10732 week seven-gaining-self-awareness_wi2010


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10732 week seven-gaining-self-awareness_wi2010

  1. 1. R. Wedemeyer COM101-Winter 2010 GAINING SELF-AWARENESS
  2. 2. TODAY WE WILL  Discuss Mid Semester Evaluations  Group Work
  3. 3. MID SEMESTER EVALUATIONS ●Look at Term column 201010=Winter 2010 ●Look at Course Status column R_=Course you are registered for (RE, RW) D_=Course you dropped at some point (could have been when you were selecting your classes on SAIL) ●Look at Midterm Grade column for courses you are registered for U=Unsatisfactory S=Satisfactory Some instructors enter actual grade point
  4. 4. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  Your contract notes the minimum cumulative gpa you must have at the end of this semester  Your contract notes the GPA you need to return to Good Academic Standing  Questions you need to ask yourself:  Am I at risk of being dismissed from OU? (Is there a possibility that I won’t meet the minimum cumulative gpa I need?)  Is there a possibility that I can return to Good Academic Standing? (Look at Term 2 of your
  5. 5. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO  If you have been assigned Academic Progress Reports, you must schedule meeting(s) with your instructors as soon as possible to talk about your chances of passing their course
  6. 6. ACADEMIC PROGRESS REPORT Prior to meeting with your instructor, answer question 3
  7. 7. ACADEMIC PROGRESS REPORT If the instructor tells you that you should drop the class and you receive financial aid, go immediately to the Financial Aid department and ask them the questions on the next slide
  8. 8. FINANCIAL AID  I understand that I need to successfully complete 67% of the college courses I have attempted  If I drop ____ credits, what will happen to my financial aid?  Will dropping credits lead to me owing the University money? If so, how much will I owe?  What is my current total percentage of attempted credits completed?  Based upon my current semester courses, if I pass all of my courses, what will be my total percentage of attempted credits?  Based upon my current semester courses, will I be eligible for aid for the _____ academic year?  How many courses can I repeat during the ____ semester and still be able to ensure meeting the required 67%
  9. 9. TUTORING  Tutoring is required for any class you are repeating or in any class you are currently enrolled in and earning at or below a 2.5  If you received a U or grade point below 2.5 on your Mid Semester Evaluations- tutoring is required
  10. 10. QUESTIONS?
  11. 11. ACTIVITY  Strange Choices-page 148  Popcorn Reading
  12. 12. BE PREPARED TO SHARE YOUR RESPONSES TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:  Why do you suppose he/she made this choice?  What past experiences might have made him/her this way?  What might the inner conversation of his/her Inner Critic and Inner Defender sound like?  In what other circumstances might a similar choice sabotage his/her success?  Be sure to include all team members’ names on the poster
  13. 13. GROUP WORK  Re-read your case studies.  Discuss the questions with your group.  Groups are encouraged to develop a PowerPoint presentation or other presentation (skit, video) to share with their peers during class on March 23, 2010. The Group Project is worth a total of 75 points.