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906 ngan


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906 ngan

  1. 1. How to construct theGoal Anterior Limit Line(GALL)
  2. 2. forehead shapesstraight angular roundtrichion/superionglabellaFA pointtrichionsuperionFA pointglabellaglabellaFA pointsuperiontrichion
  3. 3. 1 judged -2 mm toFA point of theforehead1. Place patient in an upright head position.2. Select the FA point of the forehead(midway between trichion/superion andglabella).3. Judge how far the FA point of the uppercentral incisor is: even with (0), anteriorto (+), or posterior to (-) the FA point ofthe forehead.
  4. 4. 19 -7 = 12 x .6 = 7.2mm1 is -2 mm to FA point of theforeheadFALL GALL1. On a cephalometric tracing, mark a point(inferion) near the upper central incisorto indicate whether the FA point of theincisor is: even with (0), anterior to(+), or posterior (-) the FA point of theforehead.2. Draw a line (FALL) from the FA point ofthe forehead to inferion. Draw a linefrom superion to glabella.3. Measure the forehead inclination.4. Subtract 7 from the foreheadinclination.5. Multiply this number by .6 mm.6. For every degree greater than 7 , theGALL is .6 mm more anterior than theFALL. For a forehead inclination of 0 orless, the GALL is the same as the FALL.7. Draw the GALL parallel to the FALL, butnot beyond glabella.