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Sip christ university


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Sip christ university

  1. 1. @ Christ University Institute Of Management3/11/2013
  2. 2. *Contents Session I Session II• Process Definition • Roles and Responsibilities• Internship Video • Etiquettes• Benefits • What can I expect during Internship• How to get an internship • How to make most of my internship.• Objectives of Internship • What do you need to know about internship.• Types of Internship Program • What does corporates expect from an intern.• Areas for Specialization • Learning beyond your internship role.• Basic Interview skills • What makes you an outstanding intern.• How to address an Interview • Steps in completing an internship program.• Preparations for Internship • What to include to make my project• Guidelines for selection attractive.• Getting an Internship • Guidelines to follow during internship project• Resource Materials • Guidelines in drafting the project report• Criteria for selection @ Corporates • Suggestions• Selecting a good project• Companies to select for the project.• Methodology• Tips for successful internship• Probable topics for internship
  3. 3. * Process Definition of Internship assignment Limited Duration – 10 – 40 hrs / week ( 2 weeks – 6 weeks) Structured, Academic Score supervised work experience On the Job SIP Training – Short Research Sharpen industry knowledge Practical exposure – Relevant Transformation of Experience academic knowledge into skillful usage. Understanding corporate policies and tools
  4. 4. *Internship What is an Internship ?
  5. 5. *Benefits Work Avail facilities Experience – Library, Edge in the Transportatio Job Market n, Cafteria, Entertainment Mentoring and coaching by Transition seasoned into a job professionals SIP Pre- Understand placement ing of offers for decision outstanding making interns. Enable you to Networking gain Opportuniti confidence es Boost leaning curve
  6. 6. *How to get an Internship Ingredients of Internship
  7. 7. *Objectives of Internshipopportunity to test your aptitude / interest in a particular career beforepermanent commitments are made.Help in developing skills in the application of theory to practical worksituations. Helps in acquiring In-depth knowledge of the formal functionalactivities of a participating organization.opportunity to develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonalrelationships. opportunity to understand informal organizationalinterrelationships.
  8. 8. *Objectives of InternshipHelps you to be prepared to enter into full-time employment in their areaof specialization upon graduation.Helps you to develop employment records/references that will enhanceemployment opportunities.
  9. 9. * Types of Internship Program Paid Vs Unpaid Part time Vs Full time Work Experience Internship Research Internship Virtual Internship
  10. 10. *Areas for specialization Staffing L&D C&B Human Resources OD, EE Change Mgmt
  11. 11. *Basic Interview Skills How do I face the Interview ?
  12. 12. * How to address an Interview Tell me about yourself – Good Answer VS Bad Answer.
  13. 13. * Preparations for Internship Interview Obtain a request letter from the college / department Prepare your profile Apply for Internship Groom for the interview Develop your Presentation and Soft skills Research about the companies you are likely go get selected Learn about the Industry / Products / Nature of work / Technology involved Be clear of the methodology and duration of the project. Scan your academic certificates which you may have to submit.
  14. 14. *Guidelines for selecting a topic Choose a Subject which is easy to understand. Easy to collate data and easy to analyze. Easy to understand the process. Write an effective project report.God gave you a mind to think with & a heart to love with, marry them together &make a difference in this world.
  15. 15. *How to prepare an Resume Start your Resume Strong Personal Details / Background Education and Address Target your resume What is your objective for seeking an Certifications Internship Use concise language in your resume Avoid jargons Grammar Proof Read your resume Grammatical Error Formatting / Alignment
  16. 16. *How to prepare an Resume Maintain your honesty and integrity Scholastic performances Don’t Lie Highlight your Personal and Professional Goals and Objectives What do you want to achieve from this What is your Vision internship Quantify your Success & Achievements Indicate your abilities Highlight Achievements in your college life Conclusion References Disclaimer with Date
  17. 17. *Getting an InternshipHow to get an Internship ?
  18. 18. * Resource Materials
  19. 19. *Criteria for Selection @ Corporates Active Student Flexible & Punctual Participation about project timings. Minimum Credit rating Track record of according to company Achievement in norms extracurricular activities Excellent Oral and Leadership & Team work Written Communication skills Skills Out of box thinker
  20. 20. * Selection of Internship Program Duration Suitable Topic Development Project Guide Training Implementation
  21. 21. * Companies to select for Internship Program Knowledge Labor Intensive Process Oriented Oriented• Manufacturing • Education • Information• Healthcare • Not for Profit Technology• FMCG Organizations • IT enabled• Retail • Consulting Services• ITES organizations • Media & • Banking & Entertainment• Engineering Insurance • Training• Infrastructure • KPO, LPO, • Staffing Medical • Hospitality transcription • Advertising • Tourism
  22. 22. * Methodology in completing the project Design the Project Define the Project Analysis – Hypothesis Satisfaction survey Suggest global trends Improvements in the current scenario
  23. 23. * Tips for successful internship Plan and Prepare – Prepare a broad framework how you would like to complete the project and what assistance you require to complete them within the targeted time line. Orient your selves on the products and services of the organization so that you are well acquainted before you start working on the project. Supervise – Request for a supervisor with whose assistance you can complete the project. Include and Enrich – Seek more assistance in terms of participating in the meeting and participating in the presentations so that you gain product and process knowledge."All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney
  24. 24. * Challenge and Use – You can assist your project guide / the team in basic activities which you are familiar so that you can break the ice and extract more information and help on your project. Mentor – Request for mentorship during your project from your project guide or any one who has been assigned with the task in lieu of your project guide. It helps you to connect and network with the concerned. Feedback – Seek feedback from your corporate guide from time to time to understand if you are proceeding in the right path.
  25. 25. * Tips for successful internship Follow-up : Keep in touch with your Project guide and Academic guide for any help / assistance that you may need during the course of internship Support – On completion of the project, you can insist on a reference letter from the project guide which lists the strengths and accomplishments as an intern. Discuss with your project guide about the job search strategies that might help him or her break into your field. Have Fun – Enjoy interacting with your colleagues and imbibe the corporate culture which will help you to absorb them when you get into the corporate job.Its not about having the skill to do something. Its about having the will, desire &commitment to be your best. -Robert Hernandez
  26. 26. * Probable TopicsRecruitment / Staffing • Hiring best practices in the industry and its implications • Employment scenario and Human Resource strategies • Best practices to handle Talent Management and curb attrition • Usage of Assessment tools and effective hiring patterns • Effectiveness of e-Recruitment Vs offline recruitment activities • Building effective recruitment tool kit for recruiters • Impact of contract staffing vs permanent staffing • Building high resilient staffing culture
  27. 27. *Probable TopicsBest C&B Practice and its impact on the present economic conditionsEfficient Compensation structure in reducing the tax burdenPerformance Management and its impact on C&B structureTrends in global compensation structure and its impact.Challenges in handling diversified compensation structure
  28. 28. *Probable TopicsOrganizational Development OD interventions in building Organizational Culture Change Management and communications Emerging trends in Organizational Development Managing Organizational Design and Culture Change Organizational Development in harnessing business alliances Facilitating Change Management using OD Interventions Enhancing employee engagement thru Competency Mapping
  29. 29. *Probable TopicsEmployee Engagement Enhancing Employee Engagement Employee Engagement in the public Sector Role of Engaging the Leadership Team Employee Engagement Vs Employee Attrition Engaging employees in 360 degree feedback Enhancing quality of employee engagement thru Work Life Balance
  30. 30. *Probable TopicsLearning & Development Training Need Analysis and its effectiveness Effective Leadership Development in Organizations Effectiveness of e-Learning and enhancement in productivity Impact of On the Job Training and increase in efficiency Learning and Development in global scenario
  31. 31. @ Christ University Institute Of Management3/11/2013
  32. 32. *Roles & Responsibilities Apply for internship Conduct in Professional Manner Adhere to the companies policies about internship Follow regular attendance Take care of the assets and properties given to you Ensure that you do not deviate from the internship policies Maintain the project log book and record each activity
  33. 33. *Roles & Responsibilities Convert all the project hard record to soft records. Always take approval from your corporate guide before handling any task. Keep your academic guide and the corporate guide in the same loop. Always conduct meetings after consulting your corporate guide Always conduct the relevant research and share the data with the corporate guide before publishing it On Completion of the project, print 2 copies of the project which is legible for reference. Obtain necessary completion letter from the corporate guide and have it affixed in the project report.
  34. 34. *Etiquettes Follow the chain of Respect the support Respect confidentiality command staff• It is important for you • You can talk about • They have been there to know the formal issues, projects, and longer than you, and and informal reporting the work environment, they know more than structures within your but refrain from you. They can be organization. Once you talking about people. terrific allies in understand them, Gossip can get back to helping you break in, follow them! The people and wind up helping you understand unspoken rule is this: hurting you. Dont be the unspoken rules, do not go around, hurt if you are left out and helping you behind or over anyone. of certain discussions - accomplish your goals Follow the chain of some issues are for if you treat them with command in all your staff ears and eyes the respect they are communications and only. Finally, dont take due. Wipe the thought actions. That means go sides; steer clear of "just a secretary" out to your site supervisor interoffice politics. of your mind. first. Remember that you Remember this: are there to work on without support staff, your project. the organization would not run.
  35. 35. *Etiquettes Attendance and Learn to make a positive Learn basic social skills promptness are expected first impression •How you handle hellos, •Tardiness and absenteeism •Practice until you acquire a good-byes, and basic signal a disrespect for firm handshake. Learn how courtesies of speech and others time, a lack of to make introductions and action can win friends or interest in the work. how to introduce yourself turn people off. For Promptness signals to those you dont know. Be example, dont sit down in eagerness, responsibility, friendly, smile and extend someones office until you respect for others. At the yourself. These are all are invited to do so. Keep beginning of the day and at parts of those important your feet off the furniture. all your meetings, be on first impressions which Hats off inside! Dont chew time or five minutes early. really can earn you points. gum. In the dining hall, you As for being absent from Picture this: the Executive can get away with reaching work, serious illness or Director of your across someone for the salt family emergencies are the organization is coming or pushing your plate out of only reasons which may down the hall toward you. the way when you are justify absence. It is You are alone. She is a through. In the work world, important to call valuable person to know. you lose points. immediately and speak Are you ready to introduce directly with your site yourself? supervisor if you have a problem which will keep you from your internship.Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The suns rays do not burn untilbrought to a focus. - Alexander Graham Bell
  36. 36. *Etiquettes Dress the part Lose the lingo Be a good ambassador•Yes, this is important! When •"Hey, cool!" might be a •Be cognizant that you you walk in the door of your natural expression of reflect the institution. How internship site, even if it is affirmation on campus. In you perform and behave in on campus, you are no your internship, it will tell your internship will affect longer a student. We people that you are not yet the future of other interns. repeat: you are no longer a professional material. student. Appropriate attire Listen to the language of •Think about the long-term is different for every those around you, listen to benefits of good internship organization. Look around your own language, and etiquette. Many of you will you. What are others speak as a professional. ask your site supervisors for wearing? What about their job recommendations or hair styles? What kind of contacts. Some of you will accessories are the norm, apply for full-time or including earrings for men? summer jobs at your Model your dress and internship site. Have you grooming after that of your proven that you can make it supervisor and other in that type of professional staff, and you environment? Have you cannot go wrong. earned a positive recommendation? What you do today can stick with you for a long time. Make it count!We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation." -Jim Rohn
  37. 37. *What can I expect during Internship Surprises Astonishing Waiting Facts Period Expectations Amazing Disappoint Moments ments
  38. 38. * How to make most of your internship Show enthusiasm in handling the First Impression is the best Overcome the challenges you task, so that you can learn from impression – Internship Interview come across during Internship. it . Focus on the project and do not Pay attention to the office Gain trust from your corporate share the project details with culture. Be punctual and guide and his team that you can any one unless permitted by honest. assist them your corporate guide. Communicate what is required. Consider the project assigned to Please ask for feedback once Observe your colleagues / team you seriously and analyze how to after you complete the specified members and imbibe their style successfully complete with all steps of your project. of working. the necessary details. Do not over dress yourself, Greet people you come across follow the dress code and and acknowledge their help. mannerism in the office.
  39. 39. * What you need to know about internship Orientation to the internship • The organization ( Mission, Overview of the organization, department, your role etc.) • The office ( Co-workers and their roles, dress code, attendance, workstation etc.) • Operations ( Communications, computer usage policy, meetings, key employment policy etc.) • Your specific role ( daily task, projects, timeline, skills needed, training provided, ways to access information etc.) • Functioning ( Supervision, Feedback, problem resolution, boundaries etc.)
  40. 40. * Expectation from an Intern.Conduct yourselves in a professional mannerBe Punctual, honest, ethical, high integrity.Dress Appropriately. Follow Dress Code.Display the identity cardsFollow the attendance policy.Express positive attitude to learn things.
  41. 41. * Expectation from an Intern. Take initiative. Tackle new challenges and learning opportunities. Do not over commit. Ask for assistance from your project guide / academic guide. Keep them informed about your project progress. Meet the project deadlines. If unachievable, discuss with your project guide immediately. Respect your co-workers and employees in the organization Be Cooperative, flexible and accommodative of the changes. Be attentive and be a keen listener and observer. Discuss the problems and address it quickly. Do not hesitate to contact your project guide to share the information.
  42. 42. * Learning beyond your Internship role Leadership Styles Organizational Structure & Organizational Behavior of Co-workers Work culture - ( Do not participate in politics Professional and Personal ethics to conduct Formal and informal communication. Managing deadlines, work performance , stress and conflicts Organizational policies, templates, procedures, measurement.
  43. 43. * What makes you an outstanding Intern. Communication Skills – Written / Verbal Positive Attitude – Willingness, Perseverance, Enthusiasm Specialization – Clear Focus, Strong Interest, Research Methodology Autonomy – Less supervision, Independent, Analysis Interpersonal Skills / Team work – Influence, Respond, Network Technical Knowledge – Statistical Analysis, Research oriented Work Ethics – Responsible, Reliable , Dependable Continuous Learning – Quick learner, Understands the feedback Business Savvy – Understand Constraints, Practical application
  44. 44. * What makes you an outstanding Intern. Flexibility – Open Minded, Flexible, Accepts and applies changes Quality – High Quality Work, timely completion , Attention 2 detail. Organized – Project Management Skills , Multi-tasking Problem Solving / Creative – Analytical , Logical Thinking Professionalism – Maturity, Diplomatic, Cleanliness Experienced – External Consulting, Judgement Intelligent – Emotional Intelligence, Smart Generate Ideas – Outstanding, Process Improvement Customer Focus – Alternative suggestion, Deep thinking
  45. 45. * Steps in completing an internship program Research & Discover Summarize & Internship Plan & Feedback Program Design Evaluate & Network
  46. 46. * What to include to make my project effective Define the Project and its Scope Effective Business case studies Identify the survey style and define metrics Include quotes, process definition, case studies, industry best practices where ever it is required. Research & Develop the subject with your recommendations Summarize the findings of your project and document it. Before submission, explain and obtain permission to submit the thesis.
  47. 47. * Guidelines to follow during internship project • Be PunctualAttenda • Keep your kit updated always nce • Keep a pad handy during all your meetings.Stationa • Equip with multiple color ink pen so that your notes are made and highlighted ries • Greet every one you come acrossMeeting • Be specific and question them to the point • Report to the designated project guide of all the developments you come across during the project.Supervis ion • Maintain confidentiality and avoid breach of Non Disclosure Agreement if signed. • Research and conduct offline / online surveys with the target audience. Method • Document the findings and submit it for review ology • Acknowledge all the resources contributed for the success of the project.Submiss • Analyze and share your experiences with the project team about the internship and its learnings ion • Share the project report to the library for future references "There is no substitute for hard work." - Thomas Edison
  48. 48. * Guidelines to Drafting the Project report Brief description of the Industry - Briefly describe the background of the industry and organization you were associated with during the internship. Include the short-run and long- run outlook for this type of organization and the possibilities of future positions for college graduates with this organization and other organizations in the same field. Briefly describe the major areas for which you were responsible during your internship. Review the detailed list of objectives if it has been achieved as per Project guidelines. Examine and discuss how each objective was or was not met. This review should be extensive and represent at least 50 percent of the project. Relate your internship experience to your program outcomes. You only need to write about those program outcomes that you actually accomplished during your internship. - Use Graphical representations / Charts about the findings
  49. 49. * Guidelines to Drafting the Project report Feedback that you have received during your survey Document the project report with clear indications of the findings in the project. Use the questionnaire sample for description Please ask your friends to review the writings if you have completed the project as a team. Please run the project report through the corporate guide and academic guide for clearance for printing Ensure your project report contains industry printing standards and fonts. It should be legible.
  50. 50. * Guidelines to Drafting the Project report Ensure that you have acknowledged all the concerned responsible for successful project completion. List down the resource references / share credit in the project report Print the project report with legible fonts as per industry standards ( Calibre) and get it bounded for submission Submit 2 copies 1 – Corporate Guide and 2 – College library for future reference. Understand each and every portion of your project and explain thoroughly the significance of the project to the interview panel for your credit
  51. 51. * Suggestions Suggestions Be Calm and Composed Be Punctual Do not Hurry in completing your project Be Flexible and accommodative Be Open to take up any specialization Do Home work about the company – First Impression is the best impression Keep your Project Guide and Academic Guide informed
  52. 52. svraghunandan@gmail.com