our products and services, our stories, and our brands. This presentation describes some of the ways that we can leverage our content as a business asset.

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Content as a business asset acrolinx webinar

  1. 1. Content as a Business Asset Photo credit: Rahel Anne Bailie Copyright © 2016 Scroll LLP
  2. 2. RAHEL ANNE BAILIE Chief Knowledge Officer Scroll (UK) @ScrollUK
  3. 3. • UK’s only full-service content company • Provider of writers, editors, content designers • Content strategy, content engineering, IA and taxonomy services • Training for content professionals
  4. 4. @ScrollUK@ScrollUK CONTENT ECONOMY
  5. 5. @ScrollUK Economic evolution • Agricultural
  6. 6. @ScrollUK Economic evolution • Agricultural • Industrial
  7. 7. @ScrollUK Economic evolution • Agricultural • Industrial • Service
  8. 8. @ScrollUK Economic evolution • Agricultural • Industrial • Service • Knowledge
  9. 9. @ScrollUK Economic evolution • Agricultural • Industrial • Service • Knowledge • Information
  10. 10. @ScrollUK Economic evolution • Agricultural • Industrial • Service • Knowledge • Information • Attention
  11. 11. @ScrollUK Economic evolution • Agricultural • Industrial • Service • Knowledge • Information • Attention • Content
  12. 12. @ScrollUK@ScrollUK DEFINE CONTENT
  13. 13. @ScrollUK What is content? <tags> </tags>
  14. 14. @ScrollUK Content is also… • Potential information • Human-usable, contextualised data
  15. 15. @ScrollUK
  16. 16. @ScrollUK Content is … • Our new “front door” • How visitors perceive our brand • How people understand what to do • How customers make decisions • Our way to brand differentiation
  17. 17. @ScrollUK How useful is this site…
  18. 18. @ScrollUK …without content?
  19. 19. @ScrollUK If you couldn’t find what you wanted…
  20. 20. @ScrollUK …would technical elegance matter?
  21. 21. @ScrollUK Without the content…
  22. 22. @ScrollUK …does the design matter?
  23. 23. @ScrollUK Consumer responses are simple and immediate “That’s lame” “I can’t find it” “Try another site” “Already there”
  24. 24. @ScrollUK All of this is content Web communications Digital strategy Web refresh projects Brand communications Sales and support Social media Marketing campaigns Development and design Advert flyers CONTENT
  25. 25. @ScrollUK Implications
  26. 26. @ScrollUK Create customer experiences that work User assistance content Support content Marketing content
  27. 27. @ScrollUK Create content that works Content, like design, gets noticed when there’s a problem with it
  28. 28. @ScrollUK • Ancillary: TV plus tablet for social • Sequential: Use PC, then mobile; or use mobile, then finish on PC • Simultaneous: Collaboration requiring instant synchronization between devices Omnichannel use
  29. 29. @ScrollUK Subsets and relationships • New user experiences: • Smaller screens as primary entry point to the content • Mobile commerce and banking • Tablets as entertainment devices • Replicated content on commercial devices (in-store kiosks, medical device displays, airport screens, etc)
  30. 30. @ScrollUK Subsets and relationships • Market maturity: • Market differences • Social network penetration • Mobile market • Growth opportunities
  31. 31. @ScrollUK Subsets and relationships • Cross-market content: • Single language for many markets • Localization and trans-creation • Offering native languages in other markets • Cross-border commerce incurs content needs
  32. 32. @ScrollUK Finding the sweet spot Brand TrustEfficiency Customers want to deal with brands they trust Organisations want to present well, with operational efficiency
  33. 33. @ScrollUK Changing the game Brand Trust Efficiency X factor X factors: “Do it my way.” “Let’s be cautious.” “Do something cool.”
  35. 35. @ScrollUK Calculate the value
  36. 36. @ScrollUK We know how to calculate value On the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) side: • Extend scope of operations • Manage risk and compliance • Increase operational efficiencies On the Return on Investment (ROI) side: • Build brand loyalty • More engagement • Better user experience • Personalised content • Increase revenue • Improve findability • Optimise quality
  37. 37. @ScrollUK Meaningful metrics • HP reports that 90% of products are sold on the basis of content alone • A search for “Sony Braviax” shows “manual” as the top search result • “We found that people are looking at them before they decide to buy.” – Sales exec, CMS Vendor • “What is effective with management is seeing how when the content supporting the product isn’t up to snuff, it means lost sales.” – Global services provider • “We live and die by content findability.” – Marketing exec, global distributor @rahelab
  38. 38. @ScrollUK Los Angeles Department of Water & Power @rahelab “The company evaluated its call center volume and found that 25 to 35% of the four million calls received a year were from customers who did not understand their monthly bills. Using the rule of thumb that a call center inquiry costs $5 to $50 per call, you can easily calculate the costs associated with this issue.” Source:
  39. 39. @ScrollUK California Consumer Electronics @rahelab Returned products due to failure to understand operations: over $1 billion annually. (reported a decade ago) (Bonni Graham Gonzalez, Manual Labour Inc)
  40. 40. @ScrollUK Malaspina Labs @rahelab (Founder, Malaspina Labs)
  41. 41. @ScrollUK Software Vendors “We’re getting our docs in order because we found that people are looking at them before they decide to buy.” (Sales exec, tiny CMS vendor) “Never mind justifying savings due to process. What is effective with management is seeing how when the content supporting the product isn’t up to snuff, it means lost sales.” (Practice lead, gigantic multinational technology and consulting firm) @rahelab
  42. 42. @ScrollUK Manage your assets
  43. 43. @ScrollUK Content deserves good management
  44. 44. @ScrollUK Content Lifecycle
  45. 45. @ScrollUK A tactic is not a strategy • The analysis and prescription is the strategy • The rest of the work is operationalisation and implementation • The earlier in the lifecycle you can get involved, the easier it is to effect change
  46. 46. @ScrollUK Strategy in a multichannel environment Product lifecycle Customer lifecycle Content lifecycle
  47. 47. @ScrollUK@ScrollUK OK, GOT IT. NOW WHAT?
  48. 48. @ScrollUK Think “Content First”
  49. 49. @ScrollUK Understand your requirements Customer lifecycle questions: • What content does the audience need at each phase during their customer journeys? Product lifecycle questions: • What content does the audience need at each phase of the product lifecycle to feel enough trust to proceed? Content lifecycle questions: • How do you acquire, manage, configure, and publish the content so it reaches the right person at the right time during their customer journeys?
  50. 50. @ScrollUK Know your content touch points • Throughout the customer journey • Multiple variables for various market conditions, product lines, and so on • Multiple outputs for different devices and platforms • Localisation, which is becoming more complex
  51. 51. @ScrollUK Align your content quality Align your brand: • Consistent tone and voice • Localised for your audiences and markets • Connect all content types Curate your content: • Recombine content to create new contexts • Promote comprehension • Make knowledge out of information
  52. 52. @ScrollUK Know Your Tech There continue to be too many people who know nothing about technology who are tasked with making huge decisions that involve technology.
  53. 53. @ScrollUK
  54. 54. @ScrollUK The power is under the hood Source content User experience Content variation Formatting variation Interaction variation Business requirements Content planning Publishing pipeline @rahelab
  55. 55. @ScrollUK Technical side of content For content to be able to: • Converge (show content from multiple sources) • Integrate (embed data into content) • Syndicate (send content out on demand) Content must be (on the technical side): • Standards-based (eg XML for repurposing) • Well-formed (using predictable schema) • Semantically structured (for automated delivery) • Have rich metadata (for search, filtering)
  56. 56. @ScrollUK So you can go from…
  57. 57. @ScrollUK ( = international roaming) ( = SIM card) …a content jumble…
  58. 58. @ScrollUK …to an integrated user experience
  59. 59. @ScrollUK So you can get content • From the right sources • On the right platform • To the right audience • At the right moment • Through the right channels • In the right formats • In the right versions • In the right languages • In the right media • At the right time
  60. 60. @ScrollUK Content strategy needs you to… Get inspired Get informed Get involved Get together Get content
  61. 61. @ScrollUK Concepts covered in these books
  62. 62. @ScrollUK Twitter: @ScrollUK / @rahelab By telephone: UK +44 (0)20 3318 1828 (office) UK +44 (0)7869 643 685 (mobile) Speaking and workshops: SCROLL London, UK Copyright © 2016 Scroll LLP