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Ragini kumari_2.8 Years-MS DOTNET_MS_Certified_Resume


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Ragini kumari_2.8 Years-MS DOTNET_MS_Certified_Resume

  1. 1. Ragini kumari Mobile: 8332971635, 7794087064 (1:30PM to 2:00PM and after 6:30 PM on week days and sat/sun anytime) Email : OBJECTIVE Working in a challenging work environment that will enrich my technical efficiency, professional skills and involving the application of my disciplinary knowledge and to work closely with a team of highly experienced professionals so as to enable myself to grow along with the firm. EXPERIENCE SUMMERY  2.8 years of IT experience with core product development knowledge using Microsoft technologies  Working as a Software development engineer in Zen Technologies Ltd, Hyderabad from 7th July 2013 to till date  Done Internship in Zen Technologies Ltd, Hyderabad from 20th may to 6th July 2013. SKILL SET  Experience in Windows Applications development using Windows Forms and WPF 4.5 application programming using C# .NET  Experience in Web Services and WCF  Strong technical proficiency in .Net Framework 4.0 ADO.NET, ASP.NET  Expertise in Delegates, Events, Multi-threading, LINQ, Generics and Exception Handling.  Experience in working with MYSQL  Excellent in Oops Concepts, Data Structures and Design patterns  Good conceptual & coding experience in XML  Excellent team player with ability to perform independently with, analytical and problem solving skills  Experience in working with AGILE  Experience in working with TFS ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS  MCA from University of Hyderabad with 8.05 CGPA in 2013
  2. 2. TECHNOLOGY TOOLS  Visual Studio 2008/Visual Studio 2010/Visual Studio 2012  MYSQL  SVN  Star UML  TFS BUSINESS AREAS  Simulation. PROJECT SUMMERY Zen UAV Mission Simulator:- Client Indian GOVT. Description UAV-Zen UAV Simulator is a comprehensive system developed to train External Pilots, Internal Pilots, Mission Commanders, Observers/Special payload operators and Image Interpreters. It provides individual as well as team training. It trains the operators to handle fault/emergency conditions and to perform in various environmental conditions. The simulator consists of two types of stations that are instructor station and operator station where Instructor station allows the instructors to design virtual scenarios, setting up the exercise to train various payload operators and evaluate their performance. Trains the operators to handle fault/emergency conditions, bad weather ,poor visibility and special payloads like GMTI, SAR, MPR, COMINT, ELINT. 1. Communication Intelligence(COMINT)-This system provide the electronic order of battle(EOB) by tracking processing monitoring and direction finding of emitter signal. The primary system allows trainees to:  Locate transmitting emitters  Monitor and analyze transmitted audio communication 2. Electronic Intelligence(ELINT)- This is capable of automatic detection, measurement and identification of radars within 1 to 18 GHz.  Locates enemy radars on land and maritime surveillance  Finds direction of radars accurately 3. Mission Commander Bay (also User Bay) - Pay load functions can be checked when the concerned pay load system uses the User Bay in Slave mode. It allows the user to see the live video of electro optical pay loads, make annotations
  3. 3. on the video, take stills of the video and edit the stills. The system also has the feature to enhance the video visuals. 4. Data Acquisition system (DAS) -The DAS can display and record all the parameters of the system as received from the Flight Simulator engine. And following other operator stations :- 1. IP Station 2. Observer Station 3. MPR Station 4. SAR Station 5. EP IOS 6. ICTS IOS The operator stations are used by corresponding operators during the training exercise. Modules It is a distributed application and is subdivided into following modules :- 1. Comint Payload, 2. Elint Payload 3. Userbay 4. DAS 5. IOS(Instructor Operator Station), 6. EPIOS(External Pilot IOS), 7. EP(External pilot), 8. IP(internal pilot), 9. SAR(Synthetic aperture radar), 10. MPR(maritime patrol radar), Role Software Developer Responsibilities  Developed the User Bay and DAS module And also developed COMINT and ELINT payload for UAV simulator  Self developed the class design architecture after getting the client requirements.  Designed, coded and wrote business logic in various Window forms, Entity classes and Control classes using three layer architecture.  Designed and coded various user controls as per the module requirement.  Used GDI+ Library to work with graphics objects and for image manipulation.  Designed the Database for the corresponding module and used visual studios object relational designer to interact with the database.  Wrote various stored procedures as per the requirements  Wrote the code comments as per the organization standards.  Managed team operations and coordination with supervisors. Technology C# NET,ADO.NET,LINQ,MYSQL, XML Tools Visual Studio 2010,MYSQL, Star UML Duration July 2013 to October 2015
  4. 4. Zen Combat Training Centre(Zen CTC):- Client Indian GOVT. Description Zen CTC is a one-stop training solution for Armed Forces and State police. The secure facility, equipped with modern training equipment/infrastructure, free from routine encumbrances and other disturbances, is designed to provide performance-oriented training in realistic, tactical and operational environment. Facilities at CTC:-  Live-fire shooting ranges for Smart Target System (STS) and Multi- Functional Target System (MFTS)  Simulator training (MMG, AGL and Infantry weapons) for improving marksmanship  Individual marksmanship training with Advanced Weapons Simulator for all small arms with tactical scenarios for judgemental and reflex shooting Role Software Developer Responsibilities  Involved in development and maintenance of Instructor Station.  Involved in packet structure of the session details.  Implemented the new features as per the client requirement and made changes in existing application.  Found out performance related issues in the existing application and communicated with supervisors to get a good solution to the problem.  Wrote the code comments as per the organization standards.  Managed team operations and coordination with supervisors. Technology C# NET,WCF,ADO.NET,LINQ,MYSQL, XML Tools Visual Studio 2010,MYSQL Duration Nov 2015 to till date PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: 09-01-1988 Nationality: Indian Passport Number: K9208193 Marital Status: Married
  5. 5. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Please note my office working hours are from 9.00 Am to 1.30 P.M and 2.00P.M to 6.30 P.M on Monday to Friday. Because of company’s ISMS (Information security management system) personal mobiles are not allowed inside company premises during the working hours. So I cannot take the call during the office hours. DECLARATION DECLARATION I hereby declare that all above mentioned information are true and valid to the best of my knowledge. Signature Place: Hyderabad (Ragini Kumari)