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Ambassadors for the UN of content


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Content is communication. It is aural communication and it is oral communication. It is sign language, and it is signage. It is written, and it is viewed. It can be carved in stone, or as ephemeral as a tweet. Creating content can be a social activity, or it can be a solitary one. Yet it is not binary. For all that we are digital, with our 0s and our 1s, communication is more of a barely-contained chaos. It's a dance; it's theatre; and it's steeped in culture.

The theme of this conference is the UN of Content, and whether our own tables are dealing with cultures within corporations, cross-discipline cultures, or multiple customer cultures, we can't escape our role as negotiators. And we shouldn't want to escape; as consumer advocates, cross-cultural communication is one of our strengths.

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Ambassadors for the UN of content

  1. 1. Photo credit: Rahel Anne Bailie Copyright © 2016 Scroll LLP Ambassadors for the UN of Content Advocacy and Negotiation
  2. 2. Photo of presenter here @ScrollUK @rahelab Rahel Anne Bailie Chief Knowledge Officer, Scroll 15+ years content strategy 10+ years tech communication Consulting / Instruction / Author
  6. 6. CULTURE
  7. 7. CULTURE Organisational culture Team culture Customer culture
  8. 8. Organisational culture How do your teams work together? Is there an implicit hierarchy within your organisation? Who is your “Secretary General”? Director Dev UX Content Marketing
  9. 9. Managing Chaos by Lisa Welchman Symptoms • Disengagement • End runs and hallways conversations • Passive-aggressive Diagnosis • Avoid avoidance • Fill leadership gap; willingness to manage • Strong governance model
  10. 10. Digital governance framework Strategy • Uses guiding principles and performance objectives • Articulates the business’s approach to leveraging digital capabilities Policy • Risk management, through guidance statements • Ensures core interests are served while operating online Standards • Articulated portfolio assets • Ensures optimal digital quality and effectiveness
  11. 11. Team culture Are you a team with complementary skills? Are you a group with similar skills? Who speaks for the team – the HIPPO?
  12. 12. Belbin Team Role Theory Symptoms • Get along too well • Single perspective • Dissent is discouraged • Heterogeneous hiring Diagnosis • Cross-pollinate • Learn personal cultures • Respectful debate process • Diversify your team
  13. 13. Team roles: the beginning of diversity
  14. 14. Customer culture Does the organisation have a customer focus? Does the organisation encourage cross- department collaboration for the good of the customer? Who is paying attention to customer culture, and how much are they heard?
  15. 15. Outside-In Marketing by James Mathewson Symptoms • Paying more attention to products than customers • Lack of actionable social listening • Taking the easy way instead of the right way Diagnosis • Start from the PoV of the customer • Have strategies: business, content, digital, etc. • Prioritise business needs to work for consumers
  16. 16. Each market has its own culture
  17. 17. TAKE-AWAYS Culture (of all sizes) matter – appreciate other cultures Need speakers /moderators/ translators to facilitate The more awareness and practice, the better the outcomes
  18. 18. THANK YOU
  19. 19. By email: By telephone: UK +44 (0)203 318 1828 (office) UK +44 (0)7869 643 685 (mobile) Social: Twitter: @ScrollUK LinkedIn: Twitter: @rahelab LinkedIn: Services: Training: SCROLL London, UK Copyright © 2016 Scroll LLP