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Drumming song analysis


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Drumming song analysis

  1. 1. Florence and The Machine - Music Video Analysis (Drumming Song)
  2. 2. This is the introductory shot to the music video. In the shallowed focus we can see that one of the extra’s of the video has got her hands in the praying position. I think it fits the theme of the song because she mentions heaven and hell. On top of that I think it’s interesting that her hair is the focus of the shot – which emphasises her vibrant and electric voice. The costume that Florence has on is a sexualised nun’s costume – to make the video more artistic looking and appealing to her male demographic, because she is still in pop culture / genre. I think it’s effective because it’s a shot that grabs your attention. In this shot we can clearly see Florence laying down on the floor of a church – which emphasises the afterlife feel the song has. The costume Florence has on is fairly sexualised – the winged arms and the glittered bodice feminine touch to the concept of hell. I think that it’s effective because it adds drama to the shot. I feel like this is where my inspiration for my music video will come from.
  3. 3. This shot goes back to the shot of her praying with the extras around her. The nuance around is symbolic because I think the meaning behind the song is about someone finding their own path in life and the moving to beat of your own drum – reiterating the individualistic mindset of Florence’s demographic. The robes that Florence and the extras are wearing contrast the background in a sharp and crisp manner. Therefore making them more prominent. It could be said that this is a form of voyeurism. This shot we see a change of costume, where Florence is seen to be wearing chiffon sleeves that create a ‘winged’ effect and a short leather outfit. The ‘wings’ once again remind us of the after life theme that is resonate within the song. The outfit could be said to be a form of sexual liberation – giving the shot a sense of power and freedom. These are very biblical themes which one again emphasise the message of Here we have a long of shot of Florence Welch and her backing dancers. The long shot allows us to see the church backdrop. We see that there all the females are wearing black clothing with the chiffon ‘winged’ sleeves. I think that this is a interesting choice of juxtaposition – as the wings are meant to represent angels, while black is connotated with the devil.
  4. 4. Here we have a very jagged mid shot of Florence Welch. Here in this shot we see that her hands are up close to her face while her fingers are spread apart. I think this shot is effective because it could be said that this is the first part of the music video where conflict between the good and the bad have been portrayed. The fingers in this shot also seem to flick themselves in time to the music. In this shot we have a high angle of Florence. High angles are typically used to represent power. While representing power, this shot could also be said to present liberation. We see that Florence is looking towards to the ceiling of the church with her hands almost giving a sense of submit to a higher power – linking back to the theme of the song. Here we see a long shot of Florence with her arms spread apart – once again, giving the audience connotations of acceptance to a higher power. I think this is an effective and powerful ending to the music video because it could be said to represent death - which once again re inforces the life and death imagery that was used throughout the music video
  5. 5. Ultamitely the music video for the ‘Drumming Song’ is a very thematic music video - where the idea of life and death, and the idea of good and bad are in constant clash - all very biblical themes which relate to the message and lyics of the song.