E brace plaster model hands on guide


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E brace plaster model hands on guide

  1. 1. Guangzhou Riton Biomaterial Co.,Ltd. 【培训班石膏模型模拟临床操作训练】 eBrace Plaster Model Hands On Guide 1、准备实验用石膏牙模 1.Prepare the plaster model. 3、准备实验用工具 3.Prepare the necessary orthodontic instruments 5、在调胶盘内分别滴入 A 胶和 B 胶各两滴, 并用小毛刷快速搅匀。 2、准备实验用安装托盘 2.One set of the transfer tray 4、分开装有托槽的软硬质安装托盘 4.Separate the hard transfer tray from soft tray that installed the bracket 6、在石膏模型舌面处轻轻涂刷一层调好的 AB 胶, 注意控制时间约在 1min 之内,避免调胶盘内的 AB 胶固化。 第 1 页,共 3 页
  2. 2. 5.Preparation of the bonding adhesive Maximum Cure Sealent A&B (keep refrigerated). Mix 2 drops of Part A and 2 drops of Part B in one cup, and use small brush to mix them up quickly. 7、涂好石膏模后,讯速在托槽网底面上也涂刷 一层调好的 AB 胶,注意控制时间约在 1min 之内,避免调胶盘内的 AB 胶固化。 7.Then brush a layer of Maximum Cure Sealent A&B on the bracket mesh and also need to finish it within 1 min. 9、待 AB 胶固化后(参考调教盘内剩余胶的固化 情况)先摘取硬质托盘,再摘取软质托盘。由唇侧 向舌侧,再由后牙向前牙轻轻分离硬托盘,避免因 外力使托槽脱落。 9.After the adhesive is cured(see the residue in the cup), take out the transfer tray. First you should take the hard transfer tray from labial side to lingual side, from the molar teeth to anterior teeth, then the soft transfer tray as well. Guangzhou Riton Biomaterial Co.,Ltd. 6. Brush a layer of Maximum Cure Sealent A&B on the lingual surface of teeth but you must complete it within 1min, otherwise the Maximum Cure Sealent A&B would be solidified. 8、将安装托盘装到牙模上,轻轻按压 1-2 分钟, 使其充分固位。 8.Insert the transfer tray and maintain for 1-2min without pressure. 10、依次完成托槽粘结。 10.Finish the bonding of other brackets as above steps. 第 2 页,共 3 页
  3. 3. Guangzhou Riton Biomaterial Co.,Ltd. 11、安装弓丝,首先取对应颌位的弓丝进行比对 (注意弓丝的左右端) ,使用弯止血钳和弓丝就 位器安装弓丝,先将弓丝插入后牙舌管进行 定位,再安装前牙。 11.The installation of the arch wire. First, take the corresponding arch wire and pay attention to the right or left side of it. Insert the arch wire into the molar tube,then use the Mosquito plier and Ligature Director to make the arch wire fix completely. 12、弓丝结扎,首先准备结扎丝和密链圈(每三颗 剪成一段) ,使用弯止血钳和弓丝就位器将结扎 丝和密链圈进行对折结扎,后磨牙使用常规结扎。 12.The ligation for the arch wire. First, prepare ligature wire and elastomeric chain, then use the Mosquito plier and Ligature Detector to make fold ligation and the conventional ligation for the molar teeth. 13、结扎完毕后,使用金冠剪和细丝切断钳剪去多余 14、安装完成,结束模拟临床操作。 的结扎圈和结扎丝(不要剪到结扎丝底部以免散开) 并使用弓丝就位器将剩余的结扎丝隐藏到托槽翼后, 以免扎到病人舌头。 13.Using the arch wire Cutter to cut out the unnecessary 14.Accomplish the clinical operation. elastomeric chain and ligature wire 第 3 页,共 3 页