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Dell Nycdoe Pcs Presentation


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Dell Nycdoe Pcs Presentation

  1. 1. DELL™ SERVICE & SUPPORT FOR THE NYC DOE PCS PROGRAM PCS Vendor Fairs June 3 & 4, 2009 May 27, 2009 1
  2. 2. Dell at the NYCDOE Awarded the #1 Position in the PCS Program – Supporting Central Offices and all five boroughs Most Experienced Support Provider– Since 2003 providing implementation, project management, maintenance support, technical consulting and training High marks on 2008 Satisfaction Survey* – 88% of principals were satisfied or very satisfied with Dell onsite support Committed to providing high level of service – The program may have changed, but Dell is still committed to providing that same great level of service the NYC DOE has come to expect * November/December 2008 2
  3. 3. BASIC . STANDARD HOW DO THE PROGRAMS COMPARE? PCS Services Basic Standard In-Warranty Hardware Repair Included Included Asset Recovery Services Included Included Asset Tracking / Management Included Included Out-of-Warranty Hardware Repair A la carte Included Third Party Coordination for Hardware Delivery A la carte Included Installation A la carte Included Moves, Adds, Changes, Reconnects A la carte A la carte Rent-A-Tech A la carte A la carte Training A la carte A la carte Project Management A la carte A la carte Custom or Additional Services A la carte A la carte 3
  4. 4. PROGRAM BENEFITS BASIC STANDARD • Less initial upfront costs • More comprehensive • “Pay as you need” suite of services services included upfront • Managed spend, • Allows for a more enabling schools to predictable annual choose whether to spend purchase additional • Less administrative services as needed overhead for schools to • 2 day on site/5 day manage repair • Fewer per event costs • 1 day on site, 2 day repair 4
  5. 5. PROGRAM PRICING BASIC BASIC PROGRAM (YEAR 1)  Blend of Subscription and “as needed” Ala Carte services  Subscription Services & Pricing (prices shown are monthly subscription rates based on Core Hardware type): Desktop Laptop/ PCS Service Server Printer PC Tablet PC Hardware Repair (In Warranty) $1.21 $2.30 $3.81 $2.37 Hardware Disposal or Retirement $4.13 $4.13 $4.13 $4.13 Asset Management $0.53 $0.53 $0.53 $0.53 DELL CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. PROGRAM PRICING BASIC (CONTINUED) BASIC PROGRAM (YEAR 1)  Common Ala Carte services (partial list): Desktop Laptop/ PCS Service Server Printer PC Tablet PC Hardware Repair (Out of Warranty) $374.09 $374.09 $374.09 $420.86 Coordination for Hardware Delivery $47.08 $47.08 $47.08 $22.69 Hardware Installation & Integration $47.67 $47.67 $47.67 $28.05  Rent-A-Tech Services also available – Varying skill levels: Field Engineer, Sr. Field Engineer, Project Manager, and Certified Cisco Engineer – Varying rates based on engagement period: 2 hours, 4 hours (½ day), 8 hours (full day), 40 hours (full week), 160 hours (full month)  Asset Tagging Service available; variable pricing based on the number of core hardware devices DELL CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. PROGRAM PRICING STANDARD STANDARD PROGRAM (YEAR 1)  Subscription pricing program combines the value of Basic services with important additional services  Provides broad coverage for the most common events & requirements (prices shown are monthly subscription rates based on Core Hardware type): Desktop Laptop/ PCS Service Server Printer PC Tablet PC Hardware Repair (In Warranty) $1.21 $2.30 $3.81 $2.37 B A S Hardware Disposal or Retirement $4.13 $4.13 $4.13 $4.13 I C Asset Management $0.53 $0.53 $0.53 $0.53 S T Hardware Repair (Out of Warranty) $22.36 $17.58 $16.68 $19.08 A N D Coordination for Hardware Delivery $9.38 $9.38 $9.38 $5.56 A R D Hardware Installation & Integration $9.38 $9.38 $9.38 $5.00 DELL CONFIDENTIAL 7
  8. 8. DELL ASSET RECOVERY SERVICES 120,000 PIECES AND 590 TONS LATER  Dell is changing the way - computing assets are designed, manufactured, operated, and disposed of to gain efficiency and cost savings while reducing the effect on the environment  Dell was the first IT company – to become carbon neutral  We know schools – we know how to pick up obsolete technology with no disruption to class work  NYCDOE Passes Audits – When the EPA audits the DOE, they pass every time!  Asset Inventory Updates - Made timely and accurately  Zero Landfill Policy – Means no harmful environmental impact 8
  9. 9. DELL SERVICES WE KNOW THE NYCDOE  Rent-A-Tech - Experienced technicians, familiar with NYCDOE networks and IT policies, capable of complex installations and may hold technical certifications can be you part time staff – by the half day, day, week or month – an extra set of hands  Project Managers and Integrators - Professional project managers with skills in the area of planning, organizing, and managing IT projects. Familiar with running both school-based and district-size projects.  Trainers – Dell trainers know the needs of teachers and provide easy to use project based curriculum solutions. They deliver professional development sessions to principals, teachers, coaches and students in areas such as IT leadership and planning, robotics and instructional technology 9
  10. 10. TRAINING – ANY WAY YOU LIKE IT ONLINE, INSTRUCTOR-LED, CUSTOM • Dell Learning System and Online Courses - PC and Desktop Application courses in Microsoft® Office® , Adobe, etc. • IT Training and Certification Courses - Focused on managing an IT infrastructure. • Educators' Professional Development Training • PC and Server Basics - Covers  Classroom with Instructor - Windows and Mac operating systems, network Classroom with Instructor Professional and printer connection file storage, and basic Development and Training, also known as a “Workshop” troubleshooting  Includes face-to-face workshops for • installing software and creating image backups administrators, teachers, support staff, IT staff, and students held onsite at • How to set up proxies, file storage, and customer’s location or in a regional communicate with clients from the server. location. • 3P Credit 10
  11. 11. DELL TECHKNOW 2.0 HANDS-ON TECHNOLOGY PROBLEM RESOLUTION  Dell TechKnow - is a free* curriculum program designed and offered by Dell to provide students in- depth technology literacy and 21st Century skills.  Students complete approximately 40 hours of hands-on training in which they learn technology concepts including how to identify, troubleshoot and resolve common IT problems for desktops, notebooks, and Tablet PC.  Students have the opportunity to apply these concepts in an instructional help desk environment where they operate, maintain and support computer hardware and software. *District must supply the instructor ,any supplies, and equipment for students participating in the program DELL CONFIDENTIAL 11
  12. 12. SELECT DELL BY JUNE 12 RECEIVE FREE TOOLKIT FOR TECHIES TRAINING  Notebook and Desktop Tools - Learn how to prepare and work with PCs in your school. – Managing configurations, installations and file organization  Basic Server Tools – Learn how to prepare and work with the servers in your school. – Both Windows and Mac workshops will be provided. – Learn about proxies, storage and troubleshooting  3P Credit - receive the 30 hours of mandatory 3P credits (pending accreditation)  Classes held locally - at your school or a central location
  13. 13. WHY DELL? EXCELLENCE IN EXECUTION - PARTNERS IN EDUCATION  Experience - Six years of delivering custom services to the DOE at a 98% service level attainment and implementation, project management, technical consulting and training  6+ Years of Proven Performance – 75,000 Installations – 30,000 Service calls annually  Customer Satisfaction Rating – 4.8 out of a possible 5.0  High marks on 2008 Satisfaction Survey* – 88% of principals were satisfied or very satisfied with Dell onsite support  Technicians and Management Staff – know your environment and what it takes to deliver the service that you have come to expect and deserve all the time 13