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Process plants & equipments


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Process plants & equipments

  1. 1. Process Plants & Equipment Pharmaceutical Plants & Equipment Pharma Centrifuge Machine Pharma Peeler Centrifuge Machine Multi Mill Machine Pharma Reactor Vessel Pressure Vessel Vibro Shifter Water For Injection (WFI) Tank SS Piping with Orbital Welding Food Processing Plants & Equipment Pulp Storage Tank Fruit Washer Hot Blancher Thin Film Evaporator Scraped Heat Exchanger Dairy Plants & Equipment Milk Silos Crystallization Tank Butter Trolleys Horizontal Milk Storage Tank Road milk Storage Tank Butter Milk Tank Butter Churner Milk Powder Plants Bulk Milk Cooler Chemical Plants & Equipment Heat Exchangers Centrifugal Machines Bubble Cap Tray Column Hot Air Generator Chemical Process Equipment Chemical Reactor Vessel Mixing Tank with Agitator Chemical Storage Tank
  2. 2. Micro Crystalline Cellulose Powder Plant Micro Crystalline Cellulose Plant Jaggery Plant & Jaggery Powdered Plants Industrial Process Equipment Sugar Centrifugal Machine Evaporation Systems Crystallization Equipment Jaggery Powder Plant Alcohol Plants Alcohol Plants Fuel Ethanol Plants Fuel Alcohol Plants Ethyl Acetate Plants Ethyl Acetate Plants Zero Liquid Discharge Plants Industrial Zero Liquid Discharge Plants Dehydration Process Plants Dehydration Process Plants Distillery Plants Distillery Process Plant Multi Product Distillation System Guar Gum Plants Guar Gum Plants & Machinery Starch Plants Starch Plants Centrifuge Machines Horizontal Peeler Type Centrifuge Machines
  3. 3. Top Discharge Type Centrifuge Machines Bottom Discharge Centrifuge Machines Bag Lifting Top Discharge Centrifuge Machines Peeler Centrifuge Machines Four Point Suspension Centrifuge Machines Industrial Dryers Spray Dryers Continuous Fluid Bed Dryers Paddle Dryers Spin Flash Dryers Flash Dryers Fluid Bed Dryer Batch Type Fluidized Bed Dryers Rotary Dryers Industrial Evaporators Falling Film Evaporators Rising Film Evaporators Forced Circulation Evaporators Agitated Thin Film Evaporators Scraped Surface Evaporator Ribbon Blenders Industrial Ribbon Blenders Ribbon Blade Ribbon Blade In Two Parts Industrial Mixers Cone Screw Mixer (Nauta Mixer) Paddle Mixer Plough Shear Mixer Contra Mixer (Shear Bar Mixer) Reaction Vessels Limpet Coil Reaction Vessels Jacketed Reaction Vessels Jacket Process Vessels Agitator Reaction Vessels
  4. 4. Decanter Vessels Decanter Centrifuge Vessels Industrial Blender Double Cone Blender Conical Blender Conveyors System Screw Conveyors Belt Conveyors Fermentation System Fermentation System Bubble Cap Column Bubble Cap Column Turnkey Project for Grain Based Distilleries Turnkey Project for Grain Based Distilleries Jaggery Jaggery Powder Organic Jaggery Powder Detergent Processing Plant Detergent Processing Plant Industrial Machines and Equipment for various industries such as: Construction Industry Chemical Industry Water Supply Plant Gas Industry Pharmaceutical Industry Ceramics Industry Alcohol Industry Food and Beverages Industry Steel Industry Petrochemical Industry Dairy Industry Mining Industry Textile Industry Glass Industry Biotech Industry Agriculture Industry Liquor Industry Space Heating Industry
  5. 5. Breweries Industries Distillery Industries Sugar Industry Food Processing Industries Air Conditioning Industry Petroleum Refineries Refrigeration Industry Power Plants Industry Petrochemical Plants Industry Natural Gas Processing Industry Power Plants Food & Edible Oil Industry Bio Fuels / Bio Diesel Industry Waste Water Treatment Plants Paint Manufacturing Industry Electrical Industry Water Industry Detergents Industry Fertilizer Industry Dyes Industry Pigments Industry Minerals Industry Starch Industry Phosphates Industry Bagasse Industry Polymer Industry Oil Plants Animal Feed Industry Drugs Industry Refineries Heavy Duty Industry Phenol Formaldehyde Resin Plant Ethanol Plant