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Saving money


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Nowadays saving money is very important due to economic slow down, Inflation and rising cost. So saving money is needed for buying property, healthcare, child education, housing and much more. this information collected from newspaper by raghunathan janarthanan

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Saving money

  1. 1. PREPARED BY :raghunathan
  2. 2.       Learn Cooking, avoid searching hotels for daily foods its hygienic and saving time. Prepare food only for the need Avoid wastage and over eating Concentrate on natural and half boiled foods stuffs like fresh vegetables and fruit salad, juices. Half boiled egg, Corns and beans Prepare Food for travel and work Prepare snacks and dishes for children and elders its good for health and cost effective
  3. 3.       Planting vegetable on the garden Drinking water instead of Cool Drinks its good for health and reduce expenses. Learn Fishing it’s one the good hobbies and very useful Reduce bottle water , Drink boiled and purified water Reduce Eating out , Take food from home for work, travel and educational institution. Take food and water while travelling
  4. 4.      Buying vegetables, fruits and food products from farms, gardens and local market Its fresh and less price. Take more vegetarian and less non vegetarian its good for health and less price. Reduce eating snacks and fast foods, Its good for health and avoid more expenses Buy nutrition's, Hygienic and quality food Buying seasonal vegetables, fruits and food products it will be available in less cost