How to deal with Wet Waste


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A quick look at what constitutes wet waste from a home and discuss home and community options for treating and managing this waste. This presentation has been made specific to India but same principle applies to any urban/semi-urban set-up.

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  • Hi Sanjay, Sorry for the delayed answer to your post. Replying here for the benefit of the viewers of this slideshare. You could contact the Maharasthra Organic Farmers Federation for guidance on this aspects. MOFF is a state level confederation of 120 NGOs & 1,42,000 individual farmers, thinkers, scientists, activists & experts from Maharashtra. . This handbook ( gives the support given to agriculturalists.
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  • i am operating organic waste mahines in maharashtra, I would like o have guidlines for sale of compost produced by our machines in maharashtra state only my mail id
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How to deal with Wet Waste

  1. 1. How to deal with Wet Waste Welcome to the world of Composting and Waste-to-Energy Updated : -07-Jun-2015
  2. 2. What do you change? From this… …to This wet waste organics kitchen waste compost compositing biogas plant cooking gas 2
  3. 3.  Vegetable/Fruit waste  Food waste except non-vegetarian /oily waste  Tea leaves/Coffee powder  Garden trimmings/leaves  Flowers  Pencil shavings  Match Sticks  Shredded Newspaper 3 What is Wet Waste?
  4. 4. x Soiled food covers x Sanitary Waste such as napkins and diapers x Cigarette butts x Oily food (harms the composting process) x Watery stuff (drain away the liquid from sambhar/curry before disposing it for composting) x Bits of plastic (cut pieces from your milk covers can harm biogas/composting process) x Dead animals (rats, cockroaches etc.) x Weeds and diseased plants from the garden 4 What is NOT Wet Waste Oily food in a take away container Empty Take-way container Often we find non- compostable items are assumed to be wet waste. Drain the Sambhar/Rasam/curries before disposing them for composting Coconut Shells (collect separately . Can be used as fuel)
  5. 5. Wet Waste Collection Final Disposition: Composted at home or Community Composting or use for biogas generation. For independent houses your municipal corporation will provide a separate wet waste collection Collection: Covered bin in Kitchen lined with newspaper. Tear newspaper lengthwise to get 2 long pieces. Place them into the bin to cover the bin inner surface. NO PLASTIC BAGS! 5 Disposal : Transfer daily to home/community composter or bio-gas plant. In apartments daily door-to-door collection of wet waste by housekeeping is a best practice * Collect Wet Waste in Green Bin in the 2 Bins 1Bag method
  6. 6. Home Composting Options Use Compost … - As a Fertilizer - As a Soil Conditioner - For Soil erosion control More : _compost Daily Dump: Leave-it-Pot or Khamba Did you know: A firm in Bangalore has an order from Japan to export 2500 tonnes of compost to enrich the coastal areas devastated by 2011 tsunami. Use Compost …Smart Bin: Home Composting
  7. 7. Community Composting Options 10 to 170 Kgs 2.5 to 16HP Purchase Cost (4 lacs upwards) , Space and Maintenance needs to be considered Vennar - OWC 7 Daily Dump - Aaga 15 Kgs per day 0 HP low cost and low maintenance For more such products & solutions visit
  8. 8. Biogas from Wet Waste 8 Biogas plants from 1-150 kgs. per day for homes, communities and institutions NIE-CREST GPS –BioUrja Biogas plants from 100 kgs – 3 Tons. per day for communities and institutions!the-biourja1 For more such products & solutions visit
  9. 9. Electricity from Biogas 9 TERI - Electricity from Biogas
  10. 10. Happy Segregation, Composting, Energy Generation and Recycling! 10 Other Resources For Waste Management Products & Solutions visit