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Dsm soft engineeringbrochure

  1. 1. Page 1 of 9 Engineering Services www.dsmsoft.com DSM Softis a leading provider of services in the Engineering, Geospatial and Publishing domains for private and public sector organizations globally. Started in 1991, DSM Soft has grown to be a global organization with over 600 employees. Over the years, the group has grown consistently and carved a niche for itself as a high quality and cost effective service provider. Since its inception, DSM Soft has been focusing on delivering high-quality services within budget and on time. This has helped the company earn a good reputation and forge long term relationships with its customers.The company has grown both organically and by acquisitions. DSM Soft has production centers in Chennai, Tiruchirapalli & Pondicherry (India) and office in Bo'ness(UK). Backed by professional management, an efficient team of specialists, best business and employee-friendly HR DSM Soft has a solid track record of delivering value added services to its clients. In addition to working directly with end customers, DSM also works through business partners in several regions of the world who have strong technical expertise and access to the local markets. DSM Soft’s technical expertise and world class production capabilities complement the partner’s. With changing market needs and technologies, DSM is committed to policies of investments and innovation within the company, to refine and enhance the services we offer to our clients. About DSM practices,
  2. 2. www.dsmsoft.com Page 2 of 9 Services offered Mechanical Structural Detailing > Legacy Data Migration > Product Design Automation > Reverse Engineering > Value Engineering > Finite Element Analysis > 3D/2D Animation & Multimedia > 3D Models > Advance bill of materials (ABM) > Fabrication drawings > Erection drawings > Field and shop bolt list > Fabtrol reports > CNC files Industries served > Automotive > Aerospace > Flow Control > Ship building & Marine > Gearbox > Agriculture > Auto-Electrical > Process > CNC & SPM > Medical equipments > Material Handling Equipments Engineering Services DSM has 17 years of experience in engineering services. We have a team of highly skilled professionals experienced in various engineering domains and leading high-end CAD software. Our teams constantly aim to enhance the com- petitiveness of our customers by creating business impact in terms of speed to market, reducing cost and optimizing resources. DSM has served a number of engineering companies for their design needs. By choosing to work with DSM, our clients are able to achieve clear benefits. DSM has helped its customers achieve quick turn around time for their design requirements. This also helps our customers to concentrate on their core business activities. DSM is well equipped with a team of software professionals to support design automation projects. Our creative team is capable of undertaking industrial product design/animation projects using the latest techniques. DSM with its combined strength of human resources, mature process, methodologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure provides excellent value.
  3. 3. www.dsmsoft.com Page 3 of 9 Design Automation services involves capturing the design Intent and using it for automating the routine design and drafting work of standard parts, assemblies of similar designs, variants of a design and so on. DSM Soft has considerable experience in offering this service to many customers. With a well complementing software team, DSM helps to > Reduce design cycle time > Reduce cost > Minimize the errors > Avoid repeatitive activities > Bring flexibility to design DSM has successfully delivered design solution for Gear Box, Flow Control Valves, Auto electrical part industries. This is done by combining CAD applications with scripting tools (VB/JAVA), Databases (Access), web publishing tools (XML & HTML) and interfaces (web browsers). Product Design Automation Engineering Services Legacy Data Migration DSM Soft has expertise in migrating non-parametric legacy data/drawings/images to parametric 3D models. Legacy data (manual drawings/images/sketches) in hard or soft copy form, in bulk quantities pose a problem for easy maintenance and retrieval. We provide a customized service for migration/conversion to a digital format in accordance with clients standards or specific national standards. The output of legacy Data Migration is a 3D Solid/Surface model and 2D drawings in any of the widely used Mechanical CAD software. We possess a dynamic team with significant experience in legacy data migration for industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, heavy equipments, special purpose machinery, agriculture, flow control, auto electrical and medical equipments etc. DSM performs the legacy data migration services in accordance with client specification which typically includes Fits & Tolerance, Geometric Dimensional & Tolerance, surface finish, material specifications and engineering notes. Mechanical
  4. 4. www.dsmsoft.com Page 4 of 9 DSM provides the following reverse engineering services: > CMM and other metrology services > 3D Laser Scanning > Conversion of measured data into 3D models and 2D detailing > Value engineering on existing products The process of reverse engineering involves the measurement of components using a wide variety of measuring devices. DSM has access to a 7-axis portable Ferro arm laser scanner for measuring components of high complexity. For other components, based on the level of complexity, DSM uses one (or) more of the following devices such as CMM, profile projector, height gauges, bore micrometer, internal and external micrometers, bevel protractors and thread gauges. The measurements thus derived are used to create 3D models and 2D drawings using industry standard mechanical CAD software. The choice of the software is dependent on end users requirement. DSM Soft has very good experience on Reverse Engineering activities. From measurement of components to creation of production drawings, all the activities are carried out in a precise manner to ensure the best possible accuracy of the product. Through this service, DSM aids its client in modifying their existing product design to suit new requirements and standards. We have served for various industries like automotive, consumer goods, plumbing & fittings and special purpose equipments. DSM has expertise in providing value-engineering services for its clients. Value engineering seeks optimum value by balancing performance and cost. An inadequate performance of a product at very low cost will not yield good value, if it does not meet the functionality. Hence DSM improves the value by eliminating unwanted weight, shape and on the whole optimize the product. Existing products can be value engineered for better performance, aesthetic representation and cost reduction. DSM uses techniques such as reverse engineering, CAD and Finite Element Analysis to arrive optimal design. Value Engineering Engineering Services Reverse EngineeringMechanical
  5. 5. www.dsmsoft.com Page 5 of 9 DSM Soft offers animation services to various type of industries. Industrial components are animated to understand the motion mechanism, assembly & dismantling sequences and to study the interferences between the parts. Animation involves rendering of images/videos of the interior & exterior of a structure, creation of walkthroughs for the structure and 2D image processing. Process flow simulations are done using 2D animation. The animation can be extended to any domain & industry type. The requirement varies considerably from customer to customer. To bring out the realistic visualization effects, latest tools and plug-ins are used. DSM Soft offers various graphics and multimedia services like > Web designing > Logo & Banner designing > Corporate brochure designing > Corporate presentation > 3D Modeling, Animation & Architectural Walkthroughs in 2D & 3D 3D/2D Animation & Multimedia Engineering Services DSM has expertise in leading analysis software packages. We deliver high-value design analysis services across industry verticals. Some of the examples include > Structural Analysis - Linear/Non-linear > Static/Dynamic Analysis > Modal & Frequency Analysis > Thermal Analysis -Steady state /Transient > Design optimisation Analysis > CFD - internal/external flow Analysis We assist our customers to develop products that are reliable and enhance the performance of existing products. Based on the outcome of the analysis, design modification is carried out to enhance the product/component performance. Finite Element Analysis (FEA)Mechanical
  6. 6. www.dsmsoft.com Software Resources Page 6 of 9 Engineering Services MCAD Training DSM has designed unique MCAD (Mechanical CAD) training courses to produce highly skilled CAD professionals. The training focuses on use of 3D parametric modelling software in a project oriented environment. It also emphasis on industrial standards deployed in creating parts, drawings and assemblies. DSM offers training in the following MCAD softwares, > Pro/ENGINEER > SolidWorks > Unigraphics NX CAD CAE > ANSYS > Hyper Mesh > COSMOS FloWorks > SolidWorks Simulation Professional Graphics & Multimedia > Adobe Photoshop > Adobe Flash > Adobe Dreamweaver > Adobe Illustrator > HTML/XHTML/CSS > Pro/E > I-DEAS > SolidWorks > Unigraphics > Inventor > CATIA > Solid Edge > AutoCAD > Microstation > Cocreate > Tekla Structures DSM possess experts in the following softwares,
  7. 7. www.dsmsoft.com Page 7 of 9 Engineering Services DSM possess a dedicated team to support its customers in Structural detailing services. We are capable of handling projects in architectural buildings, industrial & technological structures. DSM generates fabrication and erection drawings from master contract drawings, within stipulated time frame. Our structural detailing deliverables include, > 3D Models > Advance bill of materials (ABM) > Fabrication drawings > Erection drawings > Field and shop bolt list > Fabtrol reports > CNC files Structural Detailing
  8. 8. www.dsmsoft.com Quality standards The Quality Department usually deploy 2 stages of Quality Assurance activities as below. • External Quality Check (EQC) - EQC team would inspect the files completed from execution. This team is not a part of production activity. • Pre Dispatch Inspection (PDI) - This process ensures the quality of final output to be delivered to the client. PDI inspection of the output shall be executed based on the predefined sampling plan and acceptance criteria (SPAC). DSM shall establish a sampling plan and acceptance criteria in conjunction with the client. Page 8 of 9 Engineering Services Over the years, DSM has developed a set of standard quality assurance tools specifically for Engineering Services projects. DSM has achieved ISO9001:2000 accreditation and can provide copies of certificates if required or alternatively they can be viewed on our web site (www.dsmsoft.com) DSM has built quality into each and every stage of the production line. For all projects, quality control checks are built into the production flow line and data flow is controlled to ensure that all data is correct, before it can proceed to the next stage of the flow line. For every project, a complete execution methodology and quality plan is compiled. This document is a living document that resides on the company intranet (MilkyWay). All stages of projects are logged automatically on the MilkyWay and constantly monitored by the project manager. This document is available for all engineers involved in a particular project to view at any time and make suggestions for improvement & refinements to the methodology. Our quality checking processes are specifically designed to eliminate errors in the final data supplied to the client. IT Infrastructure We have a dedicated IT department responsible for the maintenance and support of all IT infrastructure throughout the corporation. We are equipped with VM WARE, EMC CX 300 & HP EVAH 4000 SAN storages servers. For network protection, we have PIX & SONIC WALL appliances and for Data backup we possess LTO4/LTO3 Aude loaders/Tape libraries.
  9. 9. www.dsmsoft.com Page 9 of 9 DSM Soft (P) Ltd., 37A, Narayana Complex, Sarathy Nagar, Velachery, Chennai 600 042 India. Tel : +91-044-42131339 Email : info@dsmsoft.com Contact Us DSM Soft (P) Ltd., No.9, 15th Cross Street, Shastri Nagar, Adyar, Chennai 600 020, India. Tel : +91-44-2491 3878, 2490 3763, 2490 3764 Fax : +91-44-2491 0847 Email : info@dsmsoft.com DSM Geodata Limited 3 Hope Street, Bo'ness West Lothian EH51 0AA Scotland. Tel: +44 (0) 1506 518 000 Fax: +44 (0) 1506 517 777 Email : info@dsmgeodata.com Registered Office India UK