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Academic advising @ sfcc


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Academic advising @ sfcc

  1. 1. Academic Advising @ State Fair Community College Fall 2012
  2. 2. Academic Advising @ SFCC- Register and find classes at the beginning of every semester (Fall, Spring and Summer)- according to your degree requirements (Mystar- Student tab- Look up classes)Fall 2012 (various classes)Aug 8th: First 8 week and16 weekSept 18th: 12 week classes beginOct 12th: First 8 week endOct 15th: Second 8 week classes beginDec 14th: Second 8 , 12 and 16 week end
  3. 3. Academic Advising @ SFCCHelp change your schedule (add or drop class)before the semester beginsLast day to drop with a 100% refund- Aug 24th last day to drop a class with a 100% refund (first 8 week and 16 week)- Sept 24th last day to drop a class with a 100% refund (12 week)- Oct 26th last day to drop a class with a 100% refund (second 8 week)
  4. 4. Academic Advising @ SFCCLast day to drop with a ‘W’Oct 2nd: First 8 week classesNov 13th: Second 8 week classes, 12 week and 16week classes-Degree Evaluation-Help you choose a major or a degree that mightwork best with your aspirations (AA, AAS or askills certificate/ professional certificate program)
  5. 5. Academic Advising @ SFCC- Change of address or Emergency Contact Information (Mystuff)- Change of major- Ready to Graduate- Importance of Payment Plan (every semester)- Financial Aid Appeal- To check Transfer equivalencies from other colleges to SFCC
  6. 6. Academic Advising @ SFCC- If you are interested in a particular class, come and talk to us, not only we would be able to give you a class description, but also tell you if that class would add to your degree program (EXAMPLE: Computer Skills for College)- Difference between Faculty Advisor and ARC Advisor (dangers of self-advising)- Degree Plan (4 to 6 semesters)- New Programs at SFCC- Contact Advising and Resource Center (ARC) at (660) 530-5831,,