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Process industry

  1. 1. Process Industry Elomatic offers customers services for production plant maintenance, plant extension and new investment project management or turnkey deliveries of plant subsystems. Projects can include an all-inclusive delivery of the entire plant project design, procurement and construction site services or separate expert services and products for different design areas according to the customer's needs. In electrical, automation and IT technologies we often operate as turnkey suppliers, in which case in addition to design and applications we can also provide system device installations that are ready for operation. Our goal is always to deliver utomost efficiency, high performance and operational quality for technical investments. Our customer base includes, among others, companies from the food, fine chemicals, construction chemicals, pulp & paper and petrochemical industries. These include companies such as Andritz, Dynea, Forcit, HK Ruokatalo J M Huber, Nordkalk, Raisio and tens of others that are a witness to the great flexibility and know-how that we have in the process industry. Deep domain knowledge in: Food industry: milk, vegetable oil and grain product processing and convenience food production Chemical and aqrochemical industry : Heavy chemicals, petrochemicals and fine chemicals, adhesives, polymers and active ingredients, construction chemicals and products
  2. 2. Steel industry and steel product refining Pulp and paper industry : chemical systems and recovery systems Biomass processing: Grain, lignocellulose and waste processing into chemicals, biochemicals or liquid fuels HVAC design services for industrial and public buildings EPCM integrated service concept including project management, design, procurement, delivery, licensing and construction site supervision services Siemens automation systems as turn-key deliveries Broad in-house engineering scope Process engineering Plant engineering Mechanical engineering Construction engineering HVAC engineering Electrical engineering and Instrumentation Automation system engineering Information system engineering Automation Automation and production automation in particular is a vital element in many of our plant engineering projects. Elomatic has extensive experience in different automation and SCADA technologies and systems. This is complemented by our IT-team, which has experience e.g. in developing production data management and reporting systems. Integration and management of information flows becomes vital when aiming at high quality cost-effective solutions to our customers. We offer a full range of automation engineering and consulting services to various industry segments. Our services include design, installation, start-up and maintenance services as turnkey solutions or, as separate stand-alone service products. Combining our expertise in automation with our expertise in process engineering enables us to offer cost-effective, high quality solutions to our customers and a partnership that spans over the entire life cycle of the investment. Special expertise areas Automation Systems Siemens PCS7 (we are a Siemens Solution Partner) Honeywell and Emerson Delta V Metso DNA Programmable controllers Siemens Simatic, Omron, Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, LabView
  3. 3. SCADA Siemens WinCC, Wonderware InTouch and GE Fanuc iFix Fieldbus systems Industrial Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus DP and PA, Foudation Fieldbus and AS-I, CAN EPCM Services EPCM Services Elomatic offers comprehensive EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) services. We understand that our clients want guarantees that their rebuilt or newly built plants are up and running within the proposed time schedule, operate at the very least at expected levels and produce the maximum return on investment within the shortest possible time frame. Our philosophy is that these demands can only be met when you combine top engineering quality and excellent project management and communication with a desire to be the best. In offering our comprehensive EPCM services, our most important goal is ensuring our clients’ peace of mind. Choosing Elomatic as your EPCM provider means that you immediately have the benefit of 40 years’ of engineering and project management experience at your disposal. By ensuring that the design work and planning is of the highest quality and implemented efficiently, we are able to ensure not only successful project implementation, but a product that remains a value generating asset throughout its entire life-cycle. Elomatic’s proven track record of delivering EPCM services on a wide range of demanding projects speaks for itself. Combining Elomatic’s EPCM services with our clients’ production expertise makes for a winning team. Full service scope - One-stop shopping: Process Mechanical Piping & Stress Civil Engineering Electrical and Instrumentation Automation Procurement Planning Cost engineering & cost control QA & QC Permits & Legal Safety, Environmental
  4. 4. Project Management Construction management Project Management: Definition of goals and milestones Project work breakdown structure Resource and time schedule planning Execution supervision and reporting Design: Concept, basic and detailed design Extensive know-how in several design areas Modern tools and 40 years’ experience Procurement: Project materials, equipment and services Tender materials, competitive bidding, tender comparison and evaluation Support in negotiations and contracting Construction Management: Construction site services Construction site supervision EPCM service benefits One partner takes care of entire project Allows customer focus on core competencies Thorough project planning ensures operational and scheduling goals are met, minimized lead times Systematic monitoring keeps project within cost budget Efficient & coordinated procurement reduces costs Facilitates cost efficient use and maintenance Life cycle approach incorporated in all project phases Plant information compatible and easily reusa-ble for future revamp projects Supporting your success during operation To support our customers, on top of consulting and engineering and throughout the site life cycle, we offer a set of targeted professional services to enhance our customers’ productivity, safety and information management.
  5. 5. List of Life cycle services Throughout investment projects EPCM services Technical and/or economical feasibility studies Conceptual, basic and detailed design Project management services Procurement services Site management services Commissioning and starT-up services Laser Scanning Panoramic imaging Visualization Productivity enhancement services Energy efficiency audits and analysis Carbon footprint audits and analysis Production flow simulations and debottlenecking OEE and MES systems Process measurements Process and CFD simulations Process and production troubleshooting Safety enhancement services Risk evaluations Rescue Planning ATEX services CE marking Validation Usability services Information management services Elodoc - document management system and services Elomap – interactive browser based tool for sites, facilities and offices NetInfo – dedicated tool for district heating network data management