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Obiee faq quessions only

  1. 1. interview question with Answers on Check this url. What is the default location of a repository file?2. How many repository files can be loaded to a BI Server simultaneously? Assume its a singleserver with single instance of BI Server running just to keep things easy3. If you have more than 3 repository files mentioned in your NQSConfig.ini file as default,which one gets loaded to the memory when the BI Server is started?Ex:Star = SamplerRepository1.rpd, DEFAULT;Star = SamplerRepository2.rpd, DEFAULT;Star = SamplerRepository3.rpd, DEFAULT;4. How do you import Essbase Cubes into your repository?5. Whats XMLA and where is it used for in OBIEE context?6. Can you change the location of your rpd file in your OBIEE Configuration? If Yes, Wherewould you mention the new location of this rpd file for Bi Server? Instance conifg.xml7. What kind of joins would you perform in the physical layer of the repository file whenopened with Administration tool? Physical join8. What are the minimum services needed to load a repository file onto memory and view adashboard which has reports that have been refreshed on a scheduled basis? Bi scheduler, bipresentation services, bi server9. Can you use an OLTP backend database for creating a dashboard?
  2. 2. 10. How many tables are needed in minimum to pass through the Consistency Checking inLogical Layer (Business Mapping and Modeling Layer) of the repository? 1 fact 1 dimension11. Can you create new views in the database using OBIEE Administration tool? Can you explainthe procedure for doing this? yes12. What is a complex join in OBIEE and why, where is it used? 1to n or 0,1 to n13. Is it mandatory to have hierarchies defined in your repository? If Yes, where does it help? IfNo, what happens in the reports? Drill down14. How do you create outer joins in physical layer? BMM Complex join15. What does Consistency Checking perform; What are the minimum criteria to passconsistency checking for a given repository?16. Does OBIEE store physical sql ? How is physical sql generated in OBIEE environments?Administrator or C:OracleBIserverLog17. Are there any occasions where physical sql is not generated when running against abackend database like Oracle, SQL Server or any other relational database?18. What is the best default logging level for production users?19. What is the difference between logging level 1 and 2?20. What are the different places (files) to view the physical sql generated by an Answersreport? Administrator or C:OracleBIserverLog21. Where does the BI Server logs its start, stop and restart times in the file system? BIserverlog22. You have two tables Table 1 and Table 2 joined by a foreign key in the database? They areimported together from the database into your physical layer. Is this relationship still preservedin the OBIEE physical layer?
  3. 3. 23. Same as question 22 but what happens if you import each table seperately?24. If Table 1 and Table 2 are dragged from physical layer to BMM layer, which table becomes aFact Table and which table becomes a Dimension Table? 2 tables act as fact25. What if the tables (Table 1 and Table 2) are not joined, then what happens in BMM layer?26. What is the difference between logical table and logical table source?27. How many LTS (Logical Table Sources) can a logical table have? Whats the minimum andmaximum?28. How many server instances can coexist in an OBIEE cluster?29. Whats a dimension only query in OBIEE?30. Aggregation rules are set on top of …………… columns (Physical Columns or LogicalColumns or Both)Lets get to questions that are little more complex in my opinion31. What is alternative drill path? How do you set alternative drill path in OBIEE?32. What are the pre-requisites for using aggregate persistence wizard? What does aggregatepersistence wizard create and what does it help with?33. Can you import data in multiple sheets from an Excel file? How do you import data from anExcel sheet? (Forget about csv files for now)34. What are the uses of “Execute Direct SQL” feature in Answers? Is it a good practice to allowthis feature for production users?35. How do you disable “Execute Direct SQL” feature for all the users of your repository?36. I want to store the value of the last time the respository was updated and show it in thedashboard? What type of variable can be used for this purpose?
  4. 4. 37. Is there any way to see a list of all the repository variables defined in your repository usingAnswers tool?38. What are Chronological Keys in OBIEE? How are they different from Logical Keys?39. You want to use a database built-in function bypassing the functions defined in OBIEE?What OBIEE function helps in achieving this? Whats the syntax for this function?40. What are the different ways to authenticate an user in OBIEE system? Can OBIEEauthenticate a user passing through multiple authentication methods?41. How do you resolve M:M relationship between tables in OBIEE? Explain a scenario wherethis would help?42. Does OBIEE support ragged hierarchies? What is the procedure to import ragged hierarchiesfrom Essbase?43. You are trying to open a repository using Admin tool and when you click to say “OpenOnline”; a dialogue box pops up saying “Your rpd is available in read-only” mode. How can youedit this repository by opening online?44. How do you set up usage tracking in OBIEE? Is the Usage Tracking mechanism in OBIEEconfigurable to capture new identified metrics by your department?45. What is the default configuration for caching in NQSConfig.ini file? How method does theOBIEE use for clearing its cache?46. Table 1 and Table 2 are joined together in an Answers query. Table 1 is defined ascachable and Table 2 is defined as not cachable? What happens to the resultset used in theAnswers tool? Is the result cached or not cached?47. What is MUDE/ MUD in OBIEE? On what basis would you create projects?48. Two people (Developer A and Developer B) are assigned to the same project inside MUDand opened the same project simultaneously. Developer A made some changes to the projectand merged his changes to the original repository. Developer B also made some changes and
  5. 5. commited his changes to the original repository? Does the MUD environment preserve bothDeveloper A and Developer B changes?49. In MUDE, Can two resources checkout the same project simultaneously?50. In MUDE, what happens if the physical tables are shared between projects?51. What are the different types of utilities provided in OBIEE? Explain any two utilities used inyour previous projects and what are they used for?52. What are the different documentation mechanisms available in Admin tool? How do youcreate documentation for your Answers users against all objects available in your subject areas53. Do you have to have the same username established at both rpd and presentation serviceslevels for this to work?Not necessarily based on my knowledge.. I will let others comment on this54. What kind of priveleges can be granted from presentation services level?Access to iBots, certain tabs in the dashboard, delivers, alerts, schedule reports etc etc..55. Whats 3NF?56. w can we convert a 3NF physical design to a Star Schema Logical Model?57. How does OBIEE work with Summary Tables?58. When to use Report Manager and When to Use OBIEEE59. What time Dimension.60.what are the Limitations of Pivot table61. Schema tables62. Errors on Pivot table63.Setting aggregation in rpd is better or in Pivot table?64. which version of OBIEE65. Which Default sever is installed along with OBIEE.66. Installation type : Cluster Installation( Should provide Load balancing) for goodperformance and balancing load between servers67. Do it in a 3 tier architecture1. Separate database server
  6. 6. 2. Separate BI server3. Separate Web server4. Its recommended if you can use SAN location for deploying the reportmetadata filesData modeling example?