What does compulsory pooling mean?


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What does compulsory pooling mean?

  1. 1. What Compulsory Pooling Means 640 ACRES 80%T H R E S H O L D T O L E E C O U N T Y R E S I D E N T S This map shows the effects of potential compulsory pooling in Lee County if the threshold of consent was legally set at 80%. *Total map represents 143 intersecting parcels within a 640-acre drilling unit. BY ACREAGE BY ACREAGE 80% THRESHOLD force pools 79% of landowners against their will. 90% THRESHOLD force pools 52% of landowners against their will. 95% THRESHOLD force pools 31% of landowners against their will. 80% 21% Acreage leased of parcels / 512 acres/ 30 parcels 20% 79% Pooled acreage of parcels / 128 acres/ 113 parcels MAP KEY BY PARCELS BY PARCELS PooledLeased WHAT DOES IT MEAN? 30 parcels of land make up the majority of land mass in the map example. That’s up to just 30 landowners who consent to drilling. But, as a result of compulsory pooling, 113 plots of land would be subjected to drilling… whether those landowners sign a lease or not. Even with a 90% threshold of consent, more than half of landowners face losing their property rights against their will. INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY SHANTHONY EXUM ART & DESIGN What is a compulsory pooling threshold? BY ACREAGE BY PARCELS