Turnarounds for process plants/ Industry Services


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Today our activities comprise a variety of multi-technical services that offer you a total solution. like Electricity, instrumentation, piping, process control and automation, and a broad range of engineering and maintenance services are part of this total solution offering.

Job position and Functions of the above services are also described

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Turnarounds for process plants/ Industry Services

  1. 1. Turnarounds for Process Plants / Industry Services Industry Services Industry is the area in which Cofely Fabricom began building on its electro-mechanical expertise more than half a century ago. Today our activities comprise a variety of multi- technical services that offer you a total solution. Electricity, instrumentation, piping, process control and automation, and a broad range of engineering and maintenance services are part of this total solution offering. We handle any project size, from small but complex repair jobs to complete plant revamps. Our goals are always the same: to raise efficiency levels, maximize ROI and provide long-term reliability. As for maintenance, we enjoy an optimized geographical spread of resources in Belgium. This allows us to serve you cost-effectively and in line with your fluctuating production levels Turaround for Process Plants & Equipments JVIC has earned its name by dependably delivering safe, reliable, quality turnaround services – on time, within budget and to world-class safety and productivity standards Critical Path Provider of Choice Turnarounds are among the most demanding undertakings for a process plant – the range of challenges faced on any turnaround is limitless. With JVIC, you get the convenience of having all project details managed by one team of experts, plus the peace of mind that comes from choosing a company with an outstanding reputation for safety, quality, and professionalism at all levels. To find out more about our services and how we can help you, please call us at the office locationnearest you or email us at jvsales@jvic.com. Services • Piping & Specialty Welding • Turn-Key Tower Services
  2. 2. • Mechanical & Exchanger Services • Specialty Services – Bolting & Machining • Automated Weld Overlay • Fabrication Facilities The JVIC Value • Dedicated Management, Supervision and Crafts in each division • 24/7/365 Service Nationwide • Strategic Office Locations to support Regional Projects • World-Class Performance: Safety, Quality and Productivity Piping & Specialty Welding World-Class Welding and Fabrication The JVIC family of industrial companies offers our clients the full range of skills and services necessary to perform any degree of turnaround, maintenance or construction work on their process plant. JV's Piping & Specialty Welding group is the foundation of JVIC – the premier provider of turnaround welding services and shop fabrication available in the industry. The tradition of superior craftsmanship continues. Services • Alloy Specialists, Carbon, Stainless Steel • Large Base of Dedicated Specialty Welders & Piping Crafts • Code Stamps • Automated Weld Overlay • Turn-Key Contracts, Planning & Execution • Capabilities to provide 24-7 field and shop support • Facilities in La Porte & Freeport, TX; Tulsa, OK; Baton Rouge, LA • In-House Crane & Rigging Management & Capabilities
  3. 3. Turn-Key Tower Services Skilled Full-Service Tower Team JVIC's Tower Services group specializes in the modification, maintenance and replacement of towers and tower internals along with all associated process revamp and reconfigurations. JVIC is prepared to handle your welding- intensive projects with our ASME code qualifications. Our Tower team includes dedicated management and crews with the unique skills required for successful, full-service tower projects. Services • Turn-Key Tower Revamp Services • Code Work, Nozzle Repairs, Welded Attachments, Weld Build-Up • Replacement/Installation of Packing, Trays, Distributors, Vapor Horns • Open, Clean, Inspect Added Value • Experienced, Dedicated Tower Group Superintendents, Management, and Crafts • Experienced With All Manufacturer's Tray Types, Packing, and Internal Components • Accustomed to Efficiently Handling Critical Path Work • Resources to Manage Large and Small Turnarounds Mechanical & Exchanger Services Process Equipment Specialists JV Industrial Companies understands the diverse and inter-related requirements of our customers' projects. JVIC's Mechanical & Exchanger group specializes in bolted connections and process equipment assembly. Our technicians, staff and craft are among the most highly qualified and trained in the industry and our state-of-the-art equipment allows JV to provide you with the superior services you demand. Services • Turn-Key Exchanger & Process Equipment Services • Bundle Extraction Equipment & Services; Aerial, Truck-Mount & Crawlers • Shell & Bundle Repairs • Re-rolling of Tubes, Re-tubing, Tube Leaks & Testing • Heat Exchangers, Drums, Vessels, Towers • Dedicated Management, Supervision, Technicians and Crafts
  4. 4. • Experienced Equipment Operators • Specialized Re-Tube Technicians Equipment in Multiple Locations for Nationwide Service Specialty Services – Bolting & Machining Machining and Bolting Services JVIC’s Specialty Services group offers unparalleled skill and experience serving heavy industry. Our skilled, highly- trained machinists are among the most qualified in the industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows JV to provide you with the superior services your business demands. Bolting Services • Bolt Torquing • Stud Tensioning • Nut Splitting • Stud Extractions • Ultrasonic Monitoring Machining Services • Flange Facing • Milling • Drilling & Tapping • In-Line Boring • Pipe Beveling • Dedicated Management, Supervision and Machinists • 5,000 Square Foot Dedicated Machine Shop • On-Site and Shop Machine Capabilities • Customized Machinery and Tools for Special Projects Fabrication Facilities
  5. 5. JVIC meets customer’s specialized fabrication needs for their process units. We offer the highest-quality Piping, Skid & Modular, Specialty Welding and Vessel Fabrication produced in one of our customized fabrication facilities. JVIC has more than 600,000 square feet of fabrication space – strategically located – where we can build and deliver customized solutions for any process need. • Pipe Fabrication • Carbon & Stainless Vessel Shops • Alloy Vessel Shop • Modular Fabrication • Mid-Stream Compression Skids • Speciality Welding & Fabrication • Automated Weld Overlay • Code Stamps Pipe Fabrication Multiple Production Facilities JVIC strengthens it’s commitment to integrated turn key services by adding production ASME code pipe fabrication and module assembly facilities. Our 32,000 square foot pipe shop in Freeport, Texas and 151,000 square foot shop in Skiatook, Oklahoma can collectively produce up to 4,500 carbon and alloy spools per month. High ceilings, large bays, and extensive crane capacity gives our Skiatook shop the versatility to produce truck-able process and pipe rack skids and modules. Additional fabrication facilities in Port Allen, Louisiana and La Porte, Texas specialize in the production of quick turnaround spools for emergency and small capital projects. Features: • "AutoCad" extraction of spool detail sheets from 3D model IDF files • State of the art “Watts CNC” plasma cutting equipment • Bar Coding and electronic spool tracking • Fully integrated electronic document and data storage
  6. 6. • Internet interactive status reporting Freeport JVIC's Freeport facility has multiple facilities to handle piping, vessel, and specialty fabrication. Located on 20+ acres, the Freeport shop has more than 50,000 square feet of space to accommodate carbon, stainless, and alloy fabrication requirements. • Pipe Fabrication • Vessel Fabrication • Pressure vessels o Towers o Drums • Storage vessels o Tanks o Drums • Heat Exchangers o Shell and tube o Finned tube/air condensers o Double Tube o U-Tube • Furnace Modules • Furnace Tubes • Ducts • Filters • Separators • Dryers • Silos • Metallic Pipe Fabrication • Platforms and ladders
  7. 7. • Miscellaneous Structural Steel Catalyst Handling Services JV Industrial Catalyst is a turn-key catalyst handling group that offers complete unloading and loading of all reactors. This premiere service is supported with well designed equipment and a professional staff that is backed by years of experience. JV Industrial Catalyst is led by a dedicated management team that has high expectations for safety, training, and quality. Every job is precisely planned and executed to achieve an end product that leaves a lasting impression with our clients. JV Industrial Catalyst offers consistency, assurance, and a work ethic that is professional, productive, and safe. Services Catalyst Unloading: • High Volume Vacuum • Gravity Dump Catalyst Loading: • Conventional Sock • COP Dense Loading • Specialty Dense Loading IDLH Confine Space Catalyst Multi Deck Screening High Angle Rescue Blind to Blind Services Reactor Tray Installation Reactor Repairs Experience • ULSD • Hydrocrackers • Hydro Treaters • Reformers • Converters • Tubular • Styrene • Driers
  8. 8. • CCR Chemical Cleaning Services JV Industrial Chemical offers innovative solutions to assist in shutdowns, unit decontamination, and online cleaning. Our chemistry is formulated with products that are environmentally friendly and will drastically reduce cleaning time so the equipment is readily available and safe for maintenance work and vessel entry. Combined with decades of experience, JV Industrial Chemical is driven by producing results that affects the bottom line. Our goal is to provide safe and efficient cleaning solutions that will impact your shutdowns where you need it most, “Time". With the right planning, chemicals, equipment, and personnel, we have earned a reputation of turning over units quicker and cleaner. JV's Chemical Enhanced Steam Process (CESP) JV’s Chemical Enhanced Steam Process (CESP) is the newest and most frequently used application method to allow for the quickest possible entry into process equipment. With CESP, proprietary chemistry is injected into the steam during a normal steam out of an individual piece of equipment or entire unit. Steam carries the proprietary chemistry throughout the vessels or unit, contacting all surfaces and providing uniform decontamination of the process equipment. The need for costly temporary circulation pumps and the amount of waste generated are greatly reduced. CESP consistently reduces steam out time by up to 75%. It reduces iron sulfide, benzene and LEL to the same levels as with the circulation process. • Removal of Oil/Hydrocarbons, Gases, LEL, H2S, Benzene, and Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide contaminants/deposits in < 12 hours. • Environmentally friendly products that are non-toxic, neutral pH, Biodegradable, Low COD, No VOC's. Non- flammable, HMIS rating 0, 0, 0 and No Stable Emulsions. • Cuts steam out time by 70%. Easily added to the refinery's normal steam out procedure. • Significant time/cost savings. Mechanical tasks significantly reduced. • Faster, safer entry for personnel after cleaning. • Compatible with all known metallurgies. • Effective solutions for Refinery/Petrochemical cleaning challenges. JV Industrial Chemicals • PrioSol 1000 - is a water based surfactant that emulsifies and demulsifies hydrocarbons without the use of external emulsion breakers. This versatile product has numerous applications in decontaminating hydrocarbon processing units. In a single application, Priosol1000 removes oil, gas, benzene, LEL, H2S, and pyrophoric iron sulfides. • PrioSolve - is an internal cleaner that dissolves heavy hydrocarbon deposits and polymeric deposits on contact! Priosolve dissolves and disperses heavy hydrocarbon sludges, asphalt, heavy lube oils and heavy residues in vessels, heat exchangers, process lines and tanks.
  9. 9. • PrioSol AS - Ammonia and Sulfide Removal. • PriOx - Safe, Strong Oxidation of Sulfides and Mercaptans. The JVIC Value Dedicated Management, Supervision and Crafts in each division 24/7/365 Service Nationwide Strategic Office Locations to support Regional Projects Construction As a single-source industrial contractor JV Industrial Companies (JVIC) provides the convenience and peace of mind that come with working with all of JVIC, the premiere provider of construction, fabrication and turnaround services. When you work with JVIC’s Capital Projects group, all your project details are conveniently and efficiently managed by one team of experts. JVIC’s outstanding reputation for safety, quality, and professionalism at all levels means your construction projects are completed on time and within budget. JVIC Capital Projects group is ready to help with your next construction job. Our construction division has successfully completed several million manhours in capital expansion and grass-roots facilities. Services • Civil/Structural, Piping/General Mechanical and Electrical & Instrumentation • Refining, Chemical, Alternative Fuels, Power Generation, Mid-Stream, Compressor, Pump & Meter Stations, Terminal and Storage, Pulp and Paper • Dedicated Management, Supervision, and Crafts • Successfully completed several million manhours • Extensive, experienced and loyal craft base for all disciplines • EPC Projects Supported with In-House Engineering along with Pipe, Vessel, Structural Steel and Modular Fabrication • Project Planning, Budget Preparation, Scope Development • 750,000+ M/H’s on Single Project with Zero Recordables Piping & Mechanical Services
  10. 10. JV Industrial Construction division provides turnkey general construction services. Experienced project management teams and excellent craftsmen dedicated to safety, quality, schedule and budget ensure client satisfaction. We have completed several million manhours in capital expansion projects and grass-roots facilities. Stand-alone Capabilities JVIC’s Capital Projects group has dedicated, experienced staff, management, supervision and crafts to handle all your piping and mechanical projects, as a stand- alone project or as a part of a general construction, multi-discipline project. Our experienced estimators, project managers, supervision, crews and craftspeople have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to consistently deliver on your project. From a small piping project to a grass-roots unit, JVIC’s construction team can meet your needs. • Piping • Process • Utility • General mechanical • Equipment setting • Pipe & Modular Fabrication • Piping & Mechanical Engineering Support Job Position & Fuctions for Turn arounds /Industry Services HR Generalist
  11. 11. Inside Sales Assistant Sales Engineer Project Engineer Assistant
  12. 12. Field Parts Specialist Project Engineer Project Manager Service Center Manager Technician
  13. 13. Documentation Engineer To participate in the administration and control of documents, coordinate tasks along with the Project Managers Team. Technical Documentation Engineer Industrial / Operations Manager • Manage, control and supervise the activities of the industrial area, related to planning and production control, maintenance, quality control and manufacturing. • Monitor and control strategies for the implementation of production programs, reviewing and recommending the development of techniques, equipment and devices aimed at improved performance, quality and cost of goods manufactured. • Ensure compliance with the production goals within the standards of quality, quantity, cost and time defined by the company. • Manage and coordinate all the company's production process, from receipt of raw - material to finished product quality • Monitor daily production sheets, always aiming at the achievement of goals, identifying bottlenecks and failures. • Develop action plan in order to solve any problems and standard deviations of the production process. • Know where your operation is located within the organization. One should know the goals of production performance: quality, speed, reliability, flexibility and cost. • Establish and maintain appropriate systems for measuring necessary aspects of operational management and development. • Monitor, measure and report on operational issues, opportunities and development plans and accomplishments achieved on schedule and formats defined. • Plan, organize and supervise the activities of production, within the specifications and quality standards established to ensure compliance with the objectives of the company in the commercial area. • Develop procedures and establish guidelines for maintaining the visual factory, when it comes to cleaning, painting, maintenance etc.. In order to keep the place under conditions that provide the best performance of employees and equipment. • Systematically monitor and control production performance through the analysis of management indicators appropriate, proposing plans and actions necessary to ensure compliance with the goals and objectives. • Supervise the activities of material inspection and quality control of raw materials, to ensure compliance with the specifications and quality standards established. • Supervise the activities of storage of finished products to ensure compliance with established specifications.