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Football junior paper


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Published in: Sports, Education
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Football junior paper

  1. 1. 1 How would it feel to get hit full force by 340 pound of pure muscle? It would probablyhurt pretty bad, however in football they do this for a living and do it to other people on the field.Football is one of the only sports in the United States that you can hurt other people and not getin trouble for it. There is a lot of violence in football. Football was started in 1879 with rules created by Walter Camp. (Bellis) Football is amixture of soccer and the British sport called rugby. Football goes back all the way to theseventeenth century before the United States was settled by Europeans. Supposedly football,soccer, and rugby are all descended from a Greek game called Harpaston. Football is even said tobe played by native americans in the past. There was many styles of football back in the days.One popular style in Britain was the style of football called Mob Football. Mob football wasstarting to be played in many colleges just for fun and not organized. (The early years) Footballwas always a dangerous and violent type of sport. During the 1800’s there was a lot ofuniversities banning the sport of football being played in there colleges. Like rugby football wasplayed with out any pads and helmet to protect you. Ever since it originated Football was violent. Football can now be played in middle school, high school, and like the past can also beplayed in college .If your excellent at it you could even do it for a living and play professionalfootball. But in any of those you have a risk of getting into major and even fatal injuries. Manyparents of these children that play football in middle school and high school are worried abouttheir childrens safety in the sport. There have been several deaths because of injuries in football.Many people think and say “how can you get hurt with all that padding and huge helmet on.”Not even all that padding is enough to protect these players from fatal injuries. Football is one ofthe top three sports with most injuries; it has an average of 418,260 injuries being in third place.(Carey) The two sports ahead of football is , bicycling with and average of 485,669 injuries, and
  2. 2. 2basketball in first with an average of 512,213 injuries. (Carey) Even though football isn’t in firstit is still the most dangerous because of the type of injuries it has. Football is one of the most played sport in high school , with kids all around the UnitedStates playing it. A regular season of High school football consists of a season of ten games, butif you where to make it to playoffs then of course it would be more. Many schools in the UShave spring training that is usually the official start of high school football practices. The start ofthese practice is different all around. At Smithfield Selma High School the the spring trainingstart in March of 2011. Training for the till the first week of may could only be started withweightlifting and other activities, such as speed and agility training. Whenever the first week ofmay comes you can start practicing with pads and helmet but not full force. Only light practicewhich means no physical contact, like hitting and tackling. The official start of the season isusually in August, which is when you play your first game.(Lassiter) Football is the leading sport in high school with the most fatal injuries.(Dalton) Therehas been several times that a teenager in high School dies from a injury caused in football.According to the American football coaches association, fatalities caused by football injurieshave been on the decrease since 1931.”(Hard-Hitting) Even though death in football is very rareits still a very dangerous sport. “One day in West Orange, Texas, a High school football playernamed Reggie Garrett had just thrown his second touchdown pass of the game Friday night whenhe jogged to the sidelines, gave a coach a low-five he suddenly collapsed. Just over an our later,doctors at Memorial Hermann Baptist Orange Hospital declared the 17 year old Seniordead.”(Hard-Hitting) This is one of the several incidents in which football was the cause of heteen’s death. There has been many parents that have kids in football wanting football to bebanned in high school because of how dangerous it is. One of the top injuries in high school is
  3. 3. 3brain concussions and limb injuries. “Injuries can occur during a football game at any time.However, new research finds that during football, injuries sustained at the beginning or middle ofa game are more severe compared to injuries sustained during the end or in overtime. Thisfinding suggests that the changes of intensity throughout competition influence risk of severeinjury.” (Football) The reason why there is more injuries in the first half of football is becauseeverybody has full energy and in the second half most of the players are tired and not hitting withfull force. Some of the top injuries in high school is concussion, limb, and spinal injuries. SpinalInjuries is the most dangerous of the 3. “On Nov. 2, 2001, a boy named Chris whowas playing against Waco’s Reicher Catholic to go to the playoffs. With the game on theline, a running back made a move to the inside as Chris came up to cut him off. The runner triedto leap over Chris, and it was most likely his hip that smashed into Chris helmet, snapping hisneck back Chris made a game-saving tackle anyway, but then he lay motionless at the 30-yardline for 20 minutes until an ambulance arrived.” (Sport)That is just one of many examples ofkids being paralyzed or injured, ruining their future. College football is the second level of your football career. The only way you make it tothe second level of your football career is if you have enough talent and a good grade pointaverage your senior year. College football has 4 divisions, division 1-A, division 1-AA, division2, and division 3. If you’re an outstanding player with crazy stats then you could be a division1-A or 1-AA, but if your just and average player with decent stats then you would be in adivision 2 or 3. College football is not much different from high school football. The only majordifference is that college is a lot more intense but at the same time the players are a lot moreprepared for injuries and stronger to prevent them. The final level in your football career is playing professional football if they’re good
  4. 4. 4enough. Most people think “NFL” when they hear the word “pro football”, but no NFL is not theonly place where you can play football for a living. There is many more leagues around theworld. Some of the wells known ones are the Canadian football league, European footballleague, Australia football league, and the United football league. They are all very similar but theNFL is the highest level of pro football. The NFL has had problems with people getting injuredfor years now. Payton Manning who is a quertertback for the Indianapolis colts once said in aninter)0view” If football created more rules for the game there wouldn’t be as manyinjuries.”(Conan) The NFL just started taking injuries serious a few years ago because neckinjuries and concussions where becoming very common. One way the NFL tried fixing it was byfining player who hit helmet to helmet because it was more likely to get a concussion like that.Concussions aren’t as major as a spinal injury, but to many concussions can lead to majorconsequences in the future. Life you be hard not being able to walk for long periods of time orstanding up for a while. Injuries are a ver important in my eyes because I don’t want to look backin the future and say what should I have done to not get injured or how I could of changed that 1little thing that made me get injured. There are many ways these injuries can be prevented. Ever since football was started itwas changing the way they could prevent the players from getting severely hurt. Through theyears they started making pads and using helmets. The helmets back then where just made out ofabout half an inch thick leather. And no shoulder pads at all, rugby is still played without anypads in Europe. While the years past the helmet was being made into a hard plastic and thisshows how much they have tried to prevent all these injuries from happening. Maybe in a fewyears they will find another type of helmet that prevents concussions, but you wont know till itsout. As a fellow football player I now how it would feel to sit out a whole game cause of a
  5. 5. 5injury. Even though I’m not a pro yet I know if I was sitting out a game in the NFL I would bepretty bummed because its a lot more important than just a high school game. I have had a totalof 5 concussions in my 2 years of football in high school. There is a certain test they do to see ifyou haven’t lost any memory. Some of the stuff they ask you is like saying the abc’s backward,saying your name and birthdate, and remembering words in a certain order. All of myconcussions where minor concussions but it still worries me because I don’t want to end up likesome of the NFL players who haven’t lived as far as others because of there injuries they had inthe past. Sometimes football player’s mothers are always worried about there little boys gettinghurt. My first concussion was the worst because it was the first time I had ever got injured so anymother would get worried and try to take there son out of football like my mother did. What I’mtrying to say by this like I said earlier is that a lot of kids parents aren’t wanting to take there kidsout of football because of the injuries going on. So what this paper is trying to tell every one is that even though football is fun to watchand play it is very dangerous for any age. This doesn’t go to only teens but for college playersand pro players also. This is why many people consider football one of the only sports that youcan hurt somebody and not get in trouble for doing it.
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