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Mmd3033 media art


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Mmd3033 media art

  1. 1. “Fake Woman”
  2. 2.  Title: Fake Woman. Theme: Body, Identity & Censors. Problem Identification: “If you want to find perfect partner, you should find a Barbie doll". This quote is like a reference that there’s nobody perfect in this world except Barbie dolls. Nowadays there’s so many people outside that tend to be nice from the outside but actually they’re not. Example, the backstabbers. They will say good things in front of you but at your back, they will spread bad and incorrect facts about you. Or in other word, they are a good faker.
  3. 3.  Aim & Objectives: To make people realized that there is this type of people in this world and to make them alert with this type of people. To show how bad this type of people is and to give some lessons to them of how bad they are so that they can change it before its too late :). Ideation & Concept: There will be a video projection regarding the confession of a fake woman and the consequences of being fake that will be played all the time and will keep repeating. And there will also be a projection on a mirror of a dressing table where when audience sits on the dressing table’s chair,they will see the reflection/image of the fake woman on the mirror where the message is “what u see in the mirror is not the real you”. Target audience: people age 15 and above
  4. 4.  why people become a fake person??MAJOR question here. WHY?? after doing some research can conclude that fake is actually some sort of illness. It is because mostly people are not becoming themselves because of the want sympathy and they loves to become the centre of attention. Also, some people become fake just to fit in in some group of people because actually, all these fake people with fake attitude didn’t know who they really are! Sometimes it is because they want to change who they are in small ways and are comfortable with certain people therefore they act accordingly and also eventually people will act fake just to make their own lives seem more exciting because most of the time they feel insecure about themselves.
  5. 5.  The most common thing that fake people do to boost up their confidence level is by changing their physical looks by doing plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function. Besides of accidents or health reasons, people make plastic surgery for self-esteem. Some people choose to get cosmetic surgery to boost their self esteem. They need a boost and they think cosmetic surgery will give them that. In my opinion it does, people are extremely grateful to see the new changes to there bodies that they have always wanted which in other words, it turns them to be a fake people in terms of physically appearance. Mostly people who make plastic surgery is artist. Singer, actress or supermodel. It is because they think that it is important for them to look more pretty n young to get their job. Thats why we can see that usually, international artist especially, looks very stunning n beautiful without any flaws at all. However in a way, they are actually are all faker in terms in physical appearance as well. Because its all not real but fake.
  6. 6. I made some experiment using a Barbie dollto see what it looks like if I did a little “postmortem” to it so that I can get the proveand satisfaction to myself to really convincepeople that Barbie is only perfect from theoutside but if we see the inside, its reallynothing and zero. So here’s the pictures ofmy little experiment to a Barbie doll.BEFORE:
  7. 7. After:
  8. 8. after the post mortem I haveproven that inside a perfect andflawless Barbie doll is empty andzero excepts a wire to connecteach part of the body. Just like afake people. How pretentious thewanted to be at the end, peoplewill look them like nothing. Theyare actually zero from the insidein terms of feelings and attitude.that is what Im trying to portrayhere. You can be fake as u please,but actually you are nothingwithout those plastic surgeries andfake friends.
  9. 9. Personal Context-People who is fake in terms in physical and internal is actually have manyissues with themselves. They actually insecure. They have a very low selfesteem and to overcome all that negative feelings inside, they pretend to besomeone that is not themselves. Someone that is totally new and more “cool”to cover up their weaknesses. This kind of people just cant accept that no onein this world is perfect and the fake people are bunch of group that want tolook perfect without any flaws.Social Context-As for social context, this fake people eventually will be left alone oncepeople discovered that they are pretending and not being honest withthemselves because the fact is, no one like a pretender. So once the truecolor of a fake people is revealed, they will be isolated by their friends andpublic. Because in a way, fake people is a dishonest person and cannot betrusted. LONELY.Culture Context-Nowadays, being fake is like a trend. Especially for girls and celebrities. Sowe can see that there’s a changes in our world culture. People are becomingmore materialistic, arrogant with their fake beauty and alsomiscommunication and fight conquer the world because of fake peopleattitude, dishonesty and backstabbing with each other.
  10. 10.  Gant Chart
  11. 11.  Fyp Budget
  12. 12.  Storyboard
  13. 13.  The fake woman confession is a projection mapping installation which to bring message and awareness to public espcially the woman on how a fake attitude and appearance may change a life of that particular individual which is emphasize more on the negative effects/part. There will be a video mapping of the fake woman confession that will be played all the time during the exhibition while the other one will be the mapping on the mirror of a dressing table which when audience sits in front of the dressing table,the audience will experience and get to see the image/shadow of the fake woman on the mirror it self where the message is “what u see in the mirror is not the real you”.The mirror projection will be covered with a black background so the reflection of the mapping on the mirror will be clearer and in a way to create a mysterious mood.