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Innovative system implementation


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Published in: Business
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Innovative system implementation

  1. 1. Innovative System Implementation Created By: Raghunathan Janarthanan
  2. 2. Innovative Systems in  Business activities  Engineering disciplines  Departmental team activities  Important technical events  Technical information of importance etc
  3. 3. Business activities Implementation of  Global Engineering Support Projects (Plant Engineering & Design Software Support- for Design Office /Fabrication Shop/QC/Site/Operation/Maintenance)  Reverse Engineering Projects (Plant Design Reverse Engineering Projects & 3D Scan)  Emerging Energy Projects (Shale gas, Renewable Energy & Smart Energy)  Recruitment Services (Like our Training Services) (For recruiting excellent people to our wide range of projects, Services, Divisions & worldwide offices)
  4. 4. Engineering disciplines Implementation of  Technical Support Team (Updates, Specification, Document Status, Design tools)  Management Information System - MIS (Status – Project, Area, Activity, Individual for tracking)  Advance Working System -AWS (Flexible Work timing- weekly 40 hrs / monthly 160 hrs, Work from Home, Work Slot Booking for Utilizing Design tools )  Research & Development Team (Innovation, Process development, System Implementation)
  5. 5. Departmental team activities  Work allocation in MIS  Update Daily work Status in MIS  Coordinate with Technical Support Team  Follow Work Process Document  Follow Global Standard Design Document  Coordinate with Research & Develop Team  Utilize Advance Working System  Utilize Important Technical Events
  6. 6. Important Technical events Implementation of  Global Trips for technical Discussion  Seminars of Design experts  Introduction Session for Newly Joined about Project, Organization and Folks  New System Implementation Session, Project Updates, Design Document, Work Process Document Update Session  Client office visit for Onsite coordination.
  7. 7. Technical information of importance Implementation of  Work Process Document (Defining roles & responsibilities, Work Procedures, Activities, Methods, Systems, Design Tools work procedures)  Global Standard Design Document (Updated Design Document for Plant design Engineering and Construction)
  8. 8. THANK YOU Raghunathan Janarthanan