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Tie ups to fullfill the industry needs


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Tie ups to fullfill the industry needs

  1. 1. Tie ups to Fullfill the Industry Needs 10 Basic Human Needs Sarvodaya has a vision of poverty free world based on the Gandhian values of truth, nonviolence, and service. In such societies basic human rights are upheld and basic human needs are satisfied. People of all ages protect and nurture the natural environment in which we all live. Sarvodaya has identified ten basic human needs that must be satisfied for all individuals in a just society. 1. Clean environment 2. Adequate supply of water 3. Clothing 4. Nutritious food 5. Shelter 6. Health care 7. Communication 8. Fuel and lighting (Energy) 9. Access to education 10. Cultural and spiritual engagement Because all the projects are created and executed for Human Needs. Every need have their Own Industry Like 1. Environmental Industry 2. Water management industry 3. Textile industry 4. Food Processing/Restaurant Industry 5. Infrastructure Industry 6. Health Care industry 7. Communication Indutry 8. Energy Industry 9. Education Industry 10. Travel and Tourism Industry (For cultural and Spiritual)
  2. 2. Tie ups / collaboration /contracts with these Industry sectors It gives complete Utilization and Reduce the cost. For Example Consider Energy for Tie ups, Collaboration and Contracts with Other industry sector. Energy Industry needs other basic needs So Tie ups, Collaboration and Contracts with Other industry sector. Is Important . 1. Clean environment Tie ups with Environmental Sector 2. Adequate supply of water Tie ups with Water Treatment Sector 3. Clothing Tie ups with textile Sector 4. Nutritious food Tie ups with Restaurant Sector 5. Shelter Tie ups with Infrastructure/ Rental Services 6. Health care Tie ups with Health Care Sector 7. Communication Tie ups with Communication sectors 8. Fuel and lighting (Energy) Tie ups with Energy Distribution sectors
  3. 3. 9. Access to education Tie ups with Educational Institution sectors 10. Cultural and spiritual engagement Tie ups with Travel and Tourism for Travel, Holidays and relocation. Advantages It Provide Full Utilization for The Employer and Employee needs. From the particular industry and providing more facilities inside the Organization It Reduces Cost of spending for all other needs It provides Information about latest technology and health plan for the people. Avoid over paid and Shortfall when there is a need. Getting continues Service from the industry and Full Benefits. Avoid dependence of the people. Prepared By: Raghunathan Janarthanan Contact Detail :