Synopsis Konferenz 2014-SharePoint Yammer Integration -Microsoft Enterprise Social


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Vortag vom 13.05.2014 auf der Synopsis Konferenz in Darmstadt über -SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Integration aus technischer Sicht

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  • ISSUEYammer App for SharePoint: App part doesn’t render and gives an iFrame error in Internet ExplorerBecause the Service Manager component in Office programs automatically adds SharePoint tenant domains to Trusted Sites security zone in Internet Explorer whenever you open a document from a SharePoint site, you get an IFrame error. The login endpoint isn’t added to Trusted Sites. The user authentication to SharePoint still succeeds, but the iFrame itself isn’t rendered as it’s blocked by click jacking protection.Workaround    Add following sites into your Trusted Sites list and restart the session.https://login.microsoftonline.comhttps://*.sharepoint.comISSUEIf adding these sites doesn’t solve the problem, please turn on Protected Mode for Trusted sites.Yammer App for SharePoint: Blank dialog box pops-up on login when using Internet ExplorerHaving * and * (like your SharePoint domain) in the Intranet Zone setting in Internet Explorer prevents you from logging into the Yammer from the Yammer App for SharePoint. You’ll see a blank dialog box after logging into Yammer from the app.Workaround    Add following sites into your Trusted Sites list and restart the session.https://*.yammer.comhttps://*.assets-yammer.comISSUEOneDrive for Business with Office Online Standalone SKUTop navigation doesn’t show Yammer navigation tabAs the tenant administrator of OneDrive for Business, you used to see Newsfeed or Yammer in the top navigation bar of Office 365. But with the standalone OneDrive for Business subscription you no longer see those tabs. Even when service is enabled in the tenant administrator page, this top navigation isn’t lighting up.By design, standalone OneDrive for Business doesn’t by default contain Yammer or Newsfeed social navigation tabs. But when you enable service as your social network, the top navigation should show Yammer easy click link in addition to the OneDrive link.Workaround    In the case where you enabled Yammer as your social network, you can browse directly to and sign-in with your Office 365 organizational identity.
  • The foundational work Christophe just walked you through has enabled us to build some pretty compelling things on top of it, in the form of the 3 new experiences we are introducing today.Inline Social to bring the power of open collaboration to everyone regardless of where they workAn expansive new Groups concept that spans across the O365 suite And a new Office Graph that turns Office 365 into an intelligent networkThese extend the strong network effect of Yammer across O365 and beyondLet’s take a closer look at what each of these looks like:
  • Green : TodayPurple : Future
  • Yammer + Dynamics RoadmapYammer is a big bet for Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our investments in Yammer over the longer term include:Bi-directional publishing of business data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Yammer and vice versa.For Microsoft Dynamics CRM it means the ability to post messages from CRM to Yammer and vice versa. These messages can relate to CRM records and events or even documents. CRM Users can follow people, accounts, contacts or anything else in the CRM system that they are interested in or responsible for. CRM users can collaborate with colleagues inside their organization or with customers, partners and other stakeholders.Longer term Yammer will facilitate approvals, assignment and document collaboration.
  • In the newest version of Office we’ve brought more and more capabilities to the cloud and enabled a single O365 experience; you can edit a PowerPoint, save it in SkyDrive Pro, and share it with others in SharePoint. Our roadmap for the future of social will continue to build on this idea of enabling productivity workers to get their work done in the tools they use everyday. In the future Yammer conversations will not only be visible in the Yammer experience, but across Office, Dynamics, and every application in the EnterpriseAs part of this vision we’ll provide a common ‘Social Layer’ that will provide one place for applications to get access to social information and services – ensuring that a post in one application can be used by another.
  • There are things everyone in the company can do to influence the way work gets doneFor executives, you can begin to help your company work as a network by sharing your vision and crowd sourcing ideas. Go on your Yammer network and ask your employees for feedback on a specific initiative.If you’re a manager, pick a project that’s important to you and ask your employees to work out in the open in a Yammer group. Find a project involving other teams and see if they want to work on it with you cross-functionally.Every time an employee asks you for permission to do something, ask them why they can’t make the decision on their own.And lastly, even if you’re not a manager, you can work differently by reaching out to people outside of your team to learn as much as you can and find places where you can help them and they can help you. Or maybe you interact with customers & partners – listen to their feedback and share it openly within your company.
  • It takes a network of people to serve a network of customers. After all, it’s your Customer Service Reps who have their ears to the ground, gathering insights on what’s happening around them. It’s your Business Managers who rally team members to make decisions and act on them. It’s your employees who come up with new ideas, new products, and new ways of doing things. These are the people who move your business. Start working like a network today.
  • Synopsis Konferenz 2014-SharePoint Yammer Integration -Microsoft Enterprise Social

    1. 1. Microsoft Consulting Services Tipps & Tricks SharePoint Yammer Basis Integration Road Map
    2. 2. Yammer Guidance Yammer & SharePoint On-Prem Integration Yammer for CRM Yammer Default in Office 365 Yammer App for SharePoint Windows 8 & Windows Phone Apps SSO & DirSync Guidance Starting Document Conversations (“Post”) Simplified Login SharePoint Service Pack 1 2013 2014 Yammer Enterprise in Office 365
    3. 3. • Yammer App for SharePoint: App part render nicht und wirft iFrame Fehler im Internet Explorer • Yammer App für SharePoint: Weiße leere Box erscheint • Top Navigation zeigt kein Yammer an • “Page or App is using unsupported version of Yammer” 
    4. 4. Was ist Office Graph? Manager Direct report Works with Shared with me Viewed by me Trending around me Presented to me Liked by me
    5. 5. Schema Roadmap People People as the #1 pivot for all experiences Documents, Sites Content across email, SPO, OneDrive and Yammer Video Video as a first class content type, integrated Social Social gestures, comments, etc.. Groups Unified, content, conversations Collections Curated, collected content Meetings/Tasks Meeting prep cards & light tasks External Push model, CRM, LOB, etc..
    6. 6. Signale Click/Open Modify/Save Elevate Share Follow Social gestures Social comments Email Video Presented to Meetings Ignore Search Lync External API/Partner/etc..
    7. 7. One Connected Platform
    8. 8. “Social Enterprise is implemented 80% through organization culture and 20% through technology.” - Gartner, September 2012 Transformation von Unternehmenskultur
    10. 10. Arbeiten wie ein Netzwerk Beginnen Sie heute #worklikeanetwork