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Are you SyncedIn?: Answers for our SyncedIn Contest


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Are you SyncedIn?: Answers for our SyncedIn Contest

  1. 1. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  2. 2. SyncedInA measure of transactional effectiveness at work place Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  3. 3. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  4. 4. A Note • While the questions in the contest are focused on the recruitment process, you will appreciate, that the transactions can be extrapolated to other functions in an organization. • Our effort is to drive home to importance of transacting effectively irrespective of the functions that you perform. • I therefore request professionals from all the other fields to also participate in this competition. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  5. 5. The Business Process : Recruitment The Organization : Recruitment Consultancy OR Recruitment Agency The Players : The Manager, The Recruiter The Stakeholders : Hiring Organization,, Applicant, Recruitment Agency Or Consultancy The Challenge 10 Simple Questions You are the recruiter in the recruitment consultancy or agency, Are you SyncedIn ? Scenario Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  6. 6. 1. Can you kindly ensure that you will henceforth send the resumes to hiring organization with cover sheets*? a) Most of times I send the resume with cover sheets. Only once or twice I have not sent the resumes without the cover sheets. b) Most of the consultants upload the resumes in the portals without sending the cover sheets, this is only going to increase the processing time. c) Point understood, will do the needful. d) The manager does not have his connect with reality. Ultimately results matter. Let me deal with this when we face this situation. * sheets which contain a proper justification of why the resume is suitable for a position
  7. 7. 2. Did you check for feedback with the hiring organization? a) I am waiting for the feedback from the hiring organization. b) I have sent a mail to the hiring organization for the feedback. c) I have not checked for the feedback with the hiring organization. d) Hiring organization is not responding to my calls. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  8. 8. 3. Has the applicant reached the venue? a) She is not picking up my call. b) She has confirmed yesterday that she will be attending the interview today. c) The hiring organization has confirmed that the candidate has reached the venue . d) She is on the way. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  9. 9. 4. How many applicants attended the interview? a) Satish and Shilpa have been selected for the next round b) 20 people have been lined up for the interview c) 20 people have turned up for the interview d) Hiring organization is not reachable e) None of the above Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  10. 10. 5. Has the applicant accepted the offer? a) Offer has already been sent by the hiring organization b) Offer has been received by the applicant c) Applicant will get back to me d) Applicant claims to have sent the acceptance letter to the hiring organization e) None of the above Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  11. 11. 6. Are you sure that the applicant will join? a) She has just entered the building to complete her joining formalities. b) I am sure she will not join. c) I am sure she will join 99%. d) She has resigned her current job and has not got other offers and since she is expected to join the next few days, there is very little chance of her dropping out. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  12. 12. 7. How many resumes will you send to the hiring organization by the end of the day? a) I will send as many resumes as possible by the end of the day . b) I am working on the requirement very seriously. c) There are too many applicants who have received calls from other consultants. d) I am working on pre-existing commitments till about three in the evening. I will have to commence the sourcing activity only after three. It is therefore very difficult for me to commit any numbers. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  13. 13. 8. A requirement at you work is that you plan at the beginning of the day. The organization believes the greater you plan the lesser time you spend in execution. The manager is exasperated that you are not able to fall in line with the expectations of the organization a) Recruitment is a very interrupt driven activity, the manager has a reality disconnect. Planning is an unrealistic proposition. b) I used to spend quite some time planning and begin with ‘n’ number of things. I recognized that ‘m’ number of things would get added and the end of the day the ‘n’ number of things which I planned at the beginning of the day would still remain. I recognized the futility of planning and gave it up. c) As soon as I enter the premises I keep on getting calls, where is the time to plan? d) I recognize the need to plan and seek the help of my manager to cultivate the habit of planning.
  14. 14. 9. A manager reviews a recruiters deliverables for the last one month and is exasperated with her quality of work a) My offers to joining conversion ratio has been very good. Am surprised at his reaction. b) I do not understand this exasperation since I have over achieved my targets. c) The ratio of resumes sourced to resumes shortlisted is alarmingly low. d) Have managed interview schedules very well. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  15. 15. 10. Will you be able to achieve your targets for this month? a) I have quite a number of offers with a reasonable confidence interval of joining. b) I think I will overachieve my targets. c) There is a good possibility. d) My pipeline looks bad, and added to that is a depressed market. I will certainly not be able to achieve my targets. Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  16. 16. Our Record We have been consistently conducting LinkedIn Training Programs since Oct 2012. Our philosophy and approach is reflected in the following documents 16 Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience
  17. 17. Thank You Contact: Raghunath Ramaswamy, 9840925155 Twitter:@RaghuRamaswamy LinkedIn Pub url: 17 Spectrum Consulting Fostering Experience is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation Link to Register: