Center for Catholic Studies Communications Plan Working Proposal


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Center for Catholic Studies Communications Plan Working Proposal

  1. 1. Catholic Studies Communications Plan Working Document Summer 2013
  2. 2. Situation Analysis • The first “Catholic Studies” program and considered an authority in Catholic mission and identity in Catholic Universities and Colleges in the U.S. and world. • Offers an undergraduate major and minor, a master’s degree, a joint-degree with the School of Law and a study- abroad program in Rome. • The center is a leader in Catholic Intellectual conversations with it quarterly journal, Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture, since 1997. • Perspectives is the communications channel that communicates the vitality of the Center for Catholic Studies through engaging and salient articles. • Offers students a mentorship and leadership intern programs. • Still a leader in Catholic Studies and well respected with its leadership. • Catholics Studies facility are leading international scholars that collaborate with the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace. • Center for Catholic Studies program is full of vitality and robust dimensions is both a strength and a challenge in articulating the Catholic Studies experience to new students and those unfamiliar with the center.
  3. 3. Competitors We are 1 of 5 Undergraduate Catholic Studies Major Programs We are 1 of 3 Graduate Programs 19 Undergraduate Catholic Studies Minor Programs 1 Catholic Studies Resource at Notre Dame Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism Institute for Black Catholic Studies offered at Xavier University of Louisiana.
  4. 4. Core Institutes for Catholic Studies Murphy Institute Catholic Thought, Law &Public Policy Ryan Institute CST Habiger Institute Center for Catholic Studies While the Center for Catholic Studies has three main institutions, other departments collaborate for events and programs to foster the Catholic mission and identity. The challenge is to articulate this dynamic and robust relationship to others, especially those who are new to Catholic Studies. Veritas Institute Opus College of Business St. Thomas More Society
  5. 5. Assignment: • Develop a communications strategy that conveys Catholic Studies with one single message. Ryan Institute CST Murphy Institute Habiger Institute Center for Catholic Studies Each Institute will position how it accomplishes the core mission of the Center for Catholic Studies.
  6. 6. Solution: • Update Catholic Studies video that explains the center’s mission and how each institute accomplishes the mission and works with other departments within the University of St. Thomas. • Use an integrated communications plan across all communications channels highlighting each institute’s salient topics and events. • Continue to foster relationship with alumni through all communications channels. • Provide donors with Perspectives and streamline all salient topics and events to a communications medium of their choice, e.g., email.
  7. 7. Center for Catholic Studies Communications Channel Audience Murphy Institute Ryan Institute Habiger Institute Center for Catholic Studies CS Alumni CS Undergrad UST Law Students Community UST Community Catholic Universities & Colleges CS Graduate CS Undergrad
  8. 8. What Channels Are Effective? Solution: (1) Examine analytics from Google within UST CS websites (click ratios) and Facebook analytics; (2) Create a survey to determine what channel preferred and content ideas, particularly within audience segments.
  9. 9. Communication Channel Trends Rise in tablet and smart phone with college students and Generation Z (12-17 year olds).
  10. 10. Communication Channel Trends Solution: Consider texting for event reminders and cancellation of classes or Mass times at Sitzmann Hall that is unique to Catholic Studies students. UST already has a public safety texting system in place. This platform could be used through the university for a specific Catholic Studies list or developed by a willing and able staff member(s) with voluntary numbers from students. Many mobile providers have a mass texting system that can be done online or most mobile phones have the ability to send out a mass text message. A master list of willing students can easily be created.
  11. 11. Communication Channel Trends Continue to produce videos and invite current and prospective students to watch a Catholic Studies video on You Tube or within the university website.
  12. 12. Our Voice Solution: Use our Perspectives website and magazine as the voice of Catholic Studies to articulate the dynamic nature intuitions at work that reflect the mission and identity of Catholic higher education. This is also important to articulate our competitive advantage since the landscape of competitors increasing and maintain our share of voice. Each institution within Catholic Studies has a Facebook page that should direct their followers (audience) to read an article related to their mission that reflects the integration and universal vocation of the Center for Catholic Studies.
  13. 13. St. Thomas Website Converting to a new platform that is clean visually and image (picture) centric that is easy to navigate to get salient information. Clear articulation of mission and its relationship within the university, department of Catholic Studies and the community. Ryan Institute can model this an link its large collection of documents, publications and resources with the page “Resources specific to vocation, professional development and educational leadership for Catholic institutions and academic leadership.
  14. 14. Master Blogging • “We moved from a world of Mass Communications to a world full of mass communicators.” Solution: Continue to promote Catholic Studies Blog across all social media channels.
  15. 15. Blog Content Mix Encourage students and professors to write blogs on various aspects of Catholic Studies. This is very effective for taking concepts of the intellectual and social tradition and making it accessible to everyone.
  16. 16. Facebook Page Strategy Use pictures on Facebook to attract the audience and then use an engagement strategy to start the conversation for events, resources and news within the center.
  17. 17. CS Facebook Page Reach Catholic Studies highest reach is adults 18-24 demographic for a communications channel. Presumably composed of current undergraduate students. Solution: All event for the center of Catholics Studies should be promoted through Catholic Studies Facebook page to reach current students.
  18. 18. Ryan Facebook Page Reach Ryan Institute highest reach is adults 25-34 demographic for a communications channel. Presumably composed of alumni and graduate students. While only 7% reach the college age demographic. Solution: Create survey to current undergrad Catholic Studies Students to determine if Facebook can help streamline communications.
  19. 19. How To Use Twitter Short succinct messages with a direct call-to-action or a picture. Follow the Pope and other Catholics sources and retweet!
  20. 20. How To Use LinkedIn Reach out to colleagues around the world and promote the mission of the center. Maintain an active dialogue with the business community and like minded people with different backgrounds. Can be an effective way to send out “Call for Papers” for upcoming conferences and fundraising.
  21. 21. LinkedIn Groups Excellent way to foster community while sending out job postings to alumni.
  22. 22. Moving Forward • Develop our communication goals for 2013-14 school year. • Create a list of events to promote to intern(s) and staff. • Create survey to students. • Measure results for Fall semester. • Evaluate during J-Term. • Keep what works and develop it.
  23. 23. References Competitors
  24. 24. Competitors
  25. 25. Competitors
  27. 27. Competitors St. Mary's Institute of Catholic Studies
  28. 28. Competitors
  29. 29. Competitors
  30. 30. Resources Lo Schiavo Chair in Catholic Social Thought
  31. 31. Resources Cont. Journal of Catholic Legal Studies
  32. 32. Blog Comments n-praise-of-catholic-studies/ St. Thomas listed #1-top of mind brand recall. Social Media Planning: you-providing-right-mix-content