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Notting hill presentation


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Notting Hill

Published in: Education
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Notting hill presentation

  1. 1. Notting Hill Roger Michell (1999) – Romantic Comedy Film
  2. 2. What is a Romantic Comedy? Romantic Comedy films (also known as Rom- Coms), are comedy films based around the theme of two people falling in love which is caused by their relationship.
  3. 3. Notting Hill is a popular UK rom-com about a recently divorced man called Will Thacker (Hugh Grant) who owns a travel bookshop in London. One day, Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) walks into Will’s bookshop and this is the woman he meets and falls in love with.
  4. 4. Opening Scene The first scene of Notting Hill shows Will walking down the road as the camera also pans alongside the street to show him in the centre of the shot; This allows the surroundings behind Will to be relevant to what Will is talking about at the time, which helps set the scene.
  5. 5. How to try to relate to the audience? Romantic Comedic films usually try to relate to their audience in the real world by giving the film a real world feel, e.g. Real locations, real songs, real people. The use of mise-en-scene help to reflect this real world feel. So the opening scene of a Rom-Com is important for setting the theme for the rest of the film so the audience feel like they already have a strong relation to the film
  6. 6. Comparison with my film to Notting Hill My short rom-com film is has similar elements like Notting Hill. My short film allows the audience to relate to the film with real songs, the same or similar culture and real, real life situations that occur in reality. This will keep my audience engaged in the film as they have a strong relation to the film. As they’re engaged with the film, they are more comfortable than at the start because of experiencing similar elements of the film in reality.