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LinkedIn Profile Improvement Tips


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A few LinkedIn improvement tips have been suggested with a view to enhance the social media presence of LinkedIn users. Aspects suggested are Professional photo, Professional element of headline, Summary and Skills and expertise. Hope you leverage these inputs

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology
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LinkedIn Profile Improvement Tips

  1. 1. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience A Few tips to improve your LinkedIn profile
  2. 2. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Dear Friend: I am very sure that you are desirous of improving your, Social Media presence in general and LinkedIn presence in particular. Keeping in line with your objectives, Please find a document below which contains details about the following topics 1. Professional photograph 2. Professional Elements of the Headline 3. Profile Summary 4. Skills and Expertise
  3. 3. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Profile Picture • Invest in a Professional Photo • Photo should be warm, friendly and inviting • Head/Shoulder shot • Wear your power outfit • Professional you not personal you
  4. 4. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Example of Good Profile Picture Can Improve Picture Bad Profile picture 4
  5. 5. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Elements of a Professional Headline • • • • • • • On the profile page, the professional headline appears just below your name. It also occupies a prominent position in a number of other places across the site Search results display your professional headline alongside your name and photo as well as ways to connect with them and common connections and groups; Within the Groups Answers section of the site, when you ask a question or leave an answer In your inbox Externally to the site as well. Visible to those who find your profile via Google.
  6. 6. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience What should you put? • Two key Considerations • Profile has to give a very good idea about what we do and who we are. • Increase the probably of being found through the Search function. 1. Job title and company 6
  7. 7. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience 2. Descriptive keywords An effective and simple way to convey to the readers what we do, through descriptive keywords 7
  8. 8. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience 3. Description of your general offering • Description of the general offering • Could be the one that is being used in your website, or perhaps in your mail footer or something that you have specifically designed for Linked In. 8
  9. 9. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience 4. Direct marketing offering Push a “taster” for your product or service and highlight this as the key element in the headline – while doing it “cleverly” can be nice, sometimes there’s no substitute for plain speaking! Make sure that you back up what you are offering though. 9
  10. 10. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience 5. Push / Promote a particular product Push something that it relatively easy to sell using a direct link to the relevant web page. Make sure that the offering is spot on for who you are looking to attract to your profile. 10
  11. 11. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Essential tips for Summary First impressions count and your LinkedIn Summary is the first opportunity, a potential collaborator gets to find out, who you are beyond a photo and a job title. So, make the most of those precious moments. Follow these 5 essential tips to impress your prospective collaborator. Implement all 5 of these tips and your LinkedIn Summary will help that phone start to ring! TIP #1: Never leave the Summary section blank!! How will prospective collaborators know where to focus or what to concentrate on in your LinkedIn profile if you do not point them in the right direction? TIP #2: Use all 2,000 characters. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity to write 2,000 characters about yourself, you are missing out on essential keyword optimization. Although the MOST important spots for keywords are your Professional Elements of the Headline and the Skills and expertise, your Summary section counts too. Load it up with keywords that the next prospective collaborator will be searching for! Using all 2,000 characters will also give you an opportunity to implement TIPS #3, 4 and 5 below.
  12. 12. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Essential tips for Summary TIP#3: Tell stories. Share your accomplishments. Make it interesting and comprehensive so that it can attract collaborators on all fronts. Why hope that they’ll make it far enough in your Experience section to read about what you’ve done? The Summary is your first chance. Grab it. TIP#4: Articulate your competencies and the areas that you would like to collaborate with your prospective collaborators. TIP #5: Include your contact information. Make it easy for people to find you. If you’re comfortable, include your phone number and e-mail. Or just include your email.
  13. 13. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Examples of Summary
  14. 14. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Summary of Raghunath Ramaswamy Educated in Pure Science, my professional journey has its roots in Software Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Recruitment for 19 years before I became an entrepreneur. I am passionate about automating work flow enabled business processes focused on instilling excellent work habits, articulating rules of engagement leading to clear measures of performance of stakeholders resulting in sustainable and scalable organization. As an entrepreneur, I have spent a significant number of years designing and developing information systems and learning management systems which can benefit enterprises. I have rolled up my sleeves, invested my money developing, world class products and have tried to contribute in my own small way.
  15. 15. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Summary of Raghunath Ramaswamy As a professional, I have been lucky to be involved in diverse areas with rich insights into business process. My initiatives in Learning Management Systems has triggered forays into Social Media. I am excited about Social Media and as a Social media evangelist I have trained more than 1000 people on LinkedIn. IN addition I have facilitated innumerable personal branding exercises and help improve Organization's enhance their LinkedIn experience. I am open to assignments where I can partner individuals, teams or organizations in optimizing their initiatives in the areas of Digital Marketing, Social Media and Recruitment as a forum for professional enhancement and interaction.
  16. 16. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Summary of Raghunath Ramaswamy Organizations may get in touch with me, if they are desirous of Improving their Digital Marketing experience LinkedIn, Twitter: Training & Consulting Recruitment Related Advisory services Educational Institutions may get in touch with me to improve their brands and enhance the chances of placements of their students. Individuals and students seeking Professional help may contact me for Personal Branding and improving your Personal Branding through Linked In Choosing, Changing, Positioning or Improving your career
  17. 17. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Summary of Project Manager My Career has its beginning as an articled clerk. For a period of three years, was involved in Company Audits which included scrutinizing the books of Accounts for its accuracy. Meticulousness and rigor were imbued and have been a part of my professional DNA since. Recognizing that the world was getting flat, I leveraged my knowledge and skills acquired as an articled clerk, and took a plunge into Testing of Accounting Software product. The evolution from an individual contributor to a Program Manager has been rewarding. My demonstrable track record includes working in projects which demand knowledge of all the aspects of the Testing Life Cycle, straddling different domains including Health Care, Supply Chain, CRM and Accounting, and different organizations including Products, Services, Captive Units and MNCs, catering to stakeholders in disconnected geographies in the Americas, Europe, Far East and Down Under.
  18. 18. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Summary of Project Manager As a program manager, I have a grasp of the objective and status of my projects in my program. I recognize the need to identify and manage crossproject dependencies, by providing insights into risk, issues, requirements, design or solution to the Project Management office. My job is to ensure that the outcome and the deliverable are in a timely manner to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Governance, Alignment, Assurance, Management, Finances, Integration, Planning, Improvement, Infrastructure & Processes are my ten guiding principles by which I run a tight ship and help me acquit my responsibilities as a Program Manager
  19. 19. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Summary of Sales Professional Profile I love Selling. Over the last twenty five years, I have breathed and lived Sales. My life has intersected the lives of innumerable number of people and I have been enriched with every interaction. There have been no ordinary moments in this journey. Every challenge has represented with an opportunity to learn and evolve. I have worked my way up the Sales Cycle, from doing the cold calling to the door knocks; I have learned the nuts and bolts of Sales. Over the last twenty six years, I have evolved into a consummate and a result oriented Sales Warrior. Understand that there are no covers for the sales man. Greater the effort, greater the results. The results cannot be an accident, it has to be well thought, planned and executed.
  20. 20. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Summary of Sales Professional Profile The devil is in the details, have learned to appreciate Customer Centric Selling. By virtue of managing large teams and all the aspects of the Sales cycle, I have been lucky enough to get a holistic Sales experience. Extensive years of experience and a consistent track record with World Leaders in Industrial Automation is a big endorsement for my ability to work with my stakeholders productively. I am driven by good old values and believe that there can be no compromise on ethics. With a pleasant disposition, rock solid value systems, great work ethic, proven subject matter expertise and track record, I bring winning ways to the table.
  21. 21. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Summary of Ibrahim Rayan(Architect) Equipped with a degree in architecture combined with extraordinary zeal to shine in my chosen field I spent the first five years of my life learning the nuts and bolts of my profession. I did get to float between diverse roles as an Architect, Interior Designer & a Project Manager. It was in the formative years, that I realized that there were incredible options within the profession. I did get to work on building types from divergent market sectors like residential, commercial, hospitality, institutions and retail. I realized that Architecture was not a mere job, but a life style. The job just grew on me. I was excited to watch my projects getting built. It was wonderfully liberating to present innovative solutions. This resulted in a definite sense of artistic freedom, personal expression and ownership. I also recognized that the job was constantly evolving and that Architecture is one of the few professions that is never static. I continue to remain proud that architects created new design concepts that push how modern day construction is executed.
  22. 22. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Summary of Ibrahim Rayan(Architect) With this kind of clarity, I was destined to become a first generation entrepreneur. There has been no looking back. We have since executed an impressive 1200 projects. I continued to invest in a Post Graduate degree to improve my understanding of the progress made in Real Estate Development and braced myself to the demands of a fast expanding market. Since 2010, we have scaled our operations and currently one of the largest architect firms in India. We have also opened up offices in Singapore. And in the process, doubling our target year on year in our chosen areas and have executed nearly 1.5 million square feet of projects every year. I believe that the love for my profession combined with my commitment to the customer brings winning ways to the table.
  23. 23. Spectrum Consulting Summary of Mechanical Engineer Profile Fostering Experience I have been lucky. I had an education as a Mechanical Engineer and also had the opportunity to practice as a Mechanical Engineer. The initiation began as Hands On engineer. A thorough grounding for the first five years has laid a solid foundation for my career. My stint opened the doors to understanding the expectations of the stakeholders. I was introduced to the rigours of a production environment. The importance of process compliance was dinned in from the early days. The virtues of working in teams, keeping costs down, productivity improvement, value engineering and continuous quality improvement became constant companions in this enriching journey. My journey has taken me far and wide from the early days in Chennai to other parts of the country in Daman and Bhavnagar and later on to Fiji and Saudi Arabia giving me an opportunity to explore diversity and learn the best practices from the denizens across the world.
  24. 24. Spectrum Consulting Summary of Mechanical Engineer Profile Fostering Experience I believe that my evolution as a professional and a person matured with my stint at Tube makers and Roof mart where I had the opportunity to consolidate my skills and expertise. I was responsible for the profitability of the organization and was instrumental in a 250% growth over the five years that I was associated with the organization. I was predominantly involved in two major projects which involved new product development and therefore strategically very significant for the organization. Was responsible from conceptualization to execution where all my knowledge and skills as a Mechanical Engineer was put to test. An ample testimony to my drive and commitment. With a good old fashioned approach to work, armed with demonstrable track record, I look forward to collaborate with individuals who are desirous of utilizing my services.
  25. 25. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Examples of Skills and Expertise
  26. 26. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Examples of Skills and Expertise
  27. 27. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Examples of Skills and Expertise
  28. 28. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Reference SlideShare documents • Spectrum Consulting Social Media Workshop • Maximizing ROI on Social Media • Are you leveraging linkedin adequately? • Endorsements: The hidden perils of your network • LinkedIn for education: An Implementation Aid • Spectrum Consulting Social Media Workshop Participants Feedback • Spectrum Consulting Social Media Workshop Participants Analysis 28
  29. 29. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience Thank you Enquiry: Raghunath Ramaswamy 09840925155 Prasath 09840921431 Jackson 09600596308